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Galactic Leo
Leo (artwork by Sequoia)
  • Stage 5 – LEO – August 10 to September 15
  • Alchemical Theme: Digestion, Conversion
  • Universal Law : Law of Suggestion
  • Element: Fire, Fixed
  • Elemental Form: Tetrahedron, 4 faces, 4 points, 6 edges & 720 degrees
  • Planetary Correlation: The Sun, Maldek, Tara
  • Alchemical Metal: Gold
  • Physiology: heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava, thymus.
  • Lightbody Correlations: Archetypal Mind, 5th Chakra and Sphere
  • Sound tone: E, 7 octaves of the E (40.5 Hz, 80.9, 161.8, 323.6, 647.3, 1294.5, 2589.1 Hz)
  • Stargates: Machu Picchu, Peru, Vatican, Rome. Maldek & Tara (GSG). Pleiades (USG)
  • Virtues: Reverence, Service, Chastity, Charity
  • Tribe 5, Simeon: Hearing God, Knowing that your prayers are heard

Energetics of the Sun

Ego, Basic Personality, Consciousness, Vitality, Stamina, Self confidence, self-expression, conscious will, loyalty, character, influence, capability

Leo Identity Imprint - I WILL

  • + Positive Honesty , directness, dependable, faithful, dignity, self-respect, integrity, courage, energy, confidence, kingly
  • – Negative Inability to delegate authority, dominion over others and attachment to loved ones
  • = Balanced Impersonal love, coming from the heart, detachment, serving the Spiritual self rather than the ego self and developing a right relationship to the use of will or power in one’s life; is power used in a top dog manner for dominion over others, or can power and will be used in a Spiritual manner for unconditional love, equality, and for the highest good of all concerned?

Harmonizing attentions

Clear the archetypal mind, heart and throat chakra, release all programs of the distorted Arcs and Angles of the second ray of Jophile and Christine, the dissolve all relationship to Lord Lanto and Master Kuthumi, as well as the heat connection to Paul the Venetian. Clear all second ray programs and remove all karmic agreements and connections, feed lines, and parasitic relationship to the false ascension program. Amplify personal sovereignty, Unify the Heart-brain through zero point window, blend and merge the divine masculine and feminine, courageously express your divinity and convert all that does not align to your highest expression. Heal the solar rift in the solar body. Cleanse the spine and digestive organs. Build and maintain impeccability invincibility and the vital energy of the Heroic path and probability. Generate and the inner sun path of singular devotion and embodiment of Christ-Sophia and share the brilliance of your eternal nature with love.


Sapphire Regulus (art by Sequoia)

There are four stars of first or second magnitude that render this constellation especially prominent Regulus, Denebola, Algeiba, Zosma, and Adhafera. Leo is also home to some of the largest structures in the observable universe. The lion traditionally symbolizes royalty and rulers.

Alchemy: Digestion and Conversion

In alchemy, digestion is a process in which gentle heat is applied to a substance over a period of several weeks to change the composition of newly combined elements. This is the absorption and assimilation process of the new substance or energetic elements that have shifted which were either removed or added into the body consciousness. Old emotional states or unnecessary energies have been eliminated, and chemically, as by the action of enzymes, new energies are converted into deeper assimilation into the body elemental. This is a process of digesting the changes in one’s consciousness, and shifting life experiences, that are a result of the resolution and completion of old energetic and emotional patterns. As we digest more of what we can accurately see in the world, we are able to resolve emotional pain which allows us to see truth even more deeply. Digesting our reality allows us to eventually experience greater acceptance of all things.[1]

Physiology Correlated to the Galactic Zodiac

Physiology Correlated to Galactic Zodiac
  • Leo - heart, dorsal region of spine, spinal cord, aorta, superior and inferior vena cava, thymus.

Law of Suggestion

Essentially, this means we are the sum total of our accumulated thoughts and beliefs, what has been suggested to us through spoken words, our direct experiences and interpretations of life, subconsciously, Consciously and through our spiritual bodies. Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.

What is spoken, what is heard, what is seen and perceived from this body filter, is the suggestion of what we become. This consciousness principle also explains the gathering of inner strength that is required to go beyond what is spoken and heard, therefore was suggested to us from environmental conditioning, such as the family of origin inherited beliefs and behaviors. How do we shift out from the accumulated results of the millions of suggestions sent out to us since birth? We must learn how to speak clearly by directing focused mental energy upon a positive idea or loving thoughtform, in order to magnify that spoken word or thoughtform substance into the manifest. Yet, holding Observer Point without attachment to how it actually manifests. Or this may define the discipline and inner strength we find deep inside our heart-based convictions, the power that is required to examine our thought processes and motivations that have been inherited, and to choose to redirect the spoken words into more positive thoughts and loving behaviors that serve one’s highest expression. We constantly send out and receive energetic patterns of spoken and heard suggestions, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as that content we are being exposed to within the environment which is interactive with the sum total of our multidimensional experiences. To abuse this Natural Law, the people of earth are subjected to Electronic harassment and Mind Control bombardment, which interferes with the spoken and heard suggestions subliminally. This is scrambling our DNA Signals, thus we generally receive more inorganic and artificial messages, rather than the organic and authentic messages from divine intelligence, until we begin to spiritually ascend and awaken.

When suggested thoughts have a powerful emotion associated with them, whether positive or negative, the strongest emotion will tend to rule how the thoughtform is realized into matter. Strong emotional fear will always hold one back in manifestation, and override a weaker emotional desire to succeed or expand. This is why the Controllers use complex layers of fear programming through subconscious suggestion, as it blocks our mind and personal will to manifest clearly. To gain emotional clarity, we must tame the unruly nature of our personal instinctual desires and negative emotions, and direct the inner fire of our actions to serve personal enlightenment on the road to achieving consciousness freedom. It is only when we have opened our heart-mind interaction, by practicing loving kindness towards ourselves and others, that it cleanses our mental impurities and accumulation of inverted or fear based suggestions. This is what is required to transcend the artificial suggestions being broadcasted into our mind, body and spirit, reprogramming the fear-based suggestions into loving kindness, so we can achieve our spiritual goals by actualizing our spiritual mission and Blueprint.

Through our energy centers or Chakra centers, we receive the subtle energies from the Solar Light attracted through the quality of our thoughts and emotions, and we direct these energies into the external to co-create a harmonious and peaceful environment for ourselves and others. The purpose of our incarnation is to gradually embody the full actualization of our inner light source, a reflection of our inner Sun, but we must learn how to use our life force and energy resources properly and in alignment to our heart based and authentic spiritual being. The more consciously we participate with directing our personal power in alignment to our higher purpose, in Service to Others, we steadily increase the likelihood of our ability to transmit the spiritual power of the Solar Light to recreate the peaceful state of the Garden of Eden in our personal life. Through the Solar Light, the Sun, we feel loving vibrations and gain immense spiritual power and strength, thus this consciousness principle is also connected to the building of our Lightbody, and is also referred to as the Law of Strength.

The Law of Suggestion/Strength is magnified by the importance of its position in our Universal Time Matrix. This Law manifests as the Guardian of the Northern direction in the Pillar architecture that forms one side of the Four Cardinal Directions (N-S-E-W) that are measured in the Cosmic Time Cycle. This is why Regulus is referred to as the Guardian of the North, and is one of the set cardinal directions of the Four Royal Stars.[2]

August Meditation Timeline

  • 2009 -- 12 Notes of Harmonic Integration
  • 2010 -- Brain Integration Treatment
  • 2011 -- Mind Control Genetic Correction
  • 2012 -- Bali Portal Meditation
  • 2013 -- Cosmic Prototype of Sacred Union
  • 2014 -- Clearing Negative Forms
  • 2015 -- Loving Kindness Meditation
  • 2016 -- Correct Magnetic Alignment
  • 2017 -- Clearing Pain Triggers
  • 2018 -- Solar Twin Michael-Mary Activation
  • 2019 -- Krystal Star Tetramorphic Amplifiers
  • 2020 -- Aquamarine Krystal KA Plasmic Ring Activation


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  2. Alignment to Natural Law

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