Unethical Human Experiments

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As the result of the hidden acquisition of this invisible microwave energy technology which few people at that time could actually comprehend, the Power Elite confidently declared their silent energy war against the global population. During the annual Controller meeting in 1954, with unlimited access as the main beneficiaries to develop these invisible energy technologies as computerized weapons against the public, the outline for the silent energy war against humanity was distributed to all those bloodline families with seats at the table. The agenda to alter the organic human energy field and human DNA would occur through the introduction of cybernetic theories and bio-engineering, which included the genetic modification of the food supply. By tampering with and modifying the foods that people consume, this not only impacted the health and wellbeing, but altered how the brain could process information. Now this timeline becomes the entry point for the dispersion of many hidden intelligence operations made as genetic and mind control experiments against the public without their awareness or consent, like Project Mockingbird and MKUltra. These unethical experiments are essentially the legitimation of satanic ritual abuse being carried out in secret on the unaware public. Sadly, there are many documented covert intelligence projects that were declassified in later years that fully demonstrate a range of unethical human experimentation happening in the United States agencies, which with some common sense informs us that this experimentation never stopped and only progressed with advancements of hidden and invisible technology.

Effective Social Engineering requires the continual data collection and analysis of massive amounts of economic information compiled with the constantly shifting personal data profiles of the general population. This is used in order to predict the tipping points, the timeline triggers in order to productively insert orchestrated domestic terror events, otherwise known as False Flag or other planned attacks like the plandemic. These mass manipulations are used to gather and direct social energy and the collective consciousness, into focusing on the desired topics being managed by the Controllers for a larger purpose to serve their end game. With DARPA created Facebook and CIA backed Big tech firms assisting in the compilation of massive amounts of public data being given over to the Controllers voluntarily and for free, this data is uploaded into quantum computers within the AI infrastructure used for full spectrum surveillance and immediate analysis, along with Looking Glass technology. This was put into place in just a few short years while in the wrong hands. Over time these orchestrated actions of domestic and economic terrorism were analyzed along with the surveillance data for planning when the global society would be ripened for a larger takeover event, designed for total submission to the totalitarian plans of those behind the blueprint of the One World Order. Their hand was forced when a bloodline outsider got himself into the executive office, and now we all watch the show of intricate chess strategies play out day by day, as the Cabal factions fight over the future direction of the world. Will we become AI assimilated into the Technocracy or awaken human consciousness to a much higher potential?

Thus, the global community has been privy to either observing these staged events or playing them out as the bad actors assigned to carry out these meticulously orchestrated plans, as they were originally set into motion from the mid 1950’s with their respective roles. Recently, the trigger was pulled for announcing societal automation combined with the automation of humanity into artificially intelligent hybrids or Cyborgs via the roll out of the Technocracy, being pushed hard by the globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum. This is the long-awaited plan of developing their cybernetic based dreams used to finally implement the One World Order agenda. Through the ongoing set up and acquisition of an assortment of advanced nonvisible technology and its many pronged support infrastructures, this hidden agenda has finally become much more visible to the mainstream population this year. The end goal for the Controllers is to use advanced nonvisible technology such as artificial intelligence quantum programs, injected and sprayed chemicals, GMO’s and Nanotechnology to completely control the global population input and output levels at the push of a button. The control operators using a few strokes of a keyboard to mastermind worldwide targeting of any flavor, whether it be fear mongering via Holographic Insert, implant, economic disaster or weather cataclysm, instigating crowd control and mob frenzy campaigns with catchy slogans - all from the convenience of your easy chair.

In order to become the target of Implanted Thoughts, AI or demonic possession of thoughtforms, it requires that human beings act like wild animals and do not know how to think, by intentionally disconnecting them from the spiritual matrix imprinted into their cells by their inner spirit and core self. The vaccination-injection agenda has been successful in harming bio-neurology to the extent it makes people’s brain and neurology easier conduits of the AI Signals being sent out for crowd control. Pay attention to the syntax held in repeated statements that are currently being used as digital codes to act as brain triggers, they can be made obvious when observing them in the actions, behaviors and thoughtforms of those behaving in a hostile manner or participating in the current outer turmoil. To stop this infection from happening we must discipline our thoughts, clear the Negative Ego structure and intend to deeply connect with our loving heart and inner spirit. [1]


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