Buddhic Body

The Buddhic Body is located in the 11th Chakra layer within the Solar Logos triad that is a part of the angelic human Lightbody system. The Buddhic Body function is to perform the alchemy required for Lunar Consciousness transfiguration into a Solar Consciousness. The area of which the inner alchemical process of lunar transfiguration takes place within the Lightbody is also referred to as the Buddhic Egg.

Inner Buddha (Sequoia art)

Buddhic Egg

This Solar Egg holds the Golden Embryo in the aura that gradually births the Golden Child of Christ Consciousness within a human body. When the Golden Embryo is seeded in the Solar Egg, the Lunar reflected light and its many shadow forms will start to gather into what’s called the Buddhic Egg. This is a spherical body repository for the accumulated Moon Chain Lineages and a variety of Lunar forms that have been a part of our Monadic family. Because in the lower creation realms, the Mother of God was experienced as a lunar force, this heralds the transfiguration of the Mother principle into the Solar feminine within. The Solar feminine aspect of the Mother of God in her Christos body is her daughter, Sophia.[1]

Fourth Harmonic Universe

Fourth Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity. The fourth Harmonic Universe is the Solar Logos.

  • In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D exists the three layers of the Christos Avatar Matrix. The 11D Layer is the Buddhic Body.
  • In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D the future earth blueprint in its crystalline form in the exists the three layers of the Aramatena or Aurora Earth Matrix.

Avalon Implant

Solar to Earth Chakra Implant - distortion in the 11D Buddhic layers to interfere with the 10D communication from the Avatar self to be unable to ground into their 12D field hub or earth based chakra interface. Troubles with 12D Shielding, connecting crown to feet in vertical channel, and AI hologram spin outs of Negative Form should check for the Solar to Earth Implant or Avalon Implant.

Ruby Sun Distortions

Ruby Order EO Mission

In the second harmonic universe, the Ruby Sun DNA became further mutated through the Draco-Annunaki 9 Strand digressive DNA. These race lines were used to infiltrate the Power Elite or Illuminati blood lines in order to incarnate the Fallen Angelics onto the earth plane, that would serve the NAA to gain full domination on the earth, and to enslave the planet and her inhabitants. We have learned that this was further designed to stop lunar transfiguration in the Buddhic Body of the female principle preventing female Solar Consciousness rising on the planet, in which King Arthur, Guardian of Cathars, plays a very special part in performing the alchemy for the ‘solarization’ of the Sophia in her Christed ritual.[2]


Through the solar star streams that contain the instruction set for the 11th chakra Buddhic Body, Tintagel also represents the Dark Universal Mother principle that has its destiny to eventually spiritually progress from out of its lunar forms, in order to be transmogrified through the Solar Light Fire of the Holy Father principle. Thus, Tintagel holds an important piece in the land for lunar form transfiguration, the hierogamic path of cracking open the Buddhic Egg, in which King Arthur is its natural gatekeeper.

Rondane Mountains

The Rondane Mountains in Norway hold the ancient Edenic Codes from 7D Hyperborea and alignment into the 11D stargates from the Solar Logos Buddhic Body, which includes a geomantic structure that retains the crystalline perfection of the Sacred Tree of Life, or Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the divine structure of the original Sacred Tree from the Golden Age of Hyperborea that holds the twinning aspect of the male and female united as the Christos-Sophia in sacred Rod and Staff. [3]

Pre-fall Nibiru

Originally, Nibiru was the pre-fall planet functioning as the original 12D Galactic Stargate planet in our solar system that was merged with the 12D layers of Solar Logos Nirvanic-Avatar Mind and further connected with the Melchizedek Logos. This invasion event also displaced the organic 11D Galactic Stargate planet known as Chiron, which was merged with the 11D layers of the Solar Logos Buddhic Mind, which generated major damage in the time matrix when it was stapled to the Uranus-Saturn orbits. Further the organic 10D Galactic Stargate planet Pluto was merged into the 10D layers of the Solar Logos Christic Mind, which was connected with the planet Tiamat in the second Harmonic Universe.[4]


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