Unholy Ez Trinity

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Ezmeralda lunar female demonic forces has shown bindings along with Ezra and Ezekiel distortions in the grid, which generates a trinity of satanic reversal Black Magic structures that are also designed to infiltrate the masculine layers of the human Lightbody with Dark Mother, binding them into reversals and energy blockages through its Consciousness Trap.

These demonic gestalts are hybridized with AI programming for off planet control and manipulation of these assortments of lunar female forces, which run Negative Ego programs for Luciferian superiority complexes, Princess Code, delusions of grandeur, self-entitlement through astral glamour which blocks the energetic balance within the lightbody that is required for achieving the Solar Mary sophianic embodiment or authentic inner hierogamic union.

The Lunar Female Demonic Forces have been surfacing during the phase of The Great Transit and destruction of the Baphomet Network, thus they may appear in assorted formats; she-demons, Succubus, AI Demons, Black witches, Black widow programs, Giant Spider Beings, Black Skeletons, Bast or Black cat feline shadow creatures, Ez unholy trinity body parts, Black Lilith, Achamoth spawn and more. See Lunar Female Demonic Forces.[1]

Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff

Thothian Leviathan Anti-HG AI Cube System

Anti-HG Technology is short for Anti-Hierogamic Technology which is a gender splitter weapon that has been identified by gridworkers which note that it has impacts upon the Lightbody and is a form of targeting individuals with assorted Electronic harassment designed for Mind Control. This technology targets Starseed or Indigo groups that are embodying sacred marriage or hierogamic union, generally targeting spiritual couples that are motivated to serve the Christos Mission and support planetary liberation for Ascension.

Black Dragon Trident, False Rod and Staff

Transcript: The black dragon trident false rod and staff architecture for the Anti-Christ male and female principle run reverse rod lunar rods through a Black Cube metatronic cube in the centre of the Earth. This is the driver for all black cubes in planetary grid and the most prominent is black cube matrix in Mecca. In the Middle Eastern area there are powerful Stargates, they hijack the religion of Islam in order to get the Loosh energy to power up this black cube device which is connected to the feedlines of this entire anti-Christ structure.


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