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Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche

The Cosmic Clock from the 1st God world creation is synchronizing with this Universal Time Matrix in order to begin the next stage of planetary ascension that awakens the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes within the angelic human DNA. Thus, the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation is also considered the full spectrum planetary Eukatharistic activation, because it opens and activates a series of density locks and time codes being directed as the result of the Return of the Emerald Order.

On February 22, 2022, our planetary system begins the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation of the central seed of the higher heart, or the Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening into the path of the Eukatharista. The Universal Time Matrix begins to open the density locks leading directly into the higher Inner God World realms which begins to flood Cosmic Mother’s aquamarine blue ray source of zero-point flames from within the diamond heart of the Cosmic Clock shield network. This planetary initiation is essentially the 1st God World Creation announcing to the Universal inhabitants that the cycle for the Return of the Emerald Order Founders is commencing through the embodiment of the authentic Emerald Order identities that are the original Christos Founders of this system.

The Emerald Tree of Life merges into the Cosmic Clock Templar within the newly birthed Emerald Suns, sourced from the core heart spirals of Aquamarine and Emerald Rays flowing from the 1st God World Creation.

The magnitude of this Cosmic Emerald Order ascension event to awaken the planetary Eukatharista is hard for our minds to fathom.

Cosmic Amoraea Shield

The opening of the organic currents sourcing from the Cosmic Amoraea Shield are the greater aquamarine blue heart flames of the Divine Holy Spirit that are intended to merge with the lesser blue flames ignited within the emerald crystal heart of angelic humanity. Cosmic Mother breathes the holy spirit blue flames to merge in the crystal hearts of her divine children that are ready to embody their Inner Christos. These blue flame currents flow into the corresponding instruction set templates which further alter and adjust the macrocosmic clock shields that make up the coordinate locations of every angelic human lightbody, dimension, density, and harmonic universe. This event essentially will instigate large scale collapse of artificial timelines, artificial coordinate positions held by Fallen Angelic Timekeepers in the clock shield templates, by unwinding the reversal currents or anti-life metatronic currents and resetting them back into natural alignment with the Cosmic Clock in the 1st God World Creation. As the unwinding of anti-life reversal currents transpires in the planetary Albion Lightbody, it is similar to observing the clock hands of time begin to move in counterclockwise spirals and see that many previous destructive timelines are rolling up and then disappearing into nothingness within the Cosmic Mother’s Womb.

Opening Density Locks

During the phase that began the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, the code of the violet sun began to lay the correctly aligned planetary infrastructure in order to begin to activate a series of Sceptre Codes. Sceptre codes lay down the correct architecture for igniting the 12 Scepter Pillars on the Cosmic Clock which reset the timelines held in lower creation matrices. This occurs when the Cosmic Clock aligns directly with the clock shields in the lower densities that form into the matter fields, and it shifts timelines to synchronize with the Cosmic Clock as God intends.

Eukatharista Lightbody Activation

During lightbody activation, the process includes the sequential opening of twelve seals which give access into the next set of higher dimensional perception, that is based upon the individual’s personal holographic blueprint and the station of identity’s position in the clock shields. The clock shield templates are the mechanism by which our stations of identity perceptions in other timelines remain in their respective locations in time and space. These are other lifetimes that our consciousness has experienced while incarnated within the different positions of timelines, that could be considered linear perceptions we remember from the past, present or future. This gives our consciousness the sense of individuation and lends to the perception that our consciousness identity is moving through a linear time cycle happening within a particular density. It is the function of the biological clock shields that give us the experience of moving through timelines and accumulating lessons for consciousness growth, along with the process of biological aging.

At the planetary level during the Ascension Cycle Failsafe Mission upgrades, we have received a series of plasma transmissions of time matrix codes that are for the purpose of gradually opening each of the density locks that further allow consciousness access into perceiving higher dimensions and parallel realities. The first twelve of these time matrix codes relate to each particular dimensional layer in our Universal Time Matrix and are designed to gradually open into each section of the Harmonic Universes. The first set of twelve codes are Universal time codes that correspond to each dimensional layer of the twelve timelines, they are released in sets of three that match the harmonic universe configuration. Personality matter codes, Soul codes, Monadic codes, and Avatar codes are all included in the total release of Universal time codes that open each density layer for integrating those specific consciousness layers for supporting biological ascension.

Cosmic Mother Amoraea Shield Activation

During this stage of the Universal time code transmissions, the planetary solar plasma activations have extended out into the next layers which now include the integration of the twelve codes of the 36D Sceptre Pillars and further, the twelve codes of the 48D Templar Reuche. During this incredible phase of accelerated consciousness transformation, the planet undergoes its next stage of ascension through a major global initiation into the Cosmic Mother Amoraea Shield, in order to embody the Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche in the Albion Lightbody on 2-22-2022. Thus, for the ongoing process of the planetary and human ascension, those ready to receive these Emerald Order transmissions will begin the next stage of consciousness expansion with the series of activations for the twelve Templar Reuche Codes coming from the Cosmic Clock, which will further activate the hara centers in sequential order to prepare for appropriate embodiment levels.[1]

Confrontation in Malta

During the Dog Days of Summer, as Sirius rises alongside the Sun marking the hottest days of the year, the explosive fiery confrontations of Megiddo level battles continue to rage on between the Cosmic Emerald Order Christos Elohei Founders and the black hole entities that form the bulk of the Black Sun intruding races since the Luciferian Rebellion. Given this year is the major planetary initiation of the Eukatharista activation, many multidimensional doorways have been opened into the corridor worlds, inner and in-between spaces and places bringing refreshing new frequencies, living beings and the exciting sense of exploring co-existence with these newly discovered realities. Simultaneously, as these new doorways open, other doorways that lead to the past or previous timelines of miasmatic pain and Trauma have been slammed shut, applying great pressure that forces us to evolve, to figure out problems and grow through change. As the doorways slam shut from the past timelines with memories that we enjoy or still remember, there are watery waves of Grief and sorrow that are being deeply emotionally processed, as the previous ways of living on the planet are over. Each individual is now being reshaped, remade, reconfigured in some way, and those heart awakened are being delivered into the organic timelines of new beginnings in order to deeply discover the more authentic spiritualized version of themselves. From within the center of tragedy and chaotic whirlwinds that form into the current global events, upon the ashes of old, something new is being born or even resurrected from within.[2]


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