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Themes- Ring of Fire, Wall in Time, Two Suns, polarity in the universal body, Ra Lineage, Rishic consciousness, Lyra explosion as seed event, Lyrans created human prototype to heal Rip in Time. {September 2008}

Opening: As we hold the space and set the intention. Taking a deep breath into the still point to the center point of all union, the breath of source the breath of God. Beloveds from our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention, the divine will that is the intention of the One source One God. Thank you.

This is a new configuration in this field. As our intentional field our collaboration in the alchemy of our connection started to unravel, I'm trying to find words to describe this. Something has radically changed in the fields and what it looks like to me, which is so fascinating as we expanded and we created this. It reminds me of the Michelin Man, did you know the Michelin Man? There are circular looking inner tubes moving up in a spiral, and I'm not quite sure what this is but it's definitely something that is in a different configuration and it's new. Okay, thank you.

As we anchor lock and seal our space and through I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free, to claim that which is the sovereignty and freedom of all human beings on this beloved planet. We ask as we connect to our families of light, Guardian Host races and those that serve the ascending races now. Beloveds in the highest capacities of exchange of God's infinite light love and power we command the space now. Thank you.

These are rings, these bubble looking things are rings. The first thing coming to mind is that this is the Ring of Fire. And what these are, it's like when we collapsed into density and we separated into the membranes, there was a ring of fire we passed through in the Wall in Time. That's what this is it is some kind of, I don't want to say Stargate it's not that, it is something likened to a time portal. But it's a different construct it is a membrane opening between the wall of time. Okay, the membrane between the wall of time between the next universe. What we are starting to understand is the creation of fields of the universal cycles, the cosmic day. There is an understanding that from the center point of the God matrix the source energy, many different creations were spawned in mathematical perfection and formulation and these themes were created in these cosmic days of God.

What I'm looking at here is something very difficult to describe but is the construct that we're connecting to now, which was literally the passing through the Ring of Fire or the passing through the Wall in Time. And this membrane thing that I'm looking at is not a dimension as we know it. It is something I have yet to really discover a word for, as we have discovered through working with membranes and collapsing the different levels of the dimensional time space matrix, in terms of Timelines. This is not that, yet the closest thing I can connect to it is a Wall in Time. It looks like a nebula almost, it's an opening in between the universes in the wall of time. However, the structure that was created is unknown at this time. It is something that has been a part of the lack of structural integrity through the universal time fields. I'm not quite sure how that relates to, a weakness in the universal structure that had at some time been created. It's like we passed through the wall of time.

Whatever this opening is, is a part of the linkage between the multiple universes. I'm not feeling this is the galactic core. It is a link or it's a rip or it's an opening between the universal creations but it's not linking at the core. It's like we came here at one level to attempt to understand what this is. It's not a black-hole.

It reminds me of something that I experienced earlier this year when I started to see the trans-harmonic pillar and the chute of this Wormhole type of structure. And this structure, while you were inside it, was like being in the thickest most unexplainable Plexiglas that you'd ever been in. It was the strangest thing because I was inside this and it could pull me up and down, I could travel in it. And yet looking through it I could see beings and they were saying take me with you, don't leave me here. So I understood that this was some kind of portal in and out of here, that other vibrational genetic life forms are not able to attain, from whatever genetic damage or reason. That being has had an experience and gotten stuck in whatever time space it's in.

And somehow this thing that I'm looking at, this wall in time has created some kind of vibrational mass that is similar. It's creating a split, it's creating a wall it's creating an inability to pass through. And right now I don't understand why. It is like a slice of some kind of material in the universe that has come through and just ... I see Okay. This was the damage from Lyra, this was the damage from some planetary explosion. Okay we're going back into one of the first stair steps into this cosmic day. Meaning that this was one of the creational experiences we had in this particular universal structure. This is going back billions of years this has to do with Lyra, Vega and what's known I believe as Aramatena. There were three planets that were within, I want to say this solar system. This is getting the information to assimilate and see how this comes together.

Two Suns

We had two suns, this was a time where we had two suns. Somehow I'm seeing an orbit with two suns and that was in this universe that was in this structure. This was before this structure imploded on itself and became separate. A planetary body exploded and the logo's and sentient consciousness of that being was projected into part of the realm. This has to do with the lineage of Ra and this is a Rishic level of consciousness that is the Light of the Thousand Suns. This is a consciousness that, the closest I can come to even understanding this would be the God the Sun, like the consciousness of the sun basically.

Some event has created an explosion at that level, at that timeline. This system was made of two suns and one of the suns exploded. This is the metaphor between the son of God, and what I'm getting at is that the original metaphor of the Luciferian light and the light of Source, are coming from this. This consciousness, this sun exploded and became reversed upon it self. I don't want to use the word polarized because that's not accurate, it's literally like it became the negative. As it exploded it went through a black-hole and it reversed on itself and now you had two separations. You had the sun on one side over here and you had a black-hole now on the other side. And that black-hole used to be a sun.

Now for whatever reason as we're looking at this, again it's hard to articulate. I don't want to place judgment or slant in looking at this. Is it the divine plan the fragmentation of consciousness in the experience we had there? That's fine. But it's understanding that now, we are coming into the healing of the split of the two suns.

Understanding that the two suns, it's like the son of God but the sun itself, the son/sun of all light, the sol/soul. This is a consciousness, which is very hard to wrap around at a human level because it isn't human. It's a consciousness it's a God, it's a God consciousness. And it is that of the Great Central Sun, it is that which feeds all life. Something blew up in the time of Lyra, something was destroyed in the time of Lyra. Lyra was a planet, Vega was a planet, Aramatena was a planet. In the three planets something happened one of these planets exploded. I think it's Lyra is that correct? Okay. So when this exploded, this thing that I'm looking at this opening this nebula this ring, is where it went.

This is an opening it's like looking at a suction cup basically, a really long spiral that went in the reverse direction instead of the other direction. It became the negative of itself because it was like inside out. And somehow this happened through an explosion. How and why this explosion was caused is kind of a mystery. But what I'm seeing is that the cause of this universe, in terms of its mechanics and structure, the wall in time that is the split was created from this original event. This universe became I want to say, special. Because it seems at the time when this was witnessed from whatever level of consciousness we can even imagine to ascertain this, something that had never happened before, happened.

And so in a sense we could say even though much experience and levels of fragmentation and distortion happened through this explosion and split through the wall of time, it's like looking at this original seed event. It's understanding, what I'm seeing is the link of all fractal time-space in the seed in the original seed and spark of creation of this universe, is that the same thing happened to the earth at the same time this went on. It all happened at once. So when we understand that the fifth dimensional counterpart of planet earth imploded on itself and exploded into the third dimension as we know it, with the 12 planets in this system. That is a micro level manifestation of this event that I'm describing, which is what they're basically attempting to show us here. This is the understanding of how this universe began, do I want to say in polarity? This word does not seem adequate but I do not have a word to replace it. The two suns separated and these light projections manifested in the cycles of time as we experience it now.

Ra is One

A part of what is being relayed here is that as you hold universal body consciousness, this is another level and layer of healing, of return, of joining, of sacred marriage. That is a part of the universal structure that is the healing of Ra consciousness. Okay what they are showing me is that the tone the sound tone vibration of Ra is One. The Ra spirit as one spirit, the Oneness is a lineage and orientation that is not of this universe. It is originated from another creation, another universal time space. This Ra one spirit this level of consciousness, which is very hard to fathom at the level we are speaking, created this universe. And the one Spirit of Ra segmented, exploded, something went on and the two suns split into this what I'm seeing here this wall of time.

This wall in time is beginning to merge and heal. I think the reason why we're seeing this is they are showing us the relevance of all time and space, of all that we've been going through the planes in order to get to this. It's like individual, planetary, solar, galactic, cosmic, universal. We are dealing with, at least in your body at this at this moment in time, Okay they are verifying this. Your body has of course the genetic ability and agreement to heal and merge universal consciousness levels of this rip through the fabric of time, this rip through the wall of time.

That apparently was originally... when did this happen does anybody really know? When we talk about how this system became polarized, how did the rip through time happen? Oh my God, okay this also seems to have gender applicability. Okay so this created a lot of different possibilities I would say in the realm of creation. But this is a part of the pairs of opposites that we're created. I see, all of this has to do with polarization and the alchemy into form as we know it.

Apparently in this time and space what is happening with your particular body right now, is universal levels of merging and healing the rip through the wall in time. And this is like a Ring of Fire, it is like a ring I can't really describe it that well. I am sensing and I'm feeling it, hopefully you can sense and feel this too, but it is an opening that ripped the fabric of this universe. When this happened tremendous amounts of Fragments and Consciousness got splayed and sprayed into all kinds of pieces, I don't even know if this is the right word, but unknown spaces.

Lyran Elders and Human Prototype

This is so ancient this so old, that so much of the creation that has gone off in these spaces has forgotten what it is and what it's doing. So it's not just about the human consciousness level of what the human being is endeavoring to do. But understanding that it is the human being, the prototype of the human being, because what I'm seeing is the lineage of the beings that were androgynous and were a part of the Lyran, I want to say Lyran elders. Lyran-Sirian, the Lyrans I'm getting are like one of the ancient, ancient, ancient levels of consciousness. I don't even know do they have form? I think later incarnations I think this is like shape-shifting sheets of light. It's not really even a form but they are referring to it as Lyran, because it was around the Lyran timeline, in which the Lyrans were a part of the creators of the human race. I don't know if they collaborated with the Seraphim or if they created the Seraphs, but this is around the Lyran time cycle.

It's so hard because relative to time it doesn't make any sense. It's old and the issue that they are trying to impress upon us now is that hole, that rip, that thing that is a Ring of Fire that I'm seeing, is what is merging in your body. They are showing me that the Lyrans created human beings this prototype that we are in was designed to heal the rip. The only place this can be done is in the bodies we inhabit now period. That is the understanding that these bodies genetically can do this. What's happening now is that we're being revealed into understanding some of the greater or larger universal purposes of the human being creation. And in subsequent dimensions, as dimensions exploded out in these fragments of consciousness forgot about all of this, there were wars over the human being. They are showing me that even Ascended Masters, the beings that had some levels of awareness of what was going on with this planet, didn't even understand some of these larger reasons as to why the human being was created.

It was like all of this conflict and warring was being created from misunderstandings, the inability to understand the truth. And that without us there would be no universe basically. Whatever was going on, they weren't getting this, they weren't understanding this. They're showing me that around the Orion Wars what started to happen is that there were creations, there were beings that were feeling humanity was being played a favorite. Like these beings, they are new and they're getting all of this preferential treatment. It's a very simplified way to say it, but there was a strange level with all this warring and conflict over humanity, over this new body that had been created by these Creator God progenitors of the human race. And it was because nobody was understanding what the purpose was, that the only way we could return back into the source creation without just closing down the universe, which is something that is done.

Closed Down Creations

They are reminding me that a lot of times creations are just closed down. Because as weird as this sounds it's like even at the creator God level, nobody knows what's going to happen. It's like there is an explosion of creation and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So when it returns back it can literally be closed down.

Now the issue with this particular universal structure had to do with a beyond humongous level of consciousness, that we can't even describe. This Ra consciousness whatever it is is like a sun. And it has this consciousness that has been exploded into billions of bits and fragments. Again whatever happened with the explosion that created this separation of the two suns, this merging back into the source, was to be achieved through the human being. And that was why the human being was created. Because the alchemy that was needed to return this part that exploded off. It's like looking at a black-hole. It's looking at a sun that burnt out, exploded or imploded on itself and it became like a black-hole suction, it became like a vacuum on itself.

The thing is the vacuum of that exploded star that went in the other direction. The propulsion... the propelling of the mass. (This is probably why they asked me to study physics five years ago. I'm sorry you guys. I probably would understand these concepts a little better.) What happens when a sun explodes or implodes on itself? What I can see is that it imploded on itself and when it went in the implosion, it went in the reverse and it spiraled. I mean the propulsion of it was massive. It's like looking at a rocket-ship propulsion out of the atmosphere. It went in the other direction and the force of that implosion exploded it in a reverse direction. And this is where we are, this is the place of the universe we're in, attempting to reclaim all the stuff the fragments the consciousness etc.

Humanities Purpose in Creation

The only way that this could be salvaged and reunited was through the human being, because the human being was polarized, it was designed to work with both sides. So we would collect because our job is synthesis. We are of both in this realm where we are now, we are in the neutral as we remember the source of our God creation, which is the neutral wholeness of completion before it split off. We are now merging those sides. So in helping us to understand the purpose of the human race at a larger level, the warring consciousness and misinformation and dramas that ensued because of it. And literally having this larger understanding that the human being is a God-being. And this created I guess a lot of the stress or conflicts because that was the whole issue.

What the human being is and it's potential was not what the other forms were experiencing. So the fact that we in this body have the ability to be Gods is something very unusual at this level. But this was necessary to collect and heal and bring home everything that exploded through that wall of time. And the human body is the only vessel that does this. That is what is so unique about the creation of this form, is that it was directly designed to heal the universe back into its source. So this form that we're in is basically as dense as it gets so that we could collect everything. Merge, collect, synthesize, integrate all of the fragments, debris of consciousness that were once a vast mighty being, of such a level of consciousness that we can't even fathom it. That is obviously a part of all of us, and that which we are. But it's almost like at this level of Ra consciousness understanding that everyone is Melchizedek, everything is one spirit everything is Ra. In the reclamation of the Ra consciousness, in the reclamation of the one Spirit the human body was designed to synthesize the one Spirit back into the One spirit from what had happened. Whether it was planned and a part of everything or not, is another thing that's probably hard to even ponder and understand. Is it a part of the divine plan? I suppose so, but in terms of creator wanting to experience everything, possibly.

What I'm seeing is that this configuration was new, even at a universal level, however hard that may be to say, this structure of this universe in this polarization of the two suns, and what went on between the Wall in Time. What they're basically trying to show us is that this isn't something that went on in other universes. Like in other universes the structure of creation is not like this. Whatever this is in this creation, in this universe is very unique and very special. And is one of the reasons why it was not shut down, why it wasn't returned back to source as just space dust units. Because of this specific purpose of the creation of what a human being was meant to do and be, is something that is apparently amazing beyond this universe and beyond what we can fathom as creation. That the beauty, whatever has gone on to create the genetic material of the form of a human being, they are just imprinting to me how beautiful, how amazing and how unique and special it is. The other universes and many forms do not have this, this is something very unique and different.

So again in understanding the larger purpose of the body, it is the physicalization of the body as it is born and made of the two suns that allow the merge to occur. And that merge heals the universe. When we merge in the bodies eventually, the Starseeds that are here, the beings that have come from other universes to be part of this experiment. We are here to merge the two suns back into the wholeness. And this is now working with an understanding that this is impacted at universal level, and that universal level healing is only made available and achieved through a human physical form, period. Okay wow.

You know how we were doing all that healing around the Vesica Pisces bi-wave architecture and we were discovering that at a universal level there were reverse monads at that level of consciousness? Now I'm seeing it's through that wall of time that it happened. Levels of ourselves got trapped in the other place and became reversed. And as they were reversed they were unable to evolve back. It was like they were just fragmented.

This is like we were experiencing ourselves, and I'm unclear about when we became consciousness in gender. I'm seeing masculine and feminine principle but I'm seeing that there was, I don't know if this is androgynous or completion. We were talking about how the vesica pisces structure comes into the union and completion, there is something that is being worked through in your body about healing the reversal, healing the negative on itself. This implosion, something has been healed from a reversal. I am getting very clearly that that Wall in Time needs to be sealed before the Neutron Window opens. There's something about when the turquoise light in the zero field fully anchors or something. This seems to be healing or working with those reversal fields simultaneously, in order to lock-on, with the phase-lock situation.

When that Particle Conversion happens that energy will, it's almost like looking at an umbilical cord, it will just be cut off and swept into oblivion. I don't know where it will go. It's almost like seeing a Wormhole. It's like we're in this container and then seeing this explosion, and there's like a tunnel and then there's an opening. Like a larger bubble tank, but it's like a thin membrane and it explodes open. It looks like the membrane will just chop off when the neutron window opens. Because there is a force, a propulsion and a force, when this energy starts pouring in to our tank so to speak or into these Dimensions. Again the propulsion of this force is just massive.

Closing: I'm going to begin to close down our communication and session. I want to thank our beloveds for confirmation and support in this understanding. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Please seal the field in the light, into the One spirit. It is with deep love and gratitude we thank you. We seal the field back into the core fully calibrated and aligned. In deep love and gratitude, thank you. And so it is, we seal and end our session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - September 2008]

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