Magnetic Sound Tone Upgrades

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As the vast amounts of solar plasma streams entering the Magnetosphere run directly into the planetary Crystal Core and into the inner domains, this sets a new magnetic wave resonance pattern in the planetary grid. This Organic Magnetic Wave Pattern appears to have extremely amplified effects for activating the Crystal Body with new DNA tones within physical matter. There is an ascension wave of accelerated Crystal Body activation taking place in the collective race consciousness to attune the human Lightbody into spiritual alignment with the solar codes of the Seven Sisters DNA musical tones. This is to help support the human race and spiritual families to be increasingly stabilized while experiencing the magnitude of shifts happening in the planetary Ascension timeline, which includes the global revelation of the future Disclosure events.

Magnetic Sound Tone Upgrades, Effects and Symptoms

The new magnetic wave tone in the Crystal Core being transmitted to the outer domains is the first individuated expression of God consciousness that is referred to as the Cosmic Monad or Emerald Ray, which is causing the outer grids to rapidly shift density and retune their magnetic sound tone properties. The rapid shift in density requires an electromagnetic synchronization to occur between the inner domains and outer domains that are connecting directly with these Emerald Ray sound tones that co-create new elemental forces while changing the magnetosphere. The sound elementals produce magnetic shifts which alters the rotational spin of the energy fields throughout the planetary grid, which further activates the atoms to adjust the spin rate in our cells, which are quickly rising in frequency and vibrating at a much faster rate.

Due to the ongoing eviction of Alien Machinery perpetuating False Feminine Magnetic Fields and the modulation of the Magnetosphere with organic violet ray transmissions being saturated with intense streams of higher frequencies from Scepter and Reuche light symbol codes, as designated by the Cosmic Founders, the base magnetic tone resonance in the Planetary Iron Core has radically changed. Since the return of the Solar Rishi, the transmission of Scepter Codes connected to the Code of the Violet Sun have been streaming into the planetary grid in order to lay the foundation for the Rha God Worlds 36D solar plasma tri-wave woven frequencies. The Code of the Violet Sun with Scepter transmissions from the Amethyst Order now being set in the planetary architecture for corrections to be made with Red Cube Violet Wave inversions, are resetting the 15D to 7D blended frequencies to run corrections in the ultra violet spectrum of the magnetosphere.

These magnetic tone shifts in the iron core generate a tremendous amount of energy and heat transfer which slightly raises global temperature and increases tension in the global tectonic plates. The tectonic plates are currently releasing the buildup of magnetic pressure through volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and a variety of climatic weather events. The mainstream climate change controversy is not due to human caused activities but is directly related to the mechanics of planetary ascension and the geo-engineering activities of the Controllers who are attempting to manage its impact upon human consciousness.

Significant and sudden geomagnetic shifts such as these generate wobbles, which interrupt the spin of the planet on its axis. The rotational spin and effects of the magnetosphere are both structures that control the dimensional lens of what we are able to see visually in the light spectrum of our environment and greatly influences brain functions, how we process the outer reality and how the brain’s neural net interfaces with our spiritual layers. Some people may experience this density shift as the result of the changing magnetism as; a temporary loss of motor skills, inability to focus or concentrate, blurry vision, lack of physical balance, dizziness and a host of possible sensory experience changes.

Our angelic human DNA template is undergoing significant changes that are interconnected with the magnetic shifts occurring within the iron core and magnetosphere, this greatly influences the magnetic balance within the human body which may generate some physical upgrades that come with intense ascension symptoms. This current phase of organic magnetic alignment occurring in the planetary grid directly impacts the functions of the human bio-neurology, specifically within the human brain and brain waves that are being recalibrated during sleep state. The major brain glands are responsible for secreting hormones that regulate metabolic and biological base rhythms and these instructions are imprinted and sent from our blood. Metabolic and biological base rhythm upgrades can be disorienting like sensing a flashing on and flashing off in the reality, which is similar to experiencing a glitch in the matrix type of effect. Also, this magnetic biological reset may be experienced as a lapse of function in peripheral body parts, large joints or limbs, where some of the autonomic functions may suddenly feel glitchy, with loss of function momentarily or for a short duration.

Thus, this Summer Solstice phase is an intense spiritual ascension wave that is happening through Solar Symbiosis and an organic planetary magnetic reset. The bifurcating population are being rapidly transformed via Crystal Body activation in order for the higher monadic spiritual identity to make a decision on the best direction to spiritually progress forward. We are stationed at an important evolutionary marker, a meeting at the crossroads of an extremely intense consciousness transformation, the levels of which not every individual will be prepared to handle. The higher consciousness monadic identity decides whether to continue walking through the painful disclosure events and global awakening in order to spiritually integrate back into wholeness, or to leave this realm and be transited into an ascension hosted plane that offers integrated consciousness support in a spiritual trauma healing environment. There is no stopping what is coming to liberate the planet, those who resist or obstruct the forward momentum of the collective consciousness evolution via the planetary ascension and Disclosure event will be voluntarily leaving or will quickly deteriorate and be removed from the Earth.[1]

Organic Magnetism

The solar streams in the form of solar winds enter the Magnetosphere which is located in the ultraviolet layer of the Ionosphere and directly control the planet’s internal magnetic field, which is currently being reconfigured into organic states of magnetism.[2]


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