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Christos Founder Mother Lines

The Order of Christ Templars : The Real Templar's were of the Order of Christ, derived from Gnostic Essene and Cathar lines, and they sacrificed themselves to protect the wisdom, knowledge and frequency of So|phi|A on this earth for the Ascension Cycle, which is the window of time when the galactic alignment is made with the Neutron Window or Galactic Core for portal access, which was December 21, 2012.

The opening of the Neutron Window allows access in and out of this Universal Time Matrix for the time period that the alignment is in place. Previous to this time, the window was closed, thus the portal access to leave this Universe, as well as this Solar System was closed. When the galactic core alignment was made in 2012, the Krystal Star began connecting to this planet in this timeline, and this began the cycle of the Krystal Star hosting of this planet for potential Ascension.

The Oraphim are the Double Diamond Sun Body of the Christos that are here on planet to direct the Universal Threefold Founder Flame Frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Body projects with the Master Christos Collective, a consortium of beings that are from the Seven Higher Heavens realms. These are the Ancient Master builder Races that are also called Guardian Host from which the Essenes on the earth have been generated to serve as blue flame holders.

Code of the Blue Nile

The Blue Ray is a gestalt of four Universal Harmonic Layers of the Universal Families of Blue Ray Consciousness, the Universal Melchizedek Lineages that incarnated as the 12 Essene Tribes or Essenes. There are Three Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the Ray Aspects of our Universal creation, and the Blue Ray is of the First Order of Emanation. The Highest Order of the Blue Ray Family emanate from the 13th Circuitry Gate of the Mother of God aspect, which is the first layer projected from the Zero Point Universal God Core. This First Order Blue Ray Family are the esoteric 144,000 Genetic Timekeepers of our Universal Time Matrix and is known in the Egyptian and Sirian histories as the Code of The Blue Nile. Many Galactic Wars throughout human and non-human extraterrestrial history have been waged for gaining control and access to this code, which holds essentially every genetic key that allows access into the kingdoms of God, or the God worlds.[1]

Guardian Yeshua

The narrative of Jesus Christ was created from the event of groups of Sirian Blue Humans from the future that came to change the 3rd dimensional Timelines and bring the Essenes, Christos Templars and Law of One Ascension knowledge and its consciousness technology back to planet earth. Guardian Yeshua came to the earth plane with his genetic equal Wife, Mary Sophia holding the Staff and with a large Sirian ground crew. Underground portals were used for Egypt Melchizedek Initiations for Ascension out of Stargates, as well as in Amarna where Akhenaton had left information for them in the area. The Amarna portal was accessed to hide Law of One and Guardian Founder Races technology in Ireland and the UK. The mission was partially successful, they could not recover Blue Ray Staff and Mother Principle Force for the Earth Core. The 5D Blue Flame Staff alignment was destroyed in the Stonehenge DNA Fire Letters code scrambling, that was a result of the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion. Yeshua was not crucified and ascended out with Guardian support. The group was partially successful in their mission, and many other Christos consciousness family have been on the earth since then to prepare for the return of the Krystal Star on the earth. The Krystal Star returned with a planetary hosting change in January 2013.[2]

NAA Vatican Agenda

The Satanic stronghold in the Vatican aggressively targeted and killed the original Christ Templars in an attempt to extinguish all records of the Essenes, Law of One, the Christos-Sophia, the Mother Arc as the Holy Spirit, and the female principle's equal role to access Christos consciousness, as the true wisdom and spiritual knowledge of our Universe. Also, this was intended to hide that Christ was actually both a male and female being, was embodied through a group consciousness, was married and had children, was not of immaculate conception, as well as hide the fact that the Christ was of extradimensional or "otherworldly' origins.

This was also designed to stop the Mother Arc and the Sophianic Body from incarnating in physical matter on the earth, NAA Religions were intrinsic in creating the Black Madonna Network which feed into the Baphomet, which is the Negative Form of the Sophianic consciousness and the designed to reverse the Diamond Heart. This basically crushes the Crystal Heart of human beings and the planet which manifests the Anubian Black Heart networks.

This was the NAA anti-christos agenda to stop any Christos being from other timelines from incarnating back into this timeline of the 3rd dimensional earth. (See the Ages of Humanity for a guideline for those Timelines)

Persecution of Essene, Christos Templars

Thus, it is the NAA agenda to destroy the Christ Templars on this earth, past, present and future, by accusing them and associating them with the Satanic force of Baphomet. Those Knight Templars, such as the Illuminati and other cartels, are those that feed into the Baphomet satanic forces today and are not of this lineage or bloodline. These groups have nothing whatsoever to do with the Christos Templars or Essenes. They abuse the power structures on the earth to serve the Satanic material fixations promoted by the False King of Tyranny.

This Christ Templar knowledge of the earth grids and Stargates was hijacked to remain in secret societies in order for those to continue to abuse its power, perverting its original intention and purpose. Therefore the Templar knowledge is extremely abused by those who use knowledge of the "dragon power" lines of the Planetary Grid Network for their own selfish greed of materialism and tyranny. The NAA has cultivated its preferential human reptilian bloodline to promote its domination to enslave agenda through the Armageddon Software of war, poverty, pestilence and terrorism. It achieves this enslavement agenda through the abuse of Templar knowledge of the earth's power lines. This knowledge is kept suppressed to keep people confused, enslaved and in bondage to the abuses perpetuated. As the original Templar knowledge is abused through the power elite and humanities selfish greed, Negative Ego, and black heartedness, the true Christ Templar knowledge deteriorated from the intention of truly embodied wisdom.

However, many ancient Christos beings reincarnated on the earth to attempt to stop the Imposter Spirits which animate Luciferian and Satanic force from permanently corrupting the Christos Templar knowledge of the Law of One. The Higher Beings are well aware that these two forces deliberately abuse power to intentionally harm the planet and harm human beings through deception, and thus, continually fragment the World Soul. This has been aggressive agenda since the Luciferian Rebellion that transpired during the Atlantian Cataclysm.

These ancient Essene beings incarnated on the earth through The Orders of the Christ, and were known through the many timeline histories as the: Gnostics, Ancient Egyptians, Melchizedek Priests, Knights of Solomon's Temple, Essenes, Cathars, and Christ Templars and their related esoteric sects. These are devoted humans who consecrated themselves to serve God by protecting spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

This wisdom was the knowledge on how to transform a human being into an embodied Christos on earth. As they held the knowledge to the embodied Christ on earth, they worshipped and protected this wisdom with great reverence. They knew the wisdom to become a Christ is held inside the Holy Mother's Cathar body and Sacred Rose Heart, the contents of which is known as the Christos-Sophia. As they came to this earth to protect the Christos-Sophia, they were heavily persecuted; misrepresented, tortured and targeted for extermination by those whose power source is made from the false gods, the false light and material elemental forces.

Their spiritual knowledge was desecrated and then replicated into falsity to be fed to feral power hungry humans that were easily used to rapidly spread the forces of Satanism on the earth. The massive holocaust of Essenes has been repeated in historical events from Lemuria, Atlantis and repeated in the middle ages to the Templars on the fateful day of Friday the 13th in 1307 AD. This is an important timeline in the massive spreading of satanic forces to fill the earth grid with the mass usage of satanic cult rituals performed at the time by the supposedly righteous, religious clergy men. Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA and blood covenant to bind souls were made of which tortured thousands of Templars/Essenes to renounce their heart consecration to Christos-Sophia by being forced to call her the Baphomet.Baphomet is the creation of Baal, a satanic force god figure which promoted child sacrifice to the Moloch battery tanks which feed these same forces.

The era of the great pretender of the masqueraded Christ began, Imposter Spirit with great fervor to hide Christ Templar knowledge, with the desecration of Essene teachings, therefore Christ teachings. They were replicated into twisted grotesque mutations of which promoted guilt, shame, misogyny, racial hatred, genocide and Sexual Misery on the collective human consciousness. As these elemental thought forms took shape into the world of forces, such as in religious persecution, these forces became more powerful and possessed many weak minded humans that were used by the predators to continually feed itself.

The purpose of which Christ Templars endured crucifixion and persecution was to ensure the future Aeonic Pair of Christos and Sophianic consciousness would be able to reunite again and complete the alchemy required through Hierogamic union during the Ascension Cycle. Thus, through the wedded garment of God being embodied through the trinity of sacred marriage, this perfect male and female balance embodied is the key to restoring Christos is Hieros Gamos. This is the restoration which reclaims the earthly kingdoms back into alignment with the Natural Laws of God, the Law of One.

One is not invited into the House of God, one cannot use force into the House of God, and one cannot see the House of God, without having absolute embodied devotion to Christos-Sophia, the female principle as an aspect of the Trinity of God. To enter the House of God, utter and total devotion to all trinity of God aspects must be present, or the architecture will be invisible. The False Gods have replicated the architecture to be made in physical representation on earth to be controlled by the False King of Tyranny. This is the original agenda in the organization of the Vatican/Papacy, the Roman Catholic Church.

Basis of Misogyny

This is the basis of collective misogyny, hatred and sexual objectification of which many women may feel on this earth is the debasing of their potential to hold the Sophia aspect.(see Religious Violence) Males must learn to worship their own inner Christos-Sophia as a unified part of God, and this is challenging for many males to accomplish on the earth with the Archontic Deception Behavior strategies which use Mind Control that radically impacts both genders in Sexual Misery.

To destroy the potential of running the magnetic sound frequency of So|phi|A, we have had dramas which are being used as a set up to replay the holocaust of the Christ Templar timelines. These timelines were important events to destroy Christos-Sophia and turn her Negative Form into the Baphomet, the dark Satanic mother buried in the bowels of earth. This has created Anubian Black Heart networks in the planetary body.

It is time we bring the So|Phi|A heart sound to where the parts of her were buried in the earth by the Order of the Christ. Any of us that are capable to hold this heart tone, are considered a massive threat. The dark ones are pulling out those Templar crucifixion and holocaust timelines, its memories, of which many of us that are a part of the Christos family, can learn from and see with greater clarity.

To enter through the Sophianic door which opens into the house of God, to even perceive it or know it, our heart must be magnetically attuned to perfect devotion to the Holy Spirit in the Christos Sophia. Christos-Sophia is the guide to know God and without her, you will not be able to walk into the house of God or dwell within it.

The Christos Templars of this time in Jerusalem knew this and they protected this knowledge and So|phi|A with their lives.[3]

Gnosticism and Templars

The Coptic Gnostic materials contain passages that describe encounters with the E.T. or extradimensional beings, sometimes with explicit advice about how to handle these entities. Whether these forces are referred to Archon, Reptilian or other types of extradimensional entities, this passage helps to comprehend the nature of this reality through the remembering of our true origin and presenting truth in the face of deception and manipulation. [4]

12 Tribes

Many of the original Essene lines were trapped in the Planetary Gates and Astral Plane during the many cataclysms that occurred on the earth from NAA wars and Orion Group Invasion. In this Krystal Star Hosting Cycle we will retrieve and reclaim them. This is the Reclamation of the Order of the Christ.

|1. Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus) 2. Tribe 2 (Florida/Jerusalem) 3. Tribe 3 (Bermuda/Johannesburg) 4. Tribe 4 ( Giza/Central America) 5. Tribe 5 (Machu Picchu/Vatican) 6. Tribe 6 (Russia/India) 7. Tribe 7 ( Titicaca/Greece) 8. Tribe 8 (China/Tibet) 9. Tribe 9 (Tibet/S. England) 10. Tribe 10 Iran/Iraq) 11. Tribe 11 ( S. Ireland/S. England) 12. Tribe 12 ( S. France/Kauai)|} [5]

Planetary Gridworker

Templarsealer (Sequoia art)

The planetary grid network is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanities spiritual evolution. Much of our mission as Starseeds is to extract the alien machinery and fallen entities which obstruct, siphon or damage the energies in the planetary grid system. Deeply hidden in the organic matrix of our planet is the mirror image of the cosmic projection of our Galaxy of Stars, which is the multidimensional hologram of the Cosmos. When we are describing planetary grid work, we are describing the consciousness body (holographic geography) which is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth. When we consciously understand this interplay, we can help support consciousness evolution by dedicating ourselves as conduits to express the divine plan for planet earth. We currently refer to this level of participation or conduit, as a Planetary Gridworker. Over the ages the spiritual science of gridworking has also been referred to as the “Templar”. Templar defines a person who comprehends planetary architecture, and the math behind the geometries of earth consciousness that is built in the geomantic structures. Templars can sense how the spiritual-energy current moves in the earth and how to create or work with the Geomantic Structures to help increase or direct that energy for the greater good of the whole planet.[6]


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