First Cause is Sound

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The organic structure of the time matrix and its energetic systems are first built upon the divine living sound fields of the eternal God source, which is held within the trinity principle and is considered to be the Mother aspect. Within the energy matrix of all creation, God source first expresses itself as an eternal field of sound current (Mother principle) in which the living consciousness expression then emerges into density through emanations of light (Father principle). Within the structure of creation, God consciousness expresses itself through an eternal sound field and light current in which to down step one unified consciousness expression into many unique experiences of individuation through multiple Stations of Identity, in order to gain knowledge through the reality of manifested existence.

The first individuated expression of God consciousness in our Universe is referred to as the Cosmic Monad or Monadic Wave. The Cosmic Monad exists as the first cause of sound that further generates a resonating tone principle for the theme of our entire Universal Time Matrix, the first primal sound tone in the Blue Flame which exists from within the body of God consciousness. The Cosmic Monad projects itself into Gender Principle, Holy Mother and Holy Father, as conscious sound and conscious light, expanding and contracting the sound fields to become light fields and cycling back the light fields to become the sound fields continuously. This dynamic perpetually transmutes the light fields back into sound fields in all of the densities everlastingly, in order to serve as the perpetual motion for the ongoing evolution of the individuated consciousness travelling in the Universal Time Matrix.

All human beings are exceptionally receptive and inclined to reverberate with resonating sound tones which can be used for positive or negative purposes. When we can utilize sound waves such as harmonious music, words or tones that feel positively resonant in the cells of our body, we automatically increase our spiritual strength and physical immunity. When developing higher senses to discern the energetic signature behind words or language when it is being used, it becomes easier to identify negative vibrating words or positively vibrating words. When we first identify that we are being exposed to a negative statement or words in which we can feel intentional harm or deception in the energy signature, we can immediately reprogram the negative statement by stating an appropriately positive or affirming statement in its place.

The NAA serving the anti-human enslavement agendas have understood how to use the power of sound in language to trigger reversal activations designed to damage human DNA potential and prevent spiritual awakening. They imparted this knowledge to the death cult bloodlines, of how to use language and phrasing as a surface carrier for subliminal programming and Mind Control, through the modulation of tones in words to trigger trauma-based mind control reactions, that further trigger alterations in the chemicals that interact with human DNA. The way sound is used in language or repetition through many forms of media or music through digitally coded tones or specific inflection or intonation of the voices used, can trigger hypnotically induced automatic reactions or implant thought strings in the Unconscious Mind. These are the many covert technologies and Silent Weapons used against the human population without their knowledge, for purposes of Mind Control slavery.

During the Lyran Wars, the destruction of the Solar Logos body contributed to the ongoing corruption of the sound bodies in the time matrix, which further generated genetic damage to the Mother’s original Feline lineages. These are the lines of the Fallen Elohim and Fallen Melchizedek in Ruby Sun DNA bodies that created the Nephilim in the lowest dimensions of time. When the original Lyran gates were destroyed, this devastated the architecture of the Emerald Order Houses of the Blue Flame and the Solar Logos Christos-Sophia Body in this Universal system, which further disrupted the cycle of transmuting sound into light and light into sound throughout the lower density creations. This event holds the seed of the spawn of the Fallen Consciousness and alien hybridized creations, in which the Mother and her Sophianic animating principle in the pre-matter worlds were held captive to the invading species agendas, such as hijacking her body parts for alien hybrid breeding programs. The Essenes and Gnostics referred to the hijacking of the Mother’s spiritual body that resulted in the generation of the fallen consciousness forms on the earth as the Achamoth. The subsequent impregnated creations that are enmeshed in the Negative Form body of the Achamoth are mixed with Fallen Angelics, low level spirits and corrupted elementals and these combined earthly forces are called the Baphomet field.

As a result of these abominations generated in the ascendancy lines, the female goddess principles that protected the natural kingdom and animal spirits in the lower dimensions of matter became severely inverted through reversals and this spawned more lower spirits and demonic hierarchies. The inversion of sound bodies or the reversal of the Cosmic Mother principle in the timelines is referred to as the emanation of the Dark Mother, Reversal Mother or Lunar Woman, which destroyed the possibility of authentic Diamond Sun consciousness embodiments in the Emerald Order Sophianic Sound Plasma Shield or the Solar Female Christ template during the Dark Age. Hence with the importance of this hidden knowledge, the Essenes or Christos Templars worshiped the female aspect of Christos-Sophia as God's body of true wisdom, as this was of sole importance to spiritually heal her, thereby healing the timelines and the earth body to achieve sacred marriage and ascension.

In some cases, as a result of the anti-female and reversal forces released into matter, these are non-human and Artificial intelligence hybrid creations that have been used to hijack the Mother principle into fallen consciousness that further prevented the emanation of Divine Sophia into the earth. The fallen entities do not want the true Mother Sophia to return to matter because it means the end of their satanic rituals co-opting her body and the end of their breeding and life span extensions. Upon the destruction of the Lyran Royal Houses, the original sound body for the Solar Female Christ template, the Sophianic Sound Plasma Crystal Shield, and the possible evolution to ascend and evolve back into the genetic lineages of the Mother principle lineages, were severely damaged. As a result of the destruction of the Cosmic Mother principle and disfigured sound body templates blocking passage and connection to the Cosmic Monad, the NAA believed that the Mother and her Sophianic embodiment would never return to be physicalized on this earth and reclaim her children. They were wrong.

Thus, the sound tone vibrations of the original living sound currents are being systematically retrieved in direct relationship to the ongoing repair of the female principle instruction sets and the ongoing emergence of the divine feminine aspect in her Sophianic plasma body. [1]

Mother DNA Language

Angelic human DNA expresses itself through a cellular alphabet which arranges itself into word patterns which exhibit the same kind of numerical model that is found in many written languages. For the angelic human race, our inherent genetic language is expressed through the Mother DNA Language also described as Anuhazi language, the first sound language that was spoken into Universal creation. Similar concepts of detecting these word patterns can be observed in nature, and are found in the genomes of organic living creatures on the planet that have retained the language expression of the original creator which are encoded through the Nucleotides.[2]


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