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Why did the invading Wesa entities choose Thuban? During the stages of NAA invasion to conquer 7D Gaia made through a series of Electric War campaigns, the invading black hole entities also invaded the Draco constellation, with particular interest in controlling the Dragon Timekeeper and Templar functions of Thuban.

Thuban star acted as the Guardian Dragon Eye of the Templar code on the Solar Logos plane that expressed the Law of Gender and was the protector of the cellular memories recorded in the timelines throughout the planetary grid system. The accumulative cellular memories of all consciousness lifestreams from the Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper histories are recorded in a series of geometric programs of living solar light language that forms into spherical shapes that resembles an apple. That geometric program carries the history of human origins in the Universe within a living light hologram and it is connected into the Albion Lightbody. This living light language fully surrounds the outer layers of the planetary sphere, forming into the solar light rays of silver and gold braids which generate the crystalline lattice of the Golden Apple.

Thus, the Draco constellation and Thuban star as the Guardian Dragon Eye was the protective mechanism of the solar logos language of living knowledge and its ray intelligence streams which contain the energetic content held within consciousness records in the Universal Time Matrix. This is the origin and meaning of the Golden Apple and eating from the silver branches of the Tree of Knowledge, as guarded by the Holy Mother’s Emerald Dragon King and Holy Father’s Amethyst Dragon King. Originally intended to decide if our crystal heart is pure enough to behold the majesty of God’s Universal language of living knowledge and become spiritually initiated into the holy truth of the Sacred One.

The organic Thuban star matrix in Draco is connected to the Cosmic Clock of the Templar Reuche in the Solar Logos plane through the Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper functions, hosted by the Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives, the violet flame Yanas and Ramyanas. Thus, Thuban is genetically key coded to the 11D Lyran gate of Aveyon, as well as linked into the corresponding Magi Grail King and grail lineages of the 11th Essene Tribe. The Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper was designed to run Amethyst Order Violet Sun coding through the sands of time with the correct ray trinity wave structure and Sextant Matrix configuration, into the planetary clock shield templates.

Thus, to gain complete control of the Dragon Eye of the Templar functions, the Omicron Draconians set their sights on the Thuban star and Orion's Belt for colonization. The Draco and Orion constellation formed important celestial star constellation patterns that transmitted directly into the Albion Lightbody layers, which further exerted significant control over the planetary grid system and internal templar. The next event for planetary takeover involving Thuban is the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion, which marks the beginning of conquering humanity through unplugging our DNA, and is when our ancient human history was completely rewritten. This particular event is very important in the satanic human controller timeline, as this is the beginning of the purposeful creation of the Luciferian and Satanic bloodline elites, that were further groomed into Saturnian Blood Cult worship. In order to maintain their power, status and wealth to rule the world, it required of them and their families to offer Blood Sacrifice, child sacrifice, child sex and to set up Human Trafficking supply chains for the Black Sun Omicron Draconians and their alliances.[1]

Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire

Divine Lady of Éire, Ériú (art by Elizabeth)

During this stage of the Ascension Cycle, the hidden magical jewel and Dragon Eye of the Cosmic Mother, the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire, was discovered to be protecting angelic humanity’s evolutionary purpose as recorded in the local planetary grid architecture, confirmed to be installed within the landmass of Ireland. Thus, the landmass of Ireland, formerly called Hibernia and referred to as Éire by the Irish, was specifically chosen by the Cosmic Mother to hide her most sought-after spiritual treasures from the God Worlds. That which was to be embodied by her triple solar sons and daughters, Aryans, as they incarnated into the lands of Éire to be genetically key coded into the landscape, imbued with her sophianic codes and hidden historical records of the Emerald Order, flowing through the sacred trees, grottoes, lush rolling hills and fresh water springs.

The Cosmic Mother placed a complete replica of herself in a Triple Solar White Diamond Elohei dragon body along with her Edenic paradisian codes from the God Worlds designated for the Earth’s Ascension, and concealed them inside the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire. The lands, natural kingdoms and sacred sites of Ireland would forever hold her consecrated sounds of silver flamed Eiras, sacred musical tones from the God Worlds. One day she would return to Éire and reclaim what is hers from the anti-Christ vandals that invaded our home during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion many thousands of years ago. The Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire interconnects directly with the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle in our Universe and beyond, where direct communication can be made with the 48D Emerald Order God World Creation.[2]


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