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Babylon is much more than an ancient civilization from our past, it represents the satanic ideology and is the powerful anti-Christ symbol which the power elites and NAA have centered themselves around to achieve nihilistic materialism, through the practices of blood cults as a means of gaining total global control through the alien invasion of the planetary stargate system. The global financial system as it functions currently has been inherited from this timeline of alien invasion in Sumeria and Egypt, in which Babylonian black magic had been controlling the money supply. This was set up as a reward system for the Controllers so that the majority of resources remained in the control of those Power Elite alien hybrid lineages that practiced some version of the Saturnian blood cult or human Blood Sacrifice religion. See SRA.

As Guardian Ezekiel has been resurrected from out of his Iraq gravesite and into his rightful Solar Dragon embodiment, he and his wife reunited in hierogamic union are a major keystone piece of the successful Christos mission reclaiming the Golden Eagle Grid 10th gate. Ezekiel’s liberation restores this powerful gateway for the purpose of serving benevolent Krystic Kingship in natural law, which accelerates the crumbling of the enslavement system by clearing out the financial black magic curses and mind control sorcery oppressing angelic humanity. Thus, the financial system as it has been based on Babylonian black magic and the history of the Babylonian Empire will and must fall.

Babylon was a totalitarian military-based empire that was established near modern Iran-Iraq which dominated the ancient world as a center of global trade, financial power and military rule, and reached its height of power under King Nebuchadnezzar. During the progression of the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, Babylon was the region in which the Marduk entities set up shop in the planetary grid for promoting their satanic blood sacrifice religion intended for collecting energetic Loosh during never ending military war campaigns in the Middle East. Thus, this region is the key timeline of importance for the illuminati rituals and controlling alien hybrid bloodlines. Its blood and sexual rituals were openly practiced by the elites in Babylon for obtaining excessive amounts of material wealth, opulence and power. In Babylon, these indulgences of decadent hedonism, perversions and deviance could be pursued at any cost.

Essentially, the concept of Babylon as the quintessential satanic ideology is similar to a Hunger Games Society, total mainstream corruption in which the elites do whatever they want including murder, rape and pillaging for their own amusement. In Babylon, there are no consequences or legal impositions for the elites harmful and devastating actions made upon their enemies or the peasants, anything goes for the personal whims of ‘do what thou wilt’. Babylonian concepts are the satanic ideology that has been carried out by the illuminati or elites through a two-tiered legal system, which only the most powerful and wealthy know actually exists. In the interim to the end times, these bloodline families longed for the day their satanic Babylon civilization could rise again from the shadows to become fully mainstream and return to its full glory from the hidden and secret underground practices. As such they have groomed the unaware masses to gradually accept more satanic practices into the mainstream, by constantly representing forms of spiritual abuse and deviance in media such as blood drinking, pedophilia and blood sacrifice as recreation.

As Guardian Ezekiel is liberated and many of the authentic Solar Christ families are returning, being rescued or awakening in the planetary body, the Babylonian architecture supporting the control pillars of satanism is crumbling. Its anti-human satanic concept is being systematically destroyed in the planetary grid which announces that the rule of the anti-Christ is over.[1]

Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon

Between the tragic grid events of the Babylon Massacre and the Djoser Invasion in Saqqara, Egypt, an Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree was used as the main grid architecture for cloning Christos Founder and Serres-Egyptian identities connected to the Christos identities on Gaia. These assorted AI based red cube cloned identities such as False Ezekiel, False Akhenaton, and False Yeshua are AI holograms used to confuse, divide and conquer humanity by putting the power, control and global wealth into the hands of their invading races of Satanic and luciferian bloodlines so they rise to be the dominant ruling classes.[2]

Installation of Marduk Babylonian Kings

Through the installation of a succession of Marduk controlled Babylonian Kings in what is present day Iraq, they created an empire that settled around the Middle East for gaining control over the main 2D, 4D and 10D stargates.

Nebuchadnezzar II

Nebuchadnezzar II was the longest reigning king of the Chaldean dynasty in Babylon and was committed to conquest via the destruction of nations in order to rebuild his empire with great opulence and magnificence to honor Marduk. Thus, Babylon was the home of the god Marduk considered to be at the center of the world, and Nebuchadnezzar's devotion to Marduk was meant to be a celebration of Babylonian victory and his supreme greatness.


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