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RA Center in Krystallah Body

In the individual lightbody that has been activated, the entire Solar Plexus area reconfigures the mental body layers into a Golden Solar Gate energy vortice, which is called the RA Center. Essentially, the shield from the 14th Chakra is embodied as the still point, and runs current into a golden orb body in which seats the conscious identity.

In this activation for higher Embodiment, the third dimensional layers of the 1D and 2D frequency wave spectrums, the reversal nets and their energy centers, such as the 2D/4D Split shadow body are completely dissolved and membranes gone, leaving a Solar Sacrum and higher position for the still point and conscious identity above the navel called the RA Center. With the Diamond Sun Body Activation for the eternal light body in 5D, all separated electromagnetic fields in the lightbody release their polarization membranes and electromagnetic barriers, merging the male-female counter rotation spirals into a large orb of light surrounding the body. There are three main orb bodies nested within each other that are built on a trinity of triangles that align in the central vertical channel as the new position for the 3rd Sphere, 6th Sphere, 9th Sphere, and then the Personal Christ at the 12th Sphere. These main energy spheres are located on the central column and are merged into a tri-wave neutral charge, or non-polarized energy centers.[1]

Platinum Crystals and Sun Discs

The Platinum Crystal in the earth is connected with the Sun Disc Network, and this activates stages of balancing for the feminine-masculine principle and the mental bodies. Connection with these crystalline frequencies will begin to heal anti-life reversal current, metatronic reversal and artificial signals of Mind Control. In the individual lightbody, the entire solar plexus area reconfigures the mental body layers into a Golden Solar Gate energy vortice, which is called the RA Center.[2]

Inner Solar Temple

Solar Code SunArc (by Sequoia)

The Solar Logos and access to the Solar Deities, is the collective Solar King or Sun God Complex. Within our light bodies we have a Sun Temple, the place of light that illumines our spiritual inner core and stokes our heart flame through the Eye of RA. (The Eye of RA is located within the solar plexus and still point area of the chakra system.) The Solar King provides warmth, growth, solar nourishment and protection for our solar plexus, for building our inner spiritual light to blend with our will center. To build and activate our sacred Sun Temple to be illumined as a House of Light, the Solar King is the amplifier to call upon. If our heart is blackened from the use of excessive will, fear, pain or wounds, we call the Solar Deity to build the inner temple within. Upon the altar of our inner sun temple, we find comfort and refuge from the dark night to return back into the light to heal our wounds. Through refuge within the inner Sun Temple, we are risen again back to the light source upon the ashes of our pain. This is the amplifier for sudden traumas, shocks, betrayal and losses, to gain inner strength and endurance quickly. Many of us have root memories of resonant affiliation connecting to a planetary “sun temple”, which are where many pyramids that have been built to mark the primary energy vortices of planet earth. The Solar King will connect you again to the Sun Temple of your genetic coding to mirror the reflection of rebuilding your inner sun temple with rebuilding the sun temples of the earth.[3]

14th Gold Chakra

The 14th Chakra is a Golden Ray Chakra is about 3-4 ft above the head and connects into the Universal Sun and is the Founders Pale Gold Ray. This Chakra acts as the top lid of the 12D Shield and when activated with the Monad body creates an additional gold buffer field called the Golden Fleece Buffer. This reconfigures during diamond sun body activation to the RA Center.


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