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The Phantom Matrix is a replica of the fallen earth timelines, it is used to blend with the organic earth body in order to consume the living light in the organic creator codes and living souls on this planet. This is also referred to as the AI timelines of the fallen earth, and this section of the Phantom Matrix blends in with the organic timelines which we are bifurcating away from, as it collapses during the Ascension Cycle.[1]

Artificial Timeline Wars

The current Timeline Wars are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic Fibonacci coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body. This generates a Blended Earth Reality. The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth Transduction Sequence that runs reversal 10 current. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which force splitting, which implements the artificial timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices. A Phantom Matrix can be considered a virtual reality hologram with a finite energy source. The structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist. [2]

What is a Phantom Matrix?

The Phantom Matrix: A fallen region of lower-dimensional spectrum originally from our Universal Time Matrix. It became a slowly degenerating black-hole reality and contains a fallen parallel Earth that the Bible refers to as the bottomless pit, Hades or Hell. Nevertheless if one fell into this, say via the Falcon or Phoenix Grid wormholes, on the basis of frequency affiliation one wouldn't necessarily encounter sheer misery and torment. There would be upper portions of this reality which initially might be indistinguishable from Earth as it is today, though one would soon realize the control and suppression was greater and from an ET government. Also that it was an astral frequency dimension with no death of the body, except that one would slowly die in an imperceptibly imploding black-hole system (capable of lasting some hundreds of millions of years without external and internal sustenance.[3]

Over the last 5,500 years our planet has been operating on a closed bi-wave, reversal polarity system (see the Ages of Humanity chart). This means neither the Trinity wave of the Christos nor the Cosmic Mother Arc were existing or accessible from within this planetary field during that timeline. A closed system means finite energy supply. With finite energy supply, based on the Artificial Tree of Life, this architecture is designed to consume others energies and parasitic relationships multiplied in massive proportions. These feed lines have clustered creating multiple infections of Dead Energy and Miasma in the Universal Time Matrix. These infected areas are called the Phantom Matrix or dead spaces. These dead spaces contain virtual environments that must feed on someone or something in order to exist. They contain massive debris and waste, energetically similar to piles of infectious dead waste and pollution that is piled in a corner. In the matter realm this is just like massive trash dumps and plastic bottles littering the land and oceans of the Earth. It is into the phantom or dead spaces that the NAA Controller Forces are able to siphon our planetary life force energy. They do this by manipulation of the bi-wave polarity fields and rotation of the electron particle, by forcing the energy flow in disproportionate channels that feed their intended closed source. Usually the feed line of Loosh is directed by and through the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group controllers off planet.[4]

Mental Holograms and Holographic Inserts

This phantom area extends to artificially generated Mental Holograms that produce clones of various people, Mental Maps and soul imprints that are copied onto light holograms that are used for consciousness traps or to divert and manipulate many individuals and groups from achieving spiritual freedom. This is part of how the blended reality is propped up, using virtual copies and clones of people to be puppets of AI programs, often acting counter to the consciousness intentions and choices of the being who has been copied.

Essene Divide Construct

Timeline Wars and Phantom Matrix

As the result of the recent escalation of AI Timeline Wars, the Guardian Christos Mission has reached the stage of dismantling sections of the actual phantom matrix infrastructure, the actual artificial intelligence architecture put into place through the insertion of the Artificial Tree of Life. The phantom matrix uses four main black pillars in reversal architecture to power up their artificial creations, based upon holographic inserts made of the four main Grual Point Christos Mission Guardians and their respective timelines. We have generated a graphic aid to help assist in the visualization of the concept of artificial timelines projecting from the Phantom Matrix, which describes the AI Timeline Wars. Please take note that this is not intended to be a literal representation; it is a visualization intended to help the mind grasp the Blended Reality system of organic timelines and artificial timelines that we experience at this time on the earth. This helps to understand the reality of Cloned Ascended Masters used by imposter Black Sun entities to manipulate Awakening humanity.[5]

AI Timelines of Fallen Earth

We are providing a summation of the most common Historical Timeline Trigger Events that were generated during the Great Galactic War histories, in order to give greater context and meaning to the memory associations that occur through the remembering process. When we start to remember what has happened, this supports the reclamation of soul fragments and the returning of consciousness memories that were being manipulated by the AI version of the 3D timelines. (These are the Phantom Earth timelines). The NAA have used dimensional blending experiments and alien technology to eliminate certain historical timeline records and to manipulate the perception of important figures throughout human history, in order to control or eradicate these memories from the physical 3D matrix of human perception. This is intended to lure the human soul into the Phantom Earth powered up by AI technology and false timelines.

In order to be freed from the control of the AI reality, one must see it as false. The artificial reality is based on maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth of what has really happened to humanity. [6]

Hibernation Zones

Additional phantom area pockets or zones were created during the Atlantian Cataclysm through reversal electron or Light reversals made in sections of the earths field that were intended to inhabit the NAA and intruding races, to enslave the planet and humanity. This connects with the NETs that turned earth into a Prison Planet.

5D Earth, Tara

The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System. This includes the 3D version of Earth we inhabit in this Time Vector of the Universal Time Matrix. We exist in a lower dimension of Phantom Matrix created by the reversal black hole, which are the 3D earth timelines. These 12 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru and then the Sun star. Current science recognizes only seven planets of the twelve in our Solar System, along with dwarf planets. [7]

Tara and Tiamat aspects were companions in a Binary Star system in the higher dimensions. Binary Star Systems are common for ascending planets with advanced races. Tiamats explosion and destruction in the 5D universe, along with the planetary cataclysm of Tara, is the reason our planet earth descended into the Phantom Matrix and has an artificial satellite which is the Moon.

Tiamat as Phantom Matrix

This collision with Nibiru happened millenniums ago with a 5D planet that was between Jupiter and Mars referred to as the female principle Stellar body Tiamat. This collision was catastrophic and severed the consciousness units of Tiamat and her Moon consort (Apsu, then son Kingu) which were strewn into pieces as an asteroid belt. This asteroid belt changed the orbits of the inner planets and outer planets of our Solar System. The severed bodies and consciousness of the planet were absorbed into a Phantom Matrix and its physical remains plummeted into a descending orbit into the 3D density where we now exist. It is a part of this 3D earth planet that we now exist upon.

Daath Portal

Essentially, during the Luciferian Rebellion the NAA captured the Family of Michael and got access into the Arc portal passages and gained control of the Spine of Albion, which infected multiple layers of portals with artificial matrices transmitting from within the 11D gateways, including the Daath portal. They intended to infiltrate all of the Grual Points in the Universal Time Matrix with artificial coding which would drag the consciousness located there into the Phantom Matrices.[8]

Distorted Soul Birth Records

The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth transduction sequence that runs reversal 10 current. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which force splitting, which implements the Artificial Timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices.[9] See Soul Group Birth Records.


Term first found: Page 56, HGS Manual

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