Mensa, Octans, Sextans, Hydra, Norma, Circinus, Corvus, Crater

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  • dedicated to the purposes of Krystal Star Host
  • new Identity Challenge names from this session:
  • Bildeberger, Dioehija, Djobela, Hawthorn, Mutao, Nudaharu, Pukura, Smukupa
  • evictions for 4D, the space above this 3D area where these distortions are held in place
  • Crystal Keys, Yellow Crystal, Indigo Crystal, Silver Crystal, White Crystal, Pale Magenta Crystal

Challenge Identity

  • evictions for 4D, the space above this 3D area where these distortions are held in place - Challenge Identity - Behemoth, Bildeberger, Bojoules, Brado, Breiden, Chizeweth, Dhruva, Dioehija, Diuduhiu, Diumante, Diumonde, Diuniah, Diuoehani, Diusadi, Djobela, Douefar, Douniufa, Draliu, Draneilu, Duiim, Eimoth, Einnemann, Eitarhou, Eneiol, Euleufariu, Eumiria, Favere, Fintura, Fistra, Fornax, Frausteef, Friuhulm, Fuuilium, Gallafar, Getaque, Ghilmanou, Gilliam, Ginuma, Girleques, Gliloque, Goudarah, Graham, Grainiun, Graliuegh, Graylens, Hale, Halnas, Hausterman, Hawthorn, Heulque, Hilliam, Hinneman, Houdiqi, Housener, Iceoelamn, Imiphawta, Iorius, Ithaca, Jillamniugu, Jiudoula, Jiunanda, Juiniugha, Keilmanogh, Kinnerunud, Kiusawa, Laiuku, Lamodi, Landas, Lorac, Magisterah, Mamdau, Masteport, Mensa, Miughuli, Miukalaui, Moare, Mutao, Naseem, Neifupraun, Neparus, Nezeri, Nigestori, Nioueghiura, Niuioni, Nudaharu, Ojaise, Olfatha, Oiudiuha, Phaal, Piousta, Pistowa, Plantagenet, Poinfarou, Pukura, Pysy, Quillior, Raneighel, Riiotpiam, Rothschild, Rothteviwy, Saracen, Smukupa, Staphifina, Styrck, Taphoth, Tayvadu, Teimorou, Teomanuy, Thimnon, Thiya, Togar, Tweinry, Udahau, Umat, Waulther, Wauyahava, Waydilter, Weithmann, Xiron, Xocopra, Xutou, Yithia

In-between Space Time Influences

  • Parallel or Conflicting Universes
  • Astral Influences
  • Entities
  • Other Dimensions, Existences
  • Astral Debris or Waste
  • Spiritual Forces or Influences
  • Bodies Trapped in Phantom Matrices
  • Astral Mirrors of Delusion
  • Spells, Hexes
  • Bodies Trapped in False Ascension Matrices
  • open Transharmonic Mother Arc Portal


Black Magic-distorted, that was sealing the bodies trapped in these spaces - related to War of the Roses. A timeline and a family line.

  • Implants that are mind control /domination, but not patriarchal. Dark Mother Reversals; operating from the shadow; through using seduction, subversion, glamour; from body parts, not from wholeness; not overt.
  • After the session, the phrase "Lady in the Tower" came to mind, then it occurred to me that Anne Boleyn's death anniversary was this past Tuesday, May 19th, 1536.
  • current masculine/rod/horizontal healing is coming through the healing/restoration/reclamation of the Mother.

Matriarchal Domination Condemnation

  • 1.x.-- Monarchy/Queen
  • 1.x. --Dark Mother Masking FKOT --- HT 2, 3, 4
  • 1.x.-- Operating in Shadow/Secrecy/Veils -- HT 2, 3, 4
  • 1.x. - - Use of Seduction
  • 1.x. -- Power through Subversion
  • 1.x.- - Use of Glamour
  • 1.x. - -Use of Body Parts to subvert Wholeness

Energy Flow

  • Inner to Outer
  • Outer to Inner
  • H/V/D
  • Axiatonal Align
  • Meridian Align
  • Unify Minds
  • Unify Hearts
  • Unify Bodies
  • Energy Receivers
  • Energy Transmitters
  • Energy Coordinate
  • Monadic Bio-Computer
  • Aurora Upgrades
  • Transduction Sequence
  • Kundalini
  • Organic Currents
  • Initiation
  • Blood

Chakra Dimensional Spectrums

  • Earth Core Star
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Crystal Kingdom Panel
  • Aurora Elemental
  • Aurora Crystal Kingdom
  • Mother Arc

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Mensa, Octans, Sextans, Hydra, Norma, Circinus, Corvus, Crater - 5/21/2015 [1]

HGS Sessions - Clearing Dark Mother Transmission from Cassiopeia - 4/11/2015 [2] HGS Sessions - Clearing Sea of Azov, Shallowest Sea - 4/18/2015 [3] HGS Sessions - Clearing Dark Mother Reversals - 2/28/2015 [4](Clearing the 4-7-10D connection with the introduction of the most recent Father transmissions, clear Victim-Victimizer and Seed Fears related to Dark Mother reversals and female constellations and dramas)


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