The Great Reset for Unlimited Access to Children

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The Octagon Group in located in Davos, Switzerland is the same group behind the current World Economic Forum and fourth wave of the transhumanist Great Reset that have a Black Sun chain of command extending to the Moon and other planets. These same lunar entities and their preferred bloodlines have been administering an assortment of surface cataclysms by obliterating chosen demographic areas for decimation. The moon as a magnetic weapon has been a part of their arsenal against human beings on the surface, in which gratefully, during this next cycle will not be operational due to Guardian Host protective intervention. See One World Order. [1]

Orchestrating Plandemic for Great Reset

The intensity of this stage of the bifurcation brings many more cracks to see through the façade of the mainstream deceptions, as the propagandists are desperate to blare the foghorns of fear throughout the masses to keep them marching towards the desired goals of mass Genocide carried out by the nonhuman Controllers. Indeed, there are areas that pose higher risk and are even dangerous as Descending Hubs, and we must be careful to pay attention to where our inner spirit is guiding us. A line was drawn in the sand on 7-7 between the spiritual warriors for Christos and those serving the anti-Christ spirit, in which rounds of aggressive technological warfare have been targeted to many spiritual groups, spiritual communities and newly Awakening individuals. This could be compared to the next generation of weaponry in deploying Asymmetrical Warfare, using surprise ambush attacks targeting many different groups. We are witnessing another level of covert high technological weaponry of extremely insidious mind control tactics along with the intimidation rhetoric, being used to mandate the injection of a bio-weapon. This is another heightened level of spiritual warfare which can have serious impacts on the mental health of those caught in its crossfire. Thus, all means of spiritual edification through Prayer, Meditation, inner study and developing a passionate connection with God and Cosmic Christos to guide you in divine alignment and divine location is the best defense. See Pestilence Program. [2]

Globalization for Full Spectrum Dominance

To bring to light the problem with globalization being used by the Power Elite Controllers to increase full spectrum dominance in every aspect of our lives in order to profit from and continue their hidden business activities of Human Trafficking, mass slave labor and unlimited access to the worlds’ children, is why this topic is being discussed.

The Globalization Agenda of the Great Reset is intended by the NAA to usher in the One World Order or Agenda 2030 as the fourth industrial wave transitioning humanity into transhumanism and technocratic control, which is planned to bring the complete and total slavery of the entire global population on the earth surface.

To achieve this Great Reset, an imaginary and concocted global pandemic has been created in which the last vestiges of human rights that are protected under the United States constitution and the Law of One of which it represents, are being viciously and ruthlessly attacked by the Anti-Christ forces. The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our economic and social system, and it has outperformed the rest of the world’s other social and economic systems for centuries. But, according to the founder and chief executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Americans shouldn’t have a say in this matter. We are supposed to transfer all our wealth and resources for the elite pedophiles to decide how to take complete control over our lives whether we like it or not. This is a radical move towards collectivism in which all personal autonomy, individuality and Self-Sovereignty is intended to be permanently destroyed, which is a remarkable and dangerous moment for personal freedom in the United States and across the planet.

Take note and pay attention to those in positions of globalist power or in the governments that are promoting the globalization-socialism agendas of the World Economic Forum and the Davos, Switzerland elites. Proclamations from Prince Charles and other elite world leaders as well as those politicos onboard with the globalist agendas, are publicly talking about changing the entire world all at once and soon.

The scale of change that globalist elites are calling for through the vehicle of the Great Reset, requires the implosion of the current world structure in order to lay the foundations for their One World Order tyranny. Pay attention to the flowery words and empty promises propagandizing the Great Reset with online pictures of deliriously happy people with key phrases like, “you’ll own nothing and be happy”. This is the largest attempted stealing and transfer of national wealth and power for instigating global human slavery under the Luciferian Covenant, along with the theft of every last drop of global human resources through an orchestrated plandemic with the strong-arm response of bullies designed to abolish western culture. Expecting that nations hand over the reins of regional power to the Power Elite Controllers that finalizes their long-term plans to finally strip away all human rights, in which they own everything and everyone and begin the systematic confiscation of personal property, individual choice and the extermination of the undesirables.

So, what is globalization exactly, and how are they packaging globalization-socialism as the savior of humanity, which the Globalists tell us is designed to create more equity and fairness between all of the peoples and nations?

Globalization is the process through which all economic activity within regions are developing their business operations on an international scale, supposedly generating scaled up markets, better quality products, technological innovation and more job opportunities and wealth throughout the countries and companies that are participating. However, more accurately under this model, is the aggressive exploitation and infiltration of nations and entrepreneurial companies through massively organized criminal enterprises disguised as these multinational corporations. These corporations are carrying out a reign of economic terrorism in which to achieve full monopolization and economic dominance, which exerts control over access to the planetary resources. They don’t care what the system of human enslavement is called, whether it’s promoted under the guise of capitalism, socialism or communism, the goal is totalitarian control and monopolization of all markets and planetary resources for explicit use by the Power Elite pedophiles.

Further, globalization is a word that is used to describe the interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures and populations, in which the mainstream media propaganda is used to sell us on the idea that globalization is needed to create a fairer and more just world, in order to promote global prosperity and peace. This all sounds very positive. However, as long as the NAA and the Power Elite Controller death cult remain at the top of the pyramid of global control over the world economies and planetary resources, exacting complete control over our lives and this fact remains hidden from the global population, the crimes being committed against humanity will only continue at even more egregious levels. The top crimes against humanity at the top of the elite pedophile wish list are further expansions into unlimited Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse and SRA across the globe being practiced openly and transparently, without any restrictions or penalty, because these anti-human practices are finally legalized and made unpunishable by those in control. No more hiding in the shadows and compartmentalization within the multinational conglomerates for the luciferian-satanists, in their vision of a perfect world the earth is now their unrestricted playground and the rest of us are poverty-stricken and mind-controlled slaves.

Globalization under this Controller based model has already radically increased the wealth and power distribution to go straight up into the pockets of the one (1) percent Power Elite criminals, those that own all of or have some stake in the control over the colossus web of multinational corporations, Big Tech and world organizations. They are not shy about telling us how many billions they have already made from the lockdown that is destroying lives across the globe, the top wealthiest people have gained an enormous increase in billionaire wealth just this year. This is why the billionaires are increasing their obscene levels of global wealth while the middle classes and local business entrepreneurs are systematically being annihilated, in the ongoing schedule for forcing western nations to comply to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 goals. Economic terrorism is the general playbook of the intelligentsia used by the cabal crime families to strongarm sovereign nations or regions to give up their local resources for the criminal exploitation of those power brokers being backed by the Power Elite Controllers, in order to make obscene profits by servicing the global enslavement agendas. Here the agenda is being made fully transparent to us with the eyes to see, in the United States and in all other western nations.

Mass human slavery and indentured servitude is a booming big business and now through the pretty façade of selling humanity the need for Globalization-Socialism, they are pushing to take it to another level of complete and utter control over our lives, so that every last cell in our body will be bio-metrically measured for energy production in which to assign credits. They will assign us basic food, clothing and shelter, in their world nothing will be purchased anymore, but we will be subjected to what they decide to allow us to have, giving us no personal choice in the matter. Globalization-socialism is an Anti-Christ Propaganda which only appears to be positive and is so in imaginary theory only. It is impossible to practice in the current terrain, because the global population has been mind-controlled into the false narrative of free markets, free citizens and belief in the rule of the law that crimes against humanity will be prosecuted. This does not currently exist for the Power Elite pedophiles and it never has. The 3D reality mind control narrative in the media, controls mass perception into the complete subjugation of that which wholly serves their interest to enslave the entire population through the dependence on what they will decide as our fate.

The United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organizations, NATO and International Monetary Fund are promoted to serve global free trade and enforce the rule of the law, to prevent economic disputes within nations that may arise into warfare, yet they are the same organizations that were put in place after World War II to fully protect the monopolies represented in the Power Elite Controller’s international business interests. Many of which rely on the hidden components of human slavery, human trafficking, drug running and child sexual slavery as a part of their international and off planet business models.

Those in the top power positions have been put there to protect the Power Elite Bloodlines wealth and power being generated from maintaining global poverty and mass human slavery, thus those that have control over the world economies and planetary resources do not want humanity to live in prosperity and peace. They want fear-based mind control slaves and Cyborgs that do whatever they are told without questioning. They can continue to exploit humanity as slaves for free labor, free sex and for whatever pleases them with impunity. The elites are fully aware that the populations that remain uneducated and impoverished, are living in survival consciousness and in constant fear of threats, and will be permanently distracted from perceiving their larger sinister goals of implementing complete global slavery through their techno-totalitarian model of globalization. Thus, they sell this globalization- socialism and Plandemic propaganda to the six monolithic media companies that own all global mainstream newspapers, broadcast networks, television and radio stations, which they fund in order to peddle and spread this utopian fantasy of the Great Reset or One World Order in order to end all poverty and increase global prosperity. Nothing is further from the truth, as these false narratives are used as the emotional baithook to lead the population directly into their full and complete control, as most everyone with a sane mind wants prosperity and peace for humanity and humanity’s children.

Thus, the majority of people are not aware of the Power Elite agenda that is aggressively pushing for increased globalization through the implementation of Marxist-socialist governmental structures in the western nations is not just for the purpose of centralizing global control by dissolving national sovereignty. The biggest secret of the globalization agenda is that through the highest cabal networks that have full control over all transnational corporate conglomerates, these are operating on an international scale on and off planet, in which implementing globalization and centralized automated bureaucratic control with AI makes human trafficking, global human slavery and genocide of the deplorables much easier to implement and manage.

The transnational corporation conglomerates are operating as a monolithic entity under the same cabal crime families in the Controller group, using compartmentalization and hierarchical access levels, that can easily bury the evidence of mass human trafficking giving the cabal and NAA an easy supply and access to untold amounts of untraceable children that are born in the most impoverished areas of the earth. Thus, please know that the current Globalization and multiculturalism agenda represents human slavery, Human Trafficking, and Child Sexual Abuse and blood ritual to be made open and available to the NAA at unprecedented levels. The accurate statistics and knowledge of the multiple millions of humans that are being abducted, enslaved, killed or tortured for blood and sex ritual every year for thousands of years, may never be known by the public. This is why they sell to the public the imaginary utopia of globalization-socialism; it is the same tactics of Mao, Stalin and the Nazi guards at the holocaust camps when they told the human prisoners they were just going to the hot showers. The cruelty of the predators that despise humanity enough to carry out this genocidal enslavement agenda is unthinkable for most of us. However, we must awaken from our slumber to see that unrestricted mass human slavery and child sexual abuse IS the end result of this agenda, and we must protect and serve the truth in this matter through our spiritual dedication to serve our highest power, God, Christ or the Christos Mission.

Only by being willing to see the scope of the Gaslighting and false narratives redirecting our conscious perception away from the dire reality of human trafficking and sexual abuse of our children in mass quantities, will these heinous crimes ever stop. We have to see that this exists and how it is done, before we can begin to unite together beyond politics or ego mind games, in order to stop this global tragedy from continuing unseen and unpunished.

The extremely profitable business models in the giant multinational corporations are not being penalized or held accountable to the rule of law in situations that promote criminal behaviors that foster mass global slavery, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. If people remain unaware of the global scale of these operations, that human trafficking, Adrenochrome production, child and Organ Harvesting is run like an everyday corporate business model, then we will never actually see the scope in which this is happening and these crimes of human torture remain free to continue.[3]

See Important Facts about Missing Persons.


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