Eighth Sun

Within the central cluster of multiple cosmic matrixes within the stairway to heaven, exists the highest layers of the central core of the Godhead which contains the eternal seven suns of the one. The eternal seven suns of the inner and outer creation hide yet another solar body, as the Eighth Sun. During the convergence of multiple universal time cycles coming into completion, the cosmic records of Cosminya which hold the entire cosmic memory matrix during the many evolution cycles begins to open and become accessible to authentic Ascended Masters. This cosmic cluster of multiple merging time matrices functions similar to the Hall of Records, in which the tri-matrix of cosmic memory records are unified through the opening of multiple creation cores and are then made accessible through the emerging factors of the hidden eighth sun. The only way to gain access to the cosmic memory matrix is to have Cosmic Mother’s triple solar female dragon TA tones, which ignite the Elaysian Flame and tri-tone Staff wave that is held in the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Cosmic Solar Reisha sun star network, which further forms into the Universal Mother’s spirit body for Elaysa-Melchizedek.

Triple Cosmic Sun (art by Elizabeth)

Thus, Cosmic Mother Dragon in her Elaysa God Spirit Body reveals her parallel creations from the Elaysian matrix, and is now beginning to reclaim various parts of her body that make up the living crystal architecture in the planet. This includes the emergence of the core creation crystals and silver seeds from the eighth sun, that form into opalescent white-gold plasma currents and living water vapors that are called the Elaysian Fields. These eternal Mother sophianic currents were once known by the ancient Ascended Masters that were attempting to preserve this knowledge through hidden mystery schools that were training devoted adepts in esoteric ascension rites. These are eternal life currents flowing from the Halls of Cosminya that run the Eternal Flames of Elaysa, and these Holy Mother Sophia coded fields are the creation matrix of the Internal God world domains held within the energy to manifestation layers of the Outer God world domains. Ascended Masters must ride the Flame of Elaysa into the Elaysian fields which open into the Halls of Cosminya, which are made up of three merged Halls of Records. These three halls synchronize and become one Cosminya corridor that is accessed through the tri-matrix of Akasha-TA, Ecoushsa-TA and Reisha-TA. All are the sacred tones of the TA Sun which is the source of triple solar dragon language, spoken through the Mother of Dragons with the white diamond throated tongue.

The Hidden Eighth Sun is found where the vast layers Elaysian Fields converge from the parallel Universal matrices. Its solar plasma rays carry uniquely rarefied solar plasma sound-light cells of core creation crystals which hold the God cosmic creator Kryst-Krystallah encryption code, for directly creating the eternal Kryst seed atom and various permanent spiritual features of the eternal identity when fused in the diamond sun DNA record within the consciousness spirit body. These specific core creation crystals come directly from the solar diamond heart of the eighth sun in the Halls of Cosminya and generate a failsafe shielding and ascension hosting mechanism. This mechanism bonds with the consciousness DNA template that holds this specific eternal Kryst seed coding, named as the solar factor K+8 or the Kryst Factor 8. This K+8 Solar Factor has instruction sets for activating emerald sun DNA protein bonds, and there are many types of other solar factors that come from the branches of the Kryst tree of life. All types of solar factors are recorded in the human body’s blood via the unique spiritual record of that spirit body, and this specific detail reveals from which Cosmic Sun spiritual family that particular individual sources from at the Cosminya level.

Elaysa Code Activation

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

The Elaysian currents carry intricate orchestral musical masterpieces of solar female Christos-Sophia celestial songs which are only heard by those with developed sophianic sonar water-acoustic templates, which comes when having a direct loving relationship with the Cosmic Mother and deep reverence for the solar feminine principle. The Elaysa Code corresponds directly to the many layers of Krystal Cathedrals that are being built through every dimensional plane in the Albion Lightbody. The Elaysa fields are that which give access through the individual’s central nervous system to run the krystal tri-wave currents that open into Aurora timelines or other organic ascension timelines, that serve that individual unique highest expression.[1]

Cosmic Energy cycle

During the end of the Cosmic Cycle, the Hidden Eighth Sun appears and the Cosmic Aton God Body assembles through the integrated merge that occurs between the Seven Suns of the One. The Seven Suns of the particle matrix merge with the Seven Suns of the anti-particle matrix forming the completion of the cosmic time cycle, that further forms into the Aton God Body on the eighth day which marks the end of the cosmic cycle. The Seven Suns on each side of the material and spirit domains unify and show the position on the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons as the right hand at 10 or 22 hours, and the left hand on 4 or 20 minutes. These positions can be thought of as 10:22, 10:4 or 10:20, which marks the dual time matrix merge that ends the current time cycle and aligns us into zero-point time in the creation door or Neutron Window.

Through the Aton God Body which functions as the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon body unifier of the Seven Suns into One as a Universal Ankh Body, the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral architecture and spirit instruction sets played in heavenly orchestras from the God Worlds emerge. It is through the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral, which serves as the heavenly vessel for the massive spiritual consciousness body of the Cosmic Mother, that she embodies within and without, internal and external to eternal life. It is a travelling consciousness vehicle that links the Stairway to Heaven spiritual planes of Sun-Star Networks with the material planes of the Earth, and it is the repository for her instruction sets and musical designs for building out the entire Cosmic to Universal to Planetary Krystal Cathedral network for the planet.[2]

Cosmic Dragon Starhuman

The extensive range of suns and stars in the Starry Night Dark Firmament each contain there own unique creator's identity of the Aton Solar Disk and are a part of our Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon King families who created our Universal Time Matrix. These are the Threefold Founder Flame Rishi-Reisha families who have held the keys to restore and embody the Aton God Body within the Universal Ankh Body as part of the triple solar diamond shields. These are accessible to the Starborn Cosmic Dragon Starhuman, in which their Cosmic Aton God Body, unifies the Solar Factor to reveal the Hidden Eighth Sun of the K+8 Solar Factors.

When accessing the Cosmic Hall of Records the Cosmic Dragon Starhuman in their Eternal Ankh Solar Body undergoes a series of Silver Seed activations, which then change their access into the Core of Creation passed through The Silver Gate of Man, to The Golden Gate of man in the Galactic Ecliptic. During the Christos Mission, the Ankh gateways have been restored by Emerald Order, in which the Cosmic Rods and Ankhs in the center of the Time Matrix in the Gaian Matrix were restored into the Cosmic Wing principle of the Albion Emerald Founder Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Dragons and Rod and Staff Holders, which embody and govern the movement of the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons.[3]


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