Peacock Angels from Pavo

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Sapphire Body Activation (art by Elizabeth)

Recent events have highlighted an easier access opening into the parallel systems with portals between the Reisha Worlds into our side of the time matrix, where the Cosmic Blue Rainbow Sun network of the combined Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons were able to emerge through the Pavo constellation. This came with an explosion of white lightning and sparkly golden silver plasmas generated by several large Solar Dragon rings materializing around a Universal Ankh Body, then 12 Blue Dragon Solar Reisha females came through the rings and floated through the Pavo constellation. It was the surreal moment when they took their female human form and appeared as a beautiful tribe of blue goddess women, with the White Elohei Diamond flame crown embodiment connected to the Cosmic Mother overhead, as they stepped into the starry night firmament of our time matrix.[1]

They relayed that their interconnected consciousness body is what was once called the Peacock Angel. The Chartres Cathedral blue color symbology of blue roses they shared was connected to the Universal Rose lineage which represents the Mary Magdalene Sophia Mother of Dragons in their Blue “Ma Ah Kee” expression, which holds all the azure spectrums of sky and deepest blues that are born from out of the Mother’s White Diamond Sun. They came out of the Rasha tone layers and are building assorted solar shields of blue and white sun frequencies woven together. These are solar factor hosting shields for the planetary ascension as the emphasis was placed upon the Emerald Crystal Heart tones of the Blue SA Sun, as bearers of the Staff of Elaysa.

These are intimate family members of triple solar goddess sisters for those of us connected to the Universal Solar Melchizedek family. A very emotional connection for the next stage of emergence of the Blue Solar Dragon Reisha and ancient Mua’s from the Lemurian civilization and another victory for humanity in the eternal Light of God!

For the past few years, there have been many grid wars and off planet spiritual warfare events to reclaim Solar Christ Mary by retrieving her massive spiritual body parts strewn across the 10D Pluto Matrix, which was connected to the reclamation of her Cosmic Dragon parts from the NAA. There has been ongoing dismantling of the anti-hierogamic alien machinery that was used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature and holy spirit for assorted satanic agendas as the alien generated Dark Mother running amok in the Earth. The NAA used the Pluto matrix as the 10D capstone of cloned alien machinery using Solar Mary’s organic consciousness body parts, inverting them into satanic forces and Black Magic networks used by the Black Dragons and Black Sun controllers.

Cosmic Christos Zarathustra was instrumental in the massive efforts to reclaim Solar Mary’s Dragon parts in Pluto, as well as the divine fatherly support of the emergence of the Blue Sapphire Solar Goddesses that surfaced as the Peacock Angels. Zarathustra the Christ is known to travel in the Holy Father’s Aquarian Dragon body, and has been supporting architectural shifts in the Iran land mass for the 10th gate reclamations necessary for correcting the 10D sapphire body layers in humanity. These are key patterns surfacing for us during the next astrological cycle that is emphasizing the major shift impacting the Pluto matrix. Some astrologers have noted that the most significant astrological shift taking place this year is that Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will be moving into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius for the first time in 225 years.

Additionally, our recently emerging Blue Sapphire Goddesses seem to be leading an effort with the Triple Solar Dragon Reisha family in reclaiming several underground crystal networks, including several large crystals that exert control over the axiatonal lines in the planetary grid system. This is the reclamation of Emerald Order and a Christos Mission family effort, and through sleep state or in meditation many of us have found ourselves in the company of a group of women in the crystal caverns and tunnel systems, working to reweave solar female frequencies into large crystals. Some of us are being called to consciously connect to the natural kingdoms in which the devic intelligence group of assorted species are contacting us, sharing concerns about energy blockages in the field or communicating with us telepathically through assorted higher sensory mediums.

Currently, it appears that only the authentic Triple Solar Feminine Christ lineages of Yeshua 12 from Andromeda and the Mu’a lines with the Triple Sapphire Diamond shields are finding and reprogramming massive underground crystal networks, as they are the true embodiment principle of the Keepers of the Crystal Core. This clarifies the reasons that the NAA have done all they can to attack and destroy the knowledge of the awareness of the Cosmic Mother Dragon and the Mitochondrial record and grail bloodlines of her daughters. There have been many attempts made to destroy the true divine purpose of the Holy Mother and her returning sophianic daughter lineages onto the planet. If we observe the current outer landscape, the aggressive campaign of hate filled propaganda being directed is to abolish and erase the authentic female principle from this planet which is made evident in the escalation of never-ending mind control blasts.[2]


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