Gemini and Vesica Pisces Corrections

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Bi-Wave to Tri-Wave

Over the last 5,000 years our planet has been operating on a closed bi-wave system. This energetic imbalance was purposely programmed by the Controllers to distort the organic relationship between the electron and proton spin rates, splitting apart the masculine and feminine principle. The life force energy was being harnessed by controllers through hijacked creation code and inorganic reversal architecture, through the Vesica Pisces (VP) bi-polar geometry. This hijacked Vesica Pisces architecture from the Alien Machinery of the NAA kept the binary code locked down in our planet so that the trinity code that enabled unity consciousness and Zero Point access would not be made available.

Vesica Pisces Correction

During the height of the Electrical Peak cycle, Solar Christ Michael revealed himself to be the 13th Ring of Golden Fire surrounding the Earth in a Solar Dragon Ouroboros Line connected into the Taurus constellation. During the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, Christ Michael and his counterpart Solar Christ Mary merged their hierogamic template with the Taurean matrix to function as the krystal rainbow bridge merging the Seven Sister Pleiades Central Sun to be correctly realigned with their 8th Sister Star, our Sun. When our Solar Christ beloveds merged within the Seven Sisters cluster a tremendous amount of solar golden coding for correct solar twinning and male-female heart twinning began transmitting throughout the plasma streams. In effect, there was a grand Solar Rainbow Dragon celebration in the Seven Sisters cluster as the Twin Sister Stars Tara and Tiamat were finally restored and reunited again in their complete Solar Dragon Queen or Solar Female Christ Mary emanation.

As the Sun moves out of Taurus and into the Gemini constellation for the pinnacle of the Summer Solstice transmissions, the Solar Rishi Dragon King families and the Lyrans are positioning themselves for a major architectural correction in the holographic matrix in the form of krystal mathematical spirals, which addresses the history of Vesica Pisces bi-wave distortions. Over the last 5,500 years our planet was operating on a closed source system of finite energy supply that was continually recycling the consciousness energy in a forced energy current reversal. The Gemini constellation matrix was hijacked with assorted NAA technology to distort the Vesica Pisces geometry and its functioning within the planetary grid network.

The Vesica Pisces geometry is inherently sourced from the Solar Logos plane as it is connected to the properties of the Law of Gender, making it an important light symbol code used in the morphogenetic field instruction sets for setting correct alignments for gender and polarity in the creation of our time matrix.

The Vesica Pisces represents the first individuation from the Godhead in the form of divine masculine and divine feminine, setting into the matrix the potential for electron and proton merge to manifest the neutral or third field of creation, the offspring of Christos-Sophia. The Vesica Pisces holographic architecture was hijacked by the NAA in which they inverted the bi-wave geometry with alien machinery to generate energy harvesting devices, frequency fences and subatomic harnesses. The hijacked Vesica Pisces geometry was a primary device used in the alien grid systems to distort the spinning rotational axis of merkaba fields, which imploded staff currents and resulted in monadic reversals. These artificial machines were also embedded in the planetary logos, and were designed for generating a closed source system on the Earth in which the inversion of the bi-wave current was purposed to generate gender reversal, gender splitting and extreme polarity amplification. The bi-wave reversals were instrumental in the NAA’s ability to co-create phantom matrices which were responsible for generating a tremendous amount of miasma and dead energy, which created a massive parasitic infection in our system.

Gemini’s alchemical properties represent the duality twins, polarity synthesis, air elements and the incarnated personality matrix of the ego mind, in which Gemini’s astrological functions have been distorted with excessive negative polarity and miasma caused by the inverted Vesica Pisces geometries used by the NAA. The Gemini constellation matrix was an integral part of the NAA’s ability to run inverted bi-wave currents into the planetary grid network for a variety of purposes to enslave the planet, creating a host of matrix distortions related to keeping the grid locked down in reversal polarity, Sexual Misery, and Gender Reversal.

After the destruction of the Solar Logos matrix, the Gemini constellation was distorted with magnetic anomalies designed to run reversal polarity splitting patterns and to fragment consciousness in multiple dimensions as a strategy for energy harvesting. Gemini constellation’s organic function was to bring male-female balance through polarity synthesis to ultimately support achieving hierogamic unification. The NAA corrupted this function with mind control insertions of same sex twins, SRA Twinning, and incest programs to prevent authentic polarity synthesis from occurring by targeting the sexual centers and 3D conscious mind. This set up monadic reversal patterns that prevented humanity from reuniting with their monadic family, as well as preventing the tri-wave geometry and trinity waves from running in the planetary grid.

The Return of Emerald Order comprises the return of the true consciousness identity of the Solar Dragons reclaiming their Sun-Stars and constellation matrices, gradually taking over the functions of the 13 main constellations on the ecliptic path of the Sun, as the rightful Maji Grail Kings. It appears that Gemini is next in line for solar code restoration, as the Guardian Host gridwork project includes the restoration of the Vesica Pisces geometry and is removing its Alien Machinery infrastructure that was contained in the Gemini matrix.[1]


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