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Transcript: Moving on for a moment into the 10th dimensional layers and recognizing we know that 10D is also very important for Krystic architecture because the 10th dimensional sphere is what broadcasts the frequency of our Avatar Christ Self. We've got to have an attunement in our neurology and in our lightbody to be able to receive the transmission from our Avatar Christ Self. As we know many people on the planet today may not be having that high of a frequency experience in terms of a majority of people. The goal to hope for is really getting them in the archetypal mind at the fifth dimensional level but for those of us obviously that are part of the Krystic families recognizing as well the embodiment and the changes in solar star, Solar Mind and recognizing the importance in the avatar transmission and the Christ consciousness healing that has to occur at that 10th dimensional level and how that of course connects into Lyran Codes, the Cradle of Lyra and the 10, 11 and 12th dimensional destruction. As we know there was a 12 dimensional stargate that was destroyed in the Lyran harmonic universes and that's what blocked our access into in the Andromedan or Ascension Earth in the Seven Higher Heavens. That was the destruction of the the Christ Consciousness because that was the avatar mind, the access of the Diamond Sun and 12D field. The stargate for that access was exploded when Lyra was exploded, and is very painful for all of us. So that really holds the seed of the Antichrist/Christ battle, if you will, in this Universal Time Matrix.

Recognizing that those three layers obviously come together to create the Avatar Mind but the resonance of the Solar Mind and all the 10th dimensional issues we know of. First of all the reversal 10 and then we start to recognize why they are using reversal 10 because this creates blocks in our Solar Star and it creates all of this horizontal grid distortion that we know of in the Golden Eagle Grid, which is the Iran and Iraq stargate and the battles over there to keep Blood Sacrifice and keep this Solar Mind communication blocked in the planetary body. Now obviously, those of us that do our individual work or grid work get beyond that but as a whole most people on the Earth cannot connect to their Solar Mind for this reason. You have to actually work on this in order to have that construct in your Lightbody so you can receive the communication and your body can actually translate it. It’s like saying they've done everything to reverse split the union of the of the avatar male/female androgyny and to interfere with the avatar transmissions which is a particular frequency that comes into the Solar Mind.

In holding some space for that and recognizing the updates and changes happening to the archetypal mind also have specific resonance to architectural changes in solar mind based upon the Lyran timelines. As we know the Lyran timelines can be also very painful because this is another seed of Human Holocaust, of planetary explosion and the loss of our communication with our Christ self at this time.

In holding that for a moment in feeling Solar Mind at the planetary architectural level.It feels like when they ran a recent Splitter Tech spray through reversal 10 current those of us felt it hit in our Solar Star and this is a part of the strange splitter tech or splitting feeling that prevents or interferes with the unification of brain hemispheres. Again, over the past three or four days now I have been feeling a specific directed AI splitter tech to interfere with the brain chemistry functioning which allows interaction between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere and the joining through the Corpus Callosum. So the reversal 10 frequency of this recent spray into Golden Eagle Grid or in the 10th dimensional reversal systems would impact those of us that have a communication online with our Avatar Christ self and this is a type of disturbance where the left and the right brain unify and then there's a fiber webbing in the physical brain that is a corpus callosum, that unification is what is required to communicate with the Solar Star correctly, again receiving the transmission from Avatar Christ self. The Christ self guidance and the frequency of that is in the lightbody at at this level but is also a physical brain chemistry and a physical brain of event. Meaning the physical brain, the lobes, are communicating and interacting with the circuits and are connected in such way that allow that interaction unilaterally. They are communicating together. Recognizing that in most of the human people on this planet the brain does not operate like this. The brain hemispheres are not unified and the corpus callosum webbing is not activated. Again, the corpus callosum is like a fiber that creates the halo effect. The crown and the Solar Star have almost a like a band, like a barcode reader for energy and the process of having that in the crown also changes the physical construct of the brain. The corpus callosum comes online and there's a crisscross weaving fiber of nerves in the top of the brain. It goes from about where the third eye is and it moves all the way to the back to the Medulla Oblongata and this is like a nerve fiber that most people don't have. When your brain starts unifying you get this nerve fiber corpus callosum weaving to bring the integration of the lobes of the brain and the hemispheres of the brain actually fire in a coherent balanced way. The circuits interact correctly. As we know pharmaceutical drugs, psychogenic warfare, AI transmissions, Electronic harassment all of this interferes with that.

So recently there has been an injection as a retaliation or in desperation to changes in the grid to reinstall and run reversal 10 frequencies and those of us that are in communication or embodied with our avatar self this has been especially disturbing to our brain pattern, brain chemistry, and the feeling that the hemispheres are not firing correctly, the feeling that the brain fog and scrambled thoughts. So again in just holding space for the Solar Mind and recognizing current planetary events, mental body fragmentation and a recent splitter tech sprays on the horizontal particular to sending out reversals on this network have created this difficulty in our own mental body and in our direct communication with our Christ self in some of us. It feels like a temporary thing but just recognizing that this has happened, it is planetary, it's very uncomfortable for those of us that may be feeling changes in our brain, changes in our thinking, changes in the way our brain is processing. It is like neurological processing differences but it does feel that we will be able to come back into a stabilization but it definitely impacts brain processing and metabolic rhythms. It upsets the balance in the metabolic rhythms especially in contact with monadic and higher self and that linkup is responsible for on the managing of the bodily processes.[1]


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