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To bring unconditional love and stabilize it into our body with conscious awareness we need to identify the organizing belief systems that trigger our core pain. We must remember who we are in our spiritual essence, our sense of true core self before we took on these fear based belief systems that we were separated from the love of God. If we're willing to feel the fear or the wound that has led to the pain that generates our feelings of separation from unconditional love this can reveal to us where the wound is located in our body or where the black emptiness actually resides. And that black emptiness can be actually a Demonic House. So, our core wound manifests as an aching emptiness or black hole somewhere in our Lightbody or Consciousness. Many times this can be found in the heart complex or centre and this can interfere with our capacity to be grounded in our core spirit self. So, once identified these black holes of pain and demonic houses need to be filled with light of unconditional love and self-forgiveness. Clearing the Pain Body is such an important step in clearing fear and stabilizing our core so we can become more inner directed.

Clearing Quick Tool

Due to the strong forces being exerted in our environment let's share an exercise that might be supportive. To go beyond core fears quickly we can do this in the moment to moment.

  • Now, first when you're feeling fear source the belief, source the fear. Identify the negative belief or the fear system that's driving a fear wound within you and this may also contribute to emotional or mental pain or constriction sensations in your body. So, identify it. What is it that you're feeling in your body when you have been emotionally triggered by fear or pain? Then intend to connect with your physical body (again your physical body is your friend) Identify where the core pain or fear is where you're feeling it in your body? Is it in your body parts? Can you scan yourself and feel where are you feeling it in your body? Pay attention and observe how your physical body will constrict and it will become tense, it'll close down in fear when you're actually feeling the core pain or core fear wound.
  • Then just observe it. Take a nice deep breath. Intend to observe the fear in your body. Be the Compassionate Witness. Stay present to the fear without trying to change it or shift it immediately. Just look at it. Observe it being connected in your physical self. Don't try to make the fear something positive or bargain it away. Just allow yourself to be present to feel it. You're feeling the fear without believing it to be true or validating it. In the moment too as you get through the observation you may recognize that this is a part of the Predator Mind characteristic recognizing that fear is darkness that interferes with our relationship with God.
  • You may want to as well allow yourself to feel the pain that you're feeling without assigning any labels of it's good or it's bad. Sometimes you might feel emotional pain and sometimes it can be an unbearable or deep emotional pain as feeling it or sensing as an energy, a thought form, a vibration staying as open as you can to witness it while it's in your body and moving through. If you can focus on the feeling of being vulnerable while you're feeling pain allowing yourself to be innocent knowing as well that when we're emotionally vulnerable and we allow ourselves to truly feel this is an incredible strength. This is how we build spiritual strength and develop the attributes of the higher heart.
  • Then invite in unconditional love bringing to mind and imagining yourself in your eternal spirit body maybe moving to the point before the fears even existed when you were just in your perfected unconditional love state. In your mind surrounding this fear, this blackness, this pain in your body with unconditional love, light and power of the Godhead. See your entire body lit up in this light of GSF imagery and that you are enlightened, free and liberated from this fear and this pain.[1]

Pushing through Triggers to Heal

In order to heal from past Trauma, we will have to face the memory or event that had traumatized us at the point in time of the actual event or has been recorded as tremendous pain within the body, Brain and Soul. In order to spiritually heal the body and mind from trauma based events or mind control, pushing through triggers is important in the spiritual integration and personality integration process.

  • Remember what happened that generated trauma or pain
  • Give expression, give voice to what has happened, having a witness that is capable to hold a safe and nonjudgmental space is important (if possible).
  • Allow yourself to feel the feelings, and allow the process of feeling the repressed or unresolved emotions of what had happened at the time of the trauma or unresolved pain. Memories must be given the time and space to be emotionally processed into completion.
  • Intentionally sever the attachment, cords and bonds to that painful emotion, or the people or circumstance involved. If needed evict any negative entities or demonics that were siphoning energy from this cord.(See Spiritual Deliverance).
  • Intend to reclaim all aspects of yourself that had been fragmented from pain or trauma, this is RRO or Return to Rightful Owner.
  • Close the harmful portal to the past time where the trauma has occurred or close down any multidimensional harmful portals that has left damage in the Aura. [2]


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