Pre-fall Nibiru

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Originally, Nibiru was the pre-fall planet functioning as the original 12D Galactic Stargate planet in our solar system that was merged with the 12D layers of Solar Logos Nirvanic-Avatar Mind and further connected with the Melchizedek Logos. This invasion event also displaced the organic 11D Galactic Stargate planet known as Chiron, which was merged with the 11D layers of the Solar Logos Buddhic Mind, which generated major damage in the time matrix when it was stapled to the Uranus-Saturn orbits. Further the organic 10D Galactic Stargate planet Pluto was merged into the 10D layers of the Solar Logos Christic Mind, which was connected with the planet Tiamat in the second harmonic universe.

Recently there have been massive clean ups of this particular history impacting the 12D subharmonic strings of various timeline history records in Pre-fall Nibiru, tracking virtual reality pockets of cloned identities and layers of artificially generated black cathedrals that were used as the prototypes for building the 11D Daath System.

The Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in Holy Mountain architecture discussed last month, has continued to unfold. This architecture has supplied the corrected crystal key activations for the Universal Melchizedek Ankh Body, which functions as the gatekeeper entrance into several intermediary portal systems hosted by the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. This upgrade has generated an Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shield for realigning original Sun-Star networks and Capstone Codes, which allow access into the timelines of pre-fall Nibiru and pre-fall Tiamat. [1]

Fall of Nibiruian Net

To set free the Melchizedek Logos and Emerald Order Melchizedek family, the Nibiruian Net system had to be in free fall decline so the Guardians could strategically gain control over the NAA network frequency fences and begin to repurpose the Sirian Crystal Temples located underground. The original planetary body in this Solar System that functioned as the 12D portal access into the Universal Lyran gate system was actually Nibiru, before it was invaded and subsequently outfitted by the NAA races as a battle star. [2]


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