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Guardian projects have identified NAA Black Hole Technology for dismantling and eviction that have been used to damage the natural planetary grid network and the masculine Rod functions, these are alien machines that have been operating the Anti-Christ Pillars in Norway. These are smaller pillars that form a ley line network that plugs into one massive pillar intended to hijack the planetary Rod system, with extensive layers of embedded alien machinery that extend into the northern tip of Scotland’s Hyperborean Portal, and then sprawl further into the Scandinavian countries that further plug into the black cube matrix in Mecca. These run AI reversal networks that are used by the NAA Black Sun forces to siphon life force from the planet and use it as a tool for maintaining global consciousness enslavement.

A major Anti-Christ technology pillar was identified near Oslo, and this location appears to have been chosen to exploit several different organic portal systems and reverse ley lines connected directly to Hyperborean timelines and Azurites on Gaia. This is a major NAA pillar network which controls the global circulation of Qlippoth current, the reversal current running in the anubian black heart circuitry, particularly through the capture of humanity’s sexual loosh energy.

Dismantling the Norway pillar brought on a tremendous amount of sexual misery miasma and sex magic programming to flood out into the grids, which made it clear that this network was used to hijack the planetary Tree of Life as an anti-hierogamic technology for gender reversal. These are intended to spread anti-Christ versions of black sex magic rituals symbolizing hermaphrodite figures with the caduceus, the twin serpent symbolism that is representative of the male and female demons, Black Queen Lilith and Samael the Black, or Azazael that co-create the Baphomet forces.

The sexual energy centers have sympathetic resonance to the siphoning machinery pulling from 2D and 4D portals in the planetary grid, so this network included tentacles and inorganic time rips in Giza Gate, Sarasota, Florida and Temple Mount, Jerusalem. These energy captures are harvested in battery tanks and then re-directed via horseman pulsing towards inciting destructive global events, which are currently being maximized for spreading pestilence programming and terrorizing the masses into submission to the NAA.

The Rondane Mountains in Norway hold the ancient Edenic codes from 7D Hyperborea and alignment into the 11D stargates from the Solar Logos Buddhic Body, which includes a geomantic structure that retains the crystalline perfection of the Sacred Tree of Life, or Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the divine structure of the original Sacred Tree from the Golden Age of Hyperborea that holds the twinning aspect of the male and female united as the Christos-Sophia in sacred Rod and Staff. This sacred crystal holographic Tree of Life is entwined in the landmass of Norway and connects its sprawling branches into many hierarchies of angelic devas in the natural kingdoms of Earth. This Sacred Tree architecture is connected to the Edenic coding which is designed as a crystalline support structure to restore energetic balance in the lands, nourish planetary waters and protect the spirits that live in the many different realms of the natural kingdoms on the planet.

The Maji Grail Druids and Celtic lineages would gather in ceremony around sacred trees that they knew were designated as guardian sentinels from their ancient embodied wisdom. They would exchange offerings of love, and then receive guidance and intelligence from the sacred tree about the healing properties of the elements, nature spirits or the state of the natural world. Thus, these portal networks in Norway were extremely important to correct in the preparation for the next stage of awakening the higher heart of the Albion, as well as the return of the Solar Logos Christos frequencies through King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s archetypal forces, which bring forth the building wings and the hierogamic template of unified masculine and feminine consciousness.

In order to pervert the natural kingdom and distort gender principles to prevent organic inner male-female unification, the AI machinery in this pillar network cloned multiple founder records and blueprints from the Golden Age of Hyperborea, including Ascended Master or Azurite identities which had been trapped and used as a power source for running this reversal network. We have learned this anti-life architecture was blocking the Christos stasis beings and angelic spirits from awakening within the Albion by blocking the Crown, as this network was distorting the 7D Violet Ray Hyperborean links into the Gaian Matrix and damaging Rod and Staff coding. In the Norway portal system are extensive constellation star patterns that imprint into a holographic geography linking celestial star frequencies and their patterns into the earth ley lines. One such ley line link was connected into Corona Borealis, the ‘northern crown’ which appeared to be used by the anti-Christ pillar to block the 7D crown chakra from opening in the United Kingdom Albion Lightbody. This corresponds with the current mass psychological operations that are broadcasting propaganda using the word “corona” (crown) to incite mass fear in the population, so they reject the spiritual correspondence to the opening of the crown chakra.

Its other primary function was to invert the authentic Krystal Cathedral Norway Pillar through the running of reversals and cloned holograms of the Hyperborean Holocaust, using the Gaian invasion and the subsequent insert of the Gaian Phantom Body that was lodged in the 8D metagalactic core.

The Amethyst Order Rha God World families of the Holy Father led the charge, in which this anti-Christ alien network running false Rod architecture has been collapsed along with its feedlines connected into several stargates. The Holy Father’s Book of the Law, Kingship Arcs and Paliadorian Dragon King shields are in place to help harmonize and heal the lands and restore the rightful Crown. Humanity can begin to experience the Holy Father’s authentic Rod frequency emanating throughout the Sacred Tree of Life on Gaia, which is an important holographic light crystal aspect of the Garden of Eden that had to be corrected in its blueprint in order to awaken the Albion Lightbody.[1]


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