Through the many twists and turns of challenging processes this year [2022], finally the authentic divine mother counterpart to the Universal Melchizedek Logos of our time matrix was revealed and confirmed by her presence and direct communications in the stargate systems multiple times. The Universal Mother eternal spirit body counterpart of the Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human form, is his beloved sacred Cosmic Twin Elaysa-Melchizedek. Our Universal Melchizedek Mother is the source field of the Cosmic Elaysa Sun, as she joins with her divine husband in her Maharaji White Diamond Crystal body that holds the eternal opalescent rainbow flame that is the Staff of Elaysa.

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

Cosmic Mother would generally appear in her rainbow dragon form when she was coming to announce herself and would communicate through the twinkling Bethlehem Star of White Solar Fire or an undulating tri-wave current of the Opalescent Flames, which later was understood to be of the Elaysa Sun. Recently, she chose to reveal her Universal Mother form as Elaysa-Melchizedek, the divine mother Sophia counterpart to the Melchizedek Logos. From out of the Tibetan fields of 9D, Elaysa-Melchizedek appears similar to a giant White Taran Asian Goddess, in her right extended palm she holds the Triple Female Tara’s entire spirit body, and in her left extended palm she holds the Triple Male Buddha’s entire light body, in perfect energetic balance. She is surrounded in multiple layers of glowing solar dragon gel rings and massive shimmering opalescent arcing rays extending into the heart of Elaysa Sun, that make up the layers of the Cosmic Ankh Body.

The return of Elaysa has ripple effects into the Cosmic Clock and assorted timekeeper mechanisms, whereby the center point access in the 8D layers were greatly impacted in the Asian grids of the planet, which brought on subsequent shifts in the southern position of the Four Royal Stars with Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus. Elaysa appears to be gaining control of her spiritual body functions of the south pillars connected to the 6 o’ clock position on the Cosmic Clock Reuche Pillars. This correction appeared to ripple impacts in the timelines and land mass of China, forcing purges of assorted Black Dragon and lunar hierarchies and their AI technological systems running assorted mind control weapons. Some related to the assorted terror agendas of the history of the Communist reign of human torture and genocide, and some to the current usage of its tyrannical methods to incite terror and compliance through ongoing pestilence programming.

Elaysa-Melchizedek’s return to this world highlights very intense oceanic waves of unique spiritual activations, clearings, initiations and assorted returns of body parts and consciousness memories that are connected to the entire Melchizedek spiritual family. This is especially fraught with heavy physical ascension symptoms for the Solar Female Melchizedek lines, those Starseed females with a mission to work on the solar feminine spiritual healing and integration process, in order to transmute the lunar overlays and sexual misery programs. The lunar female forces tend to unconsciously be manipulated to despise the solar female, and so it can be a painful and isolating event when a so-called spiritual female turns on another, as that initiated female is being powerfully activated into solar templating. Thus, to undergo the spiritual restoration process, some of us will be exposed to some of the painful memories of the Fallen Melchizedeks, and begin to remember and feel the solar female persecution timelines and witch hunts. Lifetimes in which painful patriarchal domination and misogyny came about when we were incarnated on the planet, without the protection of our Universal Mother, our beloved Elaysa.[1]

The Emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek

Through the dramatic adventures over the past few years with the reclamation of the Triple Taras, it was only recently understood that the Triple Tara’s are massive spiritual bodies in the Earth-Tara-Gaia matrix which hold the entire dark matter template, Rasha matrix and eternal light body sourced from the Cosmic Mother Sun, Elaysa. For ascension, we need the eukachristic activation of the Rasha Body (dark matter female principle) to synthesize and integrate the physical layers of our body with the light body layers. Once the physical layers have integrated enough light quotient into embodiment, it is the quality and measurement of light in the lightbody that magnetizes and attracts the eternal spirit body into the physical form. The Triple Tara’s of Universal Mother Elaysa Melchizedek are what perform this unifying function for the planetary body that exists in the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. Thus, they needed to be freed from their enslavement, cloning and inversion by the NAA invader’s AI machinery before they could fully unite again and be reconnected with the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun.

During the end of the Cosmic Cycle, the hidden eighth sun appears and the Cosmic Aton body assembles through the integrated merge that occurs between the Seven Suns of the One. The Seven Suns of the particle matrix merge with the Seven Suns of the anti-particle matrix forming the completion of the cosmic time cycle, that further forms into the Aton God Body on the eighth day which marks the end of the cosmic cycle. The Seven Suns on each side of the material and spirit domains unify and show the position on the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons as the right hand at 10 or 22 hours, and the left hand on 4 or 20 minutes. These positions can be thought of as 10:22, 10:4 or 10:20, which marks the dual time matrix merge that ends the current time cycle and aligns us into zero-point time in the creation door or neutron window.

Through the Aton body which functions as the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon body unifier of the Seven Suns into One, the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral architecture and spirit instruction sets played in heavenly orchestras from the God Worlds emerge. It is through the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral, which serves as the heavenly vessel for the massive spiritual consciousness body of the Cosmic Mother, that she embodies within and without, internal and external to eternal life. It is a travelling consciousness vehicle that links the stairway to heaven spiritual planes with the material planes of the Earth, and it is the repository for her instruction sets and musical designs for building out the entire Cosmic to Universal to Planetary Elaysian Krystal Cathedral Network for the planet.

Resequencing of Cosmic Mother's Elaysa Sun

This year’s newsletters [2022] have been revealing the major planetary grid events unfolding the gradual stages of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening and reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine Rishi-Reisha in their hierogamic Emerald Sun template. These stages progressed through the ongoing retrievals which encompass many moving parts, that when reunited form into the eternal spiritual body for the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons. These are the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders, the Ancient Builder Races who originally built the creator source code and instructions sets for the entire Universal Time Matrix. This Cosmic Christos Sun family announces the end of the Cosmic Day evolution journey through the Universal Ascension Cycle, in which consciousness expansion into lower dimensions comes to a full stop. As the mass consciousness expansion comes to an end, we have completed the rounds of the twelve Astrological Ages, when all consciousness begins its return via a new spiritual journey back home through the Center of the Creation doorway. See Cosmic Dragon Awakening and Elaysa Sun.

Staff of Elaysa

The building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharistic Activation last year [2022] has resulted in the next stages of Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed upon the Cosmic Spirit Body which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun down stepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother principle of our time matrix.[2]

The Triple Solar Reisha from the Mahara Reisha Worlds are Spirit Suns that are from the dark matter layers and function as the spirit cell clusters that make up the massive eternal Cosmic Spirit Body of God source. The Cosmic Spirit Body is describing the function of a massive macrocosmic grouping of interlinked spiritual suns embodied into the smaller groupings of individual spirit suns embodying the Solar Reisha staff principle, in which the Elaysa Staff is required to gain access into the domains of the Cosmic Records. The Cosmic Spirit Body holds its own tri-matrix of Cosmic Hall of Records which then begin to rejoin with the matter worlds throughout creation in order to correct the instruction sets back into the Diamond Sun DNA pattern by restoring the Universal Laws.

Universal Solar Female Melchizedek, Mu'a

Chalice of Cosmic Mother (art by Elizabeth)

Cosmic Mother as the sacred sound of the eternal God Seed held within her womb of creation or void state of dark matter, is the sacred seed of sophianic sound that spoke the mother’s language and ignited the eternal light that gave birth to the creation of this Universe. Where was our Universal Mother’s eternal solar body, what had happened to the aspect embodied in our time matrix creation as the sacred sound language of the divine Holy Mother Sophia principle? What happened to her triple solar daughters, the Solar Reisha, which embody the creation principles of the eternal musical tones of Cathar? To find out we had to awaken and remember that they exist as embodied principles of the sacred musical sound woven throughout this creation. Thus, we had to take the deep dive into the painful histories of the anti-Christ force invasion, the NAA entities who are also anti-God and anti-female in their belief system.[3]

Unlocking Parallel Dimensions

To the best of our knowledge, the expansion into the next layers of the harmonic universe have unlocked dimensional access into the following [circa 2022]:

The sixth-dimension merges with 16D and recently has been merged into 19D. This appears to be the dimension where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Azurite Ascended Masters that source from the Elaysa Sun became trapped and unable to enter our time matrix. The Cosmic Mother Elaysian matrix of Ascended Masters in 19D appear in their Maharaji Asian forms as the Triple Female Tara’s, and Triple Male Buddha’s that travel in their eternal Solar Dragon body and ouroboros rings. See 19D, 20D and 21D.

Two Suns

The long-awaited reunion of the Two Suns during the previous Winter's Solstice 2022 caused a series of major planetary events that catalyzed several solar plasma transmissions from the Reisha Worlds opening into the Elaysian fields, weaving Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun coding into the ultraviolet layers of the magnetosphere. This threw the alien crafts stationed in the upper atmosphere out of orbit when the artificial electromagnetic layers connected to the planetary magnetic field weakened and collapsed, as the complete dimensional merge between the 22D and 23D layers completed. Then the emerald capstone was crowned into the Universal Emerald Rod, finalizing the merge into 24D.[4]

Flame of Khemalot, Birth of Khemalohatea

Within this holy spiritual flame, is the true nature of the Universal Mother and Universal Father in their Gender Twin Flames perfected manifestation, this is how Holy Mother and Holy Father manifest themselves into their lower dimensional creations, always through their Gender Twin Flame Pillars. As well as the reality of Gender Twin Flames that birth the Khemalohatea flame principle for Christos Children at every station of the Harmonic Universes, this is the alchemical process of the Khem Code and how all of creation is manifested into form. This is how organic creation code timelines are being created via Ascended Master Gender Twin Flames, as the natural manifestations that are sourcing from the Godhead in Gender Twin Flames that are produced throughout the phasing motion of the open source feedback loops running the energetic spectrum of frequencies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. This is held within the Emerald Founders Gender Principle of Twin Flames as it is giving birth to the third flame as the Christos-Sophia offspring, the Tri-flame of Khemalohatea, throughout the transmission of the Khem Codes in the entire Diamond Sun records of the Universal Time Matrix.[5]


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