Preparing to Receive Divine Mother Sophia

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To prepare the earth to fully receive the awakened wisdom of the Sophianic Solar Female Christ consciousness, we must begin to see and know what has happened to her and her children, to all of humanity. We must understand that what is promoted as Divine Mother or through dark female archetypes is actually not the Mother at all, but an imposter that took her place by inverting her consciousness which is used to manipulate us. To awaken to the knowledge that satanic ritual abuse was orchestrated globally through Mind Control to subjugate her children, in order to hold her body captive in the reversal grids that are fed by the continual production of the Satanic forces, means recognizing what prevented her from incarnating upon the earth. This entails awakening to the horrific awareness of SRA and the Blood Sacrifice of her children carried out to gain access to the animating forces of the Sophianic creational power, which was ultimately used by the NAA to gain complete control over this world.

All of her offspring on the earth have suffered the results of Blood Sacrifice and the loss of their Mother-Child bond spiritual principle, which also extends to the natural and animal kingdoms that have existed without their Mother principle as their protector and overseer. For eons, these blood sacrifices have been made covertly and out in the open to serve the False Alien Gods and the moon children from the lunar constructs, as taught in rituals to the people of the earth by the NAA. The many souls bound through ritualistic killing in the name of False Alien Gods digressed our evolutionary timeline in the direction of soul harvested Loosh energy used to power the false creations of the Phantom Matrix, demonic hierarchies and artificial timelines. Thus, humanity lost their cellular memory and the awareness of their divine purpose on the earth to evolve through spiritual Ascension, to return back into their true original state as the eternal Solar Christos-Sophia consciousness.

With the NAA invasion, it was encouraged to divide and conquer the population with the ongoing genocide of the Essenes, Christos Templar races and to utilize the energetic harvest of their blood sacrifice through the ongoing Alien Hybridization of Mother Sophia’s children. Thus, the Staff Codes were lost, until finally the Universal Blue Flame Staff leading to our ascending north position was splintered, inverted upon itself and was fallen. This meant that the vertical channels from earth to our original spiritual home were destroyed, cutting us off from our access to the Cosmic Mother and Sophia. When Thoth stole the Founder Records and set up Essene female breeding hatcheries and slavery systems in the Nibiruian timeline, this brought the Demon Seed and first acts of ritualistic killing used for propagating Moon Children, which was desired for generating demonic entities and digressing human genetics for the inhabiting or possessing NAA entities.

During the female Breeding Programs on Nibiru, Solar Female Christ genetics and reproductive body parts were stolen and underwent rigorous genetic modification and DNA splicing in laboratory settings in order to reverse the female principle through AI programming, and then use these artificial programs to invert female architecture into lunar forms in the planetary body. This set into the earth records the foundation of the Archontic Deception Strategy of Misogyny that we see in use today. No one on the earth actually knows what the authentic female spiritual expression truly contains in Consciousness, as we have only experienced her principle in reversals, lunar overlays and partial reveals, until now.

The NAA tested out their working prototypes on Nibiru during the Essene Massacre to bring these same breeding and slavery programs to the earth, and they are working towards pushing the next stage of implementing these breeding and hatchery programs now. It is desired to remove the Mother and the physical female from the breeding process entirely. The NAA’s goal was to invert the Sophianic consciousness and control the birthing process on the earth through organizing an anti-Christ breeding program and Essene Divide that would eventually annihilate the diamond sun genetics in the earth timelines. Instead installing their base 10 reversal Black Sun genetics as the default core manifestation template in the planetary body, creating the Blended Reality System and transhumans. During genetic testing they discovered they could broadcast scalar pulsing in 10:10 and 11:11 reversal patterns into the Ley Lines of the Planetary Grid Network that would generate male-female gender splitting and keep the inner spiritual disconnection in place through the implosion of the inner vertical channel, Rod and Staff and crystal body, which would prevent the spiritual alchemy that occurs with inner and outer Sacred marriage. Thus, these distorted sound and light programs prevented the possibility of bio-spiritual healing in the Diamond Sun genetics which are naturally designed to evolve into spiritual Ascension and hierogamic union between the inner masculine and feminine principles.

Further, the NAA brought their complete mind control SRA ideology to the earth and this is the causal event of the spawning of the alien hybrid satanic and luciferian bloodlines. The death cult cabal was produced from out of these original slavery and breeding programs led by Thothian groups in Nibiru, in which these soul groups were specifically designed to hold the modified genetics for the base 10 reversal template for the Black Suns on the earth. These are the original bloodline lineages of the high-ranking Controllers. [1]


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