Confrontation in Carpathian

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For many years, we have been made aware of Ancient Builder Technology located in the underground tunnel network in the Carpathian Mountains that was hijacked by the invading races. These invading forces are incredibly hostile and aggressive towards awakened Essene Christos Templar people that venture anywhere near this area whether physically, in energy sessions or through remote viewing. The NAA have stationed themselves in this area to piggy back on the time dilation technology generating various dimensional anomalies and portal openings in the grid system from this demographic location, as well as to utilize alien cube cloned technologies to generate an assortment of electromagnetic weapons targeting humanity with Mind Control and consciousness enslavement.

Many thousands of years ago, the Sirian Council orchestrated the seeding of Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars in the Carpathian Mountains, and we have learned the Cosmic Christos Zarathustra a 10th Stargate Guardian in Iran, is from the genetic descendants of this same spiritual family. This specific Aryan group’s mission was overseen by the Universal Blue Ray Melchizedek’s as their first response to rehabilitate the planetary grid after the Nephilim Wars. They had specialized skillsets in working with the planetary grid system in order to help create the foundation for new civilizations with Law of One knowledge, in order to build an advanced technological culture that was in alignment with the natural laws of the Universe. The Hibiru Aryan groups were attempting to rebuild civilization after the Nephilim Wars and heal the fracture between the Melchizedek and Annunaki groups that resulted in the 6D-7D wing damage of the [[666 seals. It appears the advanced technology and holographic records they brought to this world was hidden underground in the Bucegi Mountains. The tunnel system has been thoroughly investigated by both controller humans and nonhumans that are refusing to announce these incredible ancient builder technological discoveries to the surface population.

Subsequently, the Carpathian area and Black Sea coastal communities became populated with the descendants of this original group of Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars, which were telepathically connecting with these advanced technologies to help repair the organic architecture on the planet damaged by the Nephilim Wars. Their future descendants took what knowledge was retained through oral tradition or hidden sacred texts, and this ancient wisdom became the foundational teachings of many of the sage lineages that were originally formed by authentic Aryan lineages, disseminated throughout the Middle East and west Asian cultures. It appears that the NAA’s Hyksos Kings and Khazar preferred lineages gathered this esoteric knowledge about the Universal Tree of Life from the Melchizedek teachings that were given by the Aryans when they came to the Carpathian basin. They rebranded it into the controlling narratives to serve them as the exalted Hibiru chosen ones, a process of name stealing over many generations. They rewrote the knowledge to suit themselves in the Talmud-Kabbalah based distorted teachings designed for amplifying their ruling power. Some of them were practicing satanists yet call themselves Jewish, while behind closed doors were using child Blood Sacrifice to the Alien Gods via the Synagogue of Satan. It is these groups that were originally behind the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, and are not to be confused with the Jewish people, many of whom have no idea this is happening within their top politicians and religious leadership.

Since 2015, the NAA mind control weaponry was significantly accelerated into another level with sophisticated AI systems running in this location, further sourcing from the red cube matrix designed by Wesa black hole entities, where the prime headquarters for its nested operations was identified underground in the Carpathian. The timeline of Jade Helm in 2015 was a sequence related to the brain mapping uploaded to satellite server networks that were instrumental to plan the global 5G rollout for more accurate Synthetic Telepathy technology to control people at customized levels, from gathered online social media intel that was being used for profiling. The Carpathian base acts as the NAA thinktank for their administrators running one of their most advanced AI technology work horses used for transmitting artificial red wave and planetary crystal hijack, while plotting and planning the World War 3 scenarios of their designed Armageddon Software.

During the first week of March [2023], there was a preparation for confrontation in this area which included several on and off skirmishes with Guardians at assorted dimensional levels in the black spherical matrices of Black Goo carbon-controlled AI systems scattered throughout the dreaded Carpathian complex. The recent clearings of the Orion Matrix AI headquartered in Orion’s Belt and the subsequent upgrades made to the sapphire body were preparing Guardian teams for this recent stage of dismantling an assortment of Father Alien Gods and cloned out Maji Grail King identities. There has been a process of taking inventory in an underground maze of phantom spaces used as genetic labs and holding repositories, filled with creatures spliced with human DNA merged with assorted animal consciousness. These are designed for slavery and colonization of phantom or hyperdimensional pockets, while they build out artificial tree of life red cube virtual realities to house an assortment of dead and living occupants of their choosing.

For the first time, Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Pillar and Cosmic Mother’s White Elaysa Opal Pillar showed up as Dragon Pillar Twins, and this activated the Sapphire Body into a new configuration position which appears as an elongated portal spanning out into the parallel cosmic spirit body. This allowed for additional consciousness travelling functions that allowed Guardians to go in and out of this location in the Carpathian, while transiting out organic consciousness pieces and assorted content that is hard to describe. Through this harrowing experience it was made possible to bring the Pink Diamond Sun and White Elaysa Sun twinned architecture through the underground tunnels so that the Cosmic Father could directly see this antichrist abomination that has been made as his imposter image. There it was observed that several Atlantian Solar Lord overlays are currently being used as Maji King imposters of the Holy Father principle. This new configuration was bringing the eyes of Cosmic Father in his Pink Diamond Sun (think Cosmic Metatron Sun and Amethyst Order Pegasai people), as they saw the gross abuses of 11D rod power inversions among many other violations that are crimes against humanity.

This difficult project is active and ongoing, and as we give it to God, we surrender to what is in order to allow whatever cosmic justice is to be served to be out of our personal sight and mind, for its not our task to be judge and jury. Our task is to act as faithful servants on behalf of our beloved Cosmic Christos family and true God parents in the God Worlds. This Christos Guardian project seems to be a big step that has been taken to help liberate the planet towards disclosure events, as the Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother Dragon have now seen this alien generated horror that is lodged inside the Carpathian Mountains as a weapon against humanity, and now it is only a matter of time.[1]

Underground Access into Stargates

The recent confrontations in the Carpathian, near the Bucegi Mountains, revealed an extensive underground tunnel network that spanned from the Carpathian with passages leading all the way to Iraq, Egypt, Tibet and China, for convenient access into the inner earth and the most powerful gates in the planetary stargate system. Many thousands of years ago, the Melchizedek hosting cycle began with the seeding of the Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars in the Black Sea near the Carpathian Mountains, which are the descendants from Hyperborea during the 7D Gaian timelines. They came into our lower density to influence the ascension timeline and to run rainbow rounds of Christos Diamond Sun frequency in order to protect these same Stargates, and many were tortured and trapped in the planet when they were caught by the intruders. For those serving the Christos Mission, these are our spiritual family members that came before us, many of them are the Universal Melchizedeks. Thus, we have been in an active tour of duty to find and retrieve them from the spaces and places of their enslavement, in phantom spaces held under the NAA control. We are reminded that humanity will meet our true Universal Melchizedek star-spiritual family again in the future, and we will remember them in what most likely will be an emotional and tearful reunion, through the restored memories activated in the Lightbody’s Shara Complex, which will transpire once our rescue mission is complete and this war is over.[2]

Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation technology

Thus, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar presence as The Supreme Grand Master Architect now stationed inside the 8D Galactic Gate, among several 8D portals in the Planetary Grid Network, has brought on the stage of destruction of AI False Templars which are putting an end to centralized layers of several of the AI Networks. These enormous AI Quantum Supercomputers have been running many dimensional layers of Inverted Systems for transmitting Metatronic Reversal currents (anti-life or death cult frequencies) which are used for harvesting Collective Consciousness Loosh for maintaining the NAA’s insidious antichrist AI False Templar architecture. Such as the 9D AI Machinery Kronos, Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation Wesan Tunnel Technology and the Thoth-Enki-Enlil generated AI Quantum Supercomputer networks, which are planetary prison alien machines used to enforce the Black Flowering systems for installing Anubian Black Hearts and maintain the false magnetism and Reversal Currents in the Poisoned Apple network which is hospitable to the invaders. [3]


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