Pearl Activation

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As Solar Christ Mary returns into our world as the Cosmic Dragon, so do these buried histories rise into the awareness of the ancient Essene Celtic Church sacred texts of the Pearl Activation, along with many of the hidden cellular memories of our long-forgotten past.[1]

Easter Event, Cosmic Dragon Egg and Pearl Activation

The Christian holiday of Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the Spring Equinox and symbolically represents the resurrection of Christ. Although eggs have been a symbol of fertility and rebirth, in the religious context easter eggs came to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from which he was resurrected. The Church of Rome imposed its beliefs to coerce and convert those who remembered the ancient cultures and histories, in order to destroy much of the original Celtic traditions and festivals that were connected to the Mother Goddess and original Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings. Thus, they hijacked the same Celtic festivals and pagan celebrations through the use of the lunar calendar and by adding their own symbols and bloodied martyrs so these same festivals could be considered to be Christianized and approved by the pope. Further adding in imposter overlays of dogmatic patriarchal domination upon these same traditions in order to mimic the celebratory rituals of the Goddess and harvest their powerful energies that were connected to certain cosmological alignments that are greatly impactful to the planetary grid network.

Saint Michael Line, Southern Britain

The Saint Michael Line is a major dragon line which has been partially dormant in its higher expression until recently with the events surrounding the solar anointing of Christ Michael as he took his place in Heavenly Jerusalem last May during the Taurean cycle. Solar Dragon Christ Michael has risen and is the 13th Dragon Ouroboros Line for Earth, Tara and Gaia. Now it is time to reveal the return of the Cosmic Mother Dragon Mary that is his divinely wedded wife. The Benedictine monks in the 7th century that were dedicated to Mary’s Dragon Teachings were responsible for building many of the churches and abbeys upon the Saint Michael line with the intention of maximizing spiritual communication links from the heavens with the parishioners. The Saint Michael’s Dragon Line completely encircles the Earth. This well-known Dragon Line connects the many sacred places that were dedicated to Saint Michael in the southern areas of the United Kingdom. The major epicenter for the Easter activation is Avebury transmitting the planetary Pearl Activation, further linking these solarized energies into Glastonbury’s Tor, Burrow bridge Mump, Saint Michaels Light Tower and to the furthest southern point of Saint Michael's Mount.

The Sirius and Canopus relationship with Avebury Henge are the DNA spiraled transmissions of the gold and silver braided energy of the unified masculine and feminine, which are designed to run this braided silver-gold current into the Michael-Mary lines, in order to birth the Cosmic Egg which hatches the solar initiation into the Pearl Activation.

Last year, Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia was reawakened as the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess returning into her female Solar Dragon form to reclaim her rightful place as the Solar Feminine Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ Michael in the first stages of their hierogamic union. We have learned the location of their sacred hierogamic union wedding into Cosmic Dragons is taking place on the Saint Michael Line and Avebury henge during the upcoming Easter holiday. Whereby their heavenly coupling in their Cosmic Christos-Sophia solarized marriage bed produces a Cosmic Christos offspring for the Earth, which takes form as the hatching of their Cosmic Golden Dragon Egg.

This is called the Pearl Activation as a solar anointing of the marriage union between the pineal and pituitary glands which opens the solarization process of the human lightbody, the transfiguration of lunar to solar consciousness made in the Robes of Glory.[2]

White Diamond Sun

Cosmic Blue Dragon (art by Sequoia)

The Easter Pearl Activation began the first of three events for Cosmic Dragon Awakening which included the birthing of a White Diamond Elohei Lyran Sun into 11D Aveyon and the reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos template through the Cosmic Holy Father Rod Code, which forms the Universal Rod Trinity shield for Cosmic Christ Suns, Cosmic Christ Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek. The Solar Logos White Elohei Sun is the emanation of the Cosmic Mother Dragon of the 1st Emerald Sun, in which all of the feminine and masculine counterparts of Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Solar Dragon family that were cloned or enslaved through the Alpha Draconis network are being recovered and reunited with their hierogamic partner via the Cosmic Emerald Order Ankh Body. See Cosmic Dragon Awakening.[3]


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