Rise of Arthur

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Rise of King Arthur

When the Albion Lightbody is activated through the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart and fully awakened by the Amethyst Order Holy Father, England, Scotland, Ireland and France will be the first demographic areas to align to the King Arthur Timeline through the Rise of Arthur in Albion. This phase of the ascension timeline awakens the stasis beings that have been buried deep in the lands, and brings on oceanic waves of the God Source and the Christos-Sophia rainbow rays or roundtables to pour into the Earth grids. The Albion Lightbody is the Diamond Sun template of humanity’s world soul from Tara as the Christos incarnate masculine-feminine identity, and it holds the instruction set of the Paliadorian Covenant which is the future record and destiny of all humankind to return back to their original spiritual home. Their inner Sun-Star, which is found deep in the RA Center of the still point in the angelic human lightbody.

We have learned that the Rise of Arthur in Albion, is describing the means by which the Holy Father and Cosmic Christos Consciousness are returning to manifest into the planet. The current events have sounded the trumpet announcing to the world that the ascension timeline is here which leads to global disclosure. Currently, it appears the global disclosure timeline will commence with the topic of child trafficking and SRA practices of Child Sacrifice, made by the satanic entities ruling this world, both human and nonhuman.

Albion Awakening is the Inner Christ Initiation

The current stages of the awakening Albion are revealing the activated lightbody of the planet into the Solar Logos initiation in which the Holy Father Solar Rishi aspect finally awakens the sleeping King Arthur, in order to express the Christos divine masculine in his warrior archetype through the compassionate action required to return benevolent Kingship into the realm. The Albion holds the most important key in comprehending the purpose of human consciousness evolution and spiritual ascension in order to become an initiated Cosmic Christ, anointed by the Holy Father and Holy Mother in order to express their divine will and be embodied as God-Sovereign-Free. The knowledge and alchemy held within the Albion’s alembic chamber to co-create the Cosmic Christos intelligence via Rainbow Rounds of liquid plasma light, is the key in understanding humanity’s divine purpose and ultimate mission upon the Earth. The awakening Albion and Rise of Arthur to find his beloved counterpart, the Triple Solar Goddess Guinevere (Brigid), Meri-Scotia and Mary Sophia, informs us how humanity was seeded here from the stars in twin aspects, and why the divine mind of God has chosen to express in this manner.

Christos Stasis Beings

They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these Christos Stasis Beings.[1]

Christos Scepter

There have been recent energetic changes in the planetary field architecture related to the Albion, that are also related to the embodiment and anchoring of the Christos Scepter or Albion Rod of Power. This has functions given to the Christos people in regard to the direction and focus of God forces and Zero Point Grual forces, in so to energize and bring forth the divine plan of the timeline of ascension-disclosure for the planet earth. The Universal Rod and Staff structure that is passing the zero point power source into the embodiment of the Benevolent Divine Kings to rise up again, and that process of embodiment is the Male Christos principle that is connected to the raising of the previously dormant, in stasis, King Arthur consciousness. This appears to be a new Krystic manifestation template that was anchored in the earth body during the Summer Solstice, which is a reallocation of energy current-power usage, a leveling of the playing field which gives direct God power and Christos forces for the purpose of actualizing and embodying higher purpose that serves planetary ascension and global awakening. [2]

Reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

Return of Cosmic Christos Emerald Dragons, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere (art by Sequoia)

Current expansions into the triad of the 22D, 23D and 24D source fields are underway [2022] in order to facilitate the Emerald Order's Tree of Life, which includes the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine hierogamic union within Solomon's Temple and the Krystal Cathedral architecture that functions as the Christos-Sophia dwelling that is required for the final seating of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Albion.

Uncovering Merida, Mother of the World

Through the many years of spiritually dedicated slog deflecting the full spectrum of the NAA’s targeted attacks, the main job has been identifying AI systems of Alien Machinery and carrying out systematic evictions throughout the Albion Lightbody network. Finally, after another lengthy surrogacy for rebuilding Triple Solar Reisha diamond templates, we reached the time where Guardian Host made us aware of the glorious arrival of the 11D Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida, from the earliest pre-invasion history of the golden age of Atlantian timelines. It has been emphasized by Holy Father that the reclamation of her spiritual identity in the Albion is integral to the hierogamic sacred marriage and seating of King Arthur as the second coming, along with the complete restoration of the 11D Stargate Network.

Seating Planetary Christ in Albion

The seating of the Planetary Christ in the Albion via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere required vast amounts of planetary grid repairs to be made to the rod and staff architecture in order to host the Triple Solar Masculine and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ. This required the rebuilding of the Solomon Temple triple sun architecture to house the entire Maharata Christos Tribal Shield, for holding the complete Personal Christos Solar Logos records in the Albion. To build the organic rod architecture into the planetary matrix for the triple solar masculine through which to embody corrected timelines, it turns out it is the Holy Mother Sophia, Solar Feminine Melchizedek or Triple Solar Reisha that actually embodies and holds the triple solar rod instruction set within their right-side masculine embodiment. [3]

Recoding Albion’s 11D Dark Matter Template

Since the Easter window [2023], there has been a tremendous amount of Amethyst Order Guardian gridwork rehabilitation, upgrades and reconnections happening for the merge occurring between the Cosmic Holy Father’s Dark Matter Suns from the God Worlds with the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix (HU6), and then down stepping corrections running into the dark matter template from the 11D layers of the Albion Lightbody network.

This new discovery of Cosmic Parent Elohei Dark Sun-Star networks for building out the Starry Night Dark Firmament is required for the massively sized Cosmic Cathedral sun-star network which seats the second coming of Christ, through the Triple Solar Masculine King Arthur and Triple Solar Feminine Queen Guinevere, as the 11D Rod and Staff diamond capstone. Thus, we have recently learned the vast scale of Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Sun creations, and their critical importance in reclaiming the corrected triple rod architecture in the Albion. [4]

Pineal Gland 11D Instruction Sets

In the Albion Lightbody there is the intense struggle to reclaim the evolutionary rounds all the way back to the Paliadorian race seedings and recover the planetary crown jewel, which stores the eleventh dimensional instruction sets for restoring the Pineal Gland functions in the planet for the Organic Ascension Time Wave and King Arthur Timeline. The 11D stargate is the planetary interface that holds the instruction set for the pineal gland and its connections are made in the center of the angelic human brain. With the stolen 11th Tribe Founder Records, the human race has suffered Pineal Cages around their crown making it harder to activate the 7D pink flame in the pineal gland, an issue which we believe King Arthur’s reseating will resolve for many of the awakening population.[5]


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