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The planetary stargate which connects into the main 2D Gates is located in Temple Mount Jerusalem and its corresponding inner gate site is located in Sarasota, Florida. The 2D grail gate system is particularly coveted and prized by the NAA and this particular hub has been colonized deep underground, which runs through multiple dimensions of NAA access throughout its network. This precise area has been under heavy guard and attack since the Sumerian invasion timeline. Thus, to begin to rehabilitate the grids in this particular demographic area is high risk and treacherous, and has required highly specialized Guardian teams that are experts in building Krist-Krystallah holographic architecture, which they have been planning and orchestrating in sequential stages for thousands of years. The massive scope and vast complexity of these gridworking projects have required Unified Cooperation between several Guardian teams that are working in different stations of the Timelines in multiple dimensions, in order to regain control access over this particular Stargate network. Meticulous planning in the final stages of this reclamation project has to be implemented with white gloves and in the exact sequence of divine right timing, in order for it to be successful in its intended goals. The first priority for the Guardian Host was to recon and recover an assortment of Lyran-Sirian-Elohim Blue ray lineages trapped in the underground network, as most all Avatar coded blue humans arrived on the earth through the Sirius B portals and many of them became stuck in this area after the NAA invasion.

For many years, our specific Guardian teams that operate as the ground crew have been returning to the Aurora Platforms between the Milky Way and Andromeda to build the krystal architecture repairs for correcting the Temple Mount, to eventually hold the Solar Feminine principle of the Cosmic Krystallah body. The purpose of this is to reinstate the main planetary 2D Grail Stargate and return its operation back to the Holy Mother and Sophianic Template, so the Lunar Woman constructs and the many Female Demon Imposters would be unable to remain and thus be evicted out of the network. Wars over access to this gateway have ensued with Negative Alien Black Cube architecture used to promote the Islamic network in the Middle East, which relies on the 2D Baphomet streams and Black Magic Grids. These are essential feeding sources of the Dark Mother reversals which are harvested to run their minaret systems of Mind Control programming throughout the Mosques, that go back to the Black Cube headquarters in Mecca. The Black Sun Negative Aliens co-created control-based religions in order to advance their agendas, and have infiltrated the 5D Vatican inner gate and the 2D Temple Mount gate through the orchestration of Death Culture alien machinery, which harvests human Collective Consciousness when worshipping their Catholic and Islamic religions. Not to be outdone, the Belial Suns infiltrated Judaism for manipulation of their global domination goals, in which many non-Jewish cabal members claim to be Jewish in order to hide behind the Zionist agenda. Every power monger, human and nonhuman wants a piece of the Middle East, as this demographic area contains the most strategic and important planetary Stargates for gaining domination and exercising global control.

Guardian and Dragon King architects have been working on re-templating hubs and re-encryption of elements in preparation to evict out the AI demonics and to transit out Dark Mother creatures used for procreating in the Womb Worlds. These Dark Mother creatures are massive in scope and size, and are purposed to anchor in the hell realms from the phantom underworld in the blended reality system on the earth. They have done so by means of colonizing this 2D gate system with massive anti-Christ forms and assorted parasitic satanic hierarchies that make up the principle of the unholy trinity, a structure of anti-life reversals that automatically run Satanic overlays into the lower dimensional ley lines, that have two-way access in and out of the Black Hole System. This allows shadow creatures, energy parasites, Black Hole Entities to run around on the Ley Lines where Dark Mother reversals and lunar architecture has been embedded, as this generates demonic dwellings that they can co-exist within. The unholy trinity is installed for the purpose of running lunar female reversals, proliferating black forces and spreading the related Dark Mother archetypes, which were designed to prevent the females on the earth from fully embodying their Solar Female Mary template. This ascending collective female aspect is an important lightbody component for embodying the Solar Feminine Christ, as well as reassembling her corrected light body parts and spiritual wings. To restore the Solar Female Mary template to this earth, has required the re-building of a completely new Diamond Sun Body for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages. There is one design for the Solar Christ Michael and another template for the Solar Christ Mary.

By reclaiming the Temple Mount for connecting back into the Mother Arc Gateway systems that connect directly to Arc Zone, the Krystallah body template has been reconnected and is being integrated sequentially this year. Temple Mount has new functions to repair the spherical energy domains that exist in the 1D to 4D layers to complete the interdimensional resonator tones, which are dissolving and terminating the operation of the black magic grids and Dark Mother reversals. This means the Satanic forces, those that call upon the Black Magic Grid to power up their creations, will not be accessing the battery pack of this harvested Loosh energy any more, and their Black Magic will cease to be effective in manifesting their personal will. However, the fact they are losing energy makes them much more desperate and it is important to know that as a result, this will be a tumultuous time as the Controllers will fight to maintain their control until they take their last breath. Some will be able to be rehabilitated when they consent to the protocols that include their spiritual recovery, while others will not. The NAA mind set is if they cannot control and have the earth, then no one can. So please remember that they will do what they can to wreak havoc and destruction, as they lose their access to Black Magic power and control. This means to stay alert, awake and aware especially when in heavily populated areas, as these will be the “smash and grab” agendas on their way out the door.

Resolving Mother Issues

With the current Ascension Cycle focusing on the return of the Solar Feminine Christ, this is a time that many of us will be exploring more deeply what it really means to be a female and exploring what it means to embody the true female principle. Whether male or female, those of us at this stage of spiritual development will be spiritually working to resolve our Mother issues, our inner female archetypes and relationships. We have been born onto an earth with an imposter Lunar Mother ever present, carrying a Lunar Consciousness in our sex which is in direct opposition to our highest self, misunderstanding who we are as women in this world, and how that belief has shaped our role as Mothers, Daughters, and Wives.[1]


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