Falsified Tibetan Master Teachings

Emerald Guardians have been pointing to the first Ascended Master Teachings that were introduced to the world in recent times, through the books that formed the Theosophical Society by H.P. Blavatsky, along with many offshoot branches such as Guy Ballard’s I AM Movement. These teachings became the precursor of several new age religions, some tragically developing into harmful Mind Control cults, and thus were aggressively targeted and hijacked by NAA forces in order to derail, attack, confuse and discredit many golden nuggets of truth contained in the wisdom teachings.

Inner Buddha (Sequoia art)

Please be made aware that this is not to demonize or accuse anyone, as this fact has been expressed with deep loving Compassion and understanding for the plight of humanity under targeted spiritual attack by anti-human entities. Many people that have connected with the Ascended Master Teachings in the New Age Movement were and are under the harmful influence of mind control manipulation from fallen entities, yet many of those individuals were doing the best they could with what they knew at that particular stage of evolutionary development.

Thus, there has been focus upon the previous timelines with luciferian infiltrations connected to the ancient wisdom sourced from the Tibetan and Kashmiri Masters of the eastern philosophies connected to esoteric Buddhism, who are revealing themselves as genuine rainbow guardians of the cosmic intelligence repository of founder records.

Genetic Clearing of Tibetan Master Teachings

As more of the Authentic Ascended Masters are returning and revealing themselves, it has catalyzed an intense purging of falsified ascension teachings and cloned holograms that are genetically connected to the Tibetan Masters, who are the genuine source field of universal truth as the cosmic consciousness holders of those particular Ascension teachings. As discussed last month, Guardians were cleaning out the Daath World built as a black phantom heaven, and many AI brains of Fallen Ascended Masters were discovered to be interconnected into shared neural networks to generate an extremely powerful AI Hive mind, running the entire Daath system. The Chohan Tibetan Masters of the Theosophical movement and some that are popular in the new age material had cloned energetic signatures of their consciousness or rainbow body placed inside Black Cathedrals. This was an artificial construct for NAA forces to wear the Ascended Master body parts and appear as them, to manipulate channelers and others that have past lives connected to these particular masters’ lineages. Since this discovery, there has been a ‘all hands on deck’ level of interdimensional Guardian Christos teams working to locate and retrieve the fallen Melchizedek Ascended Master consciousness, and make corrections to the genetic keys; clearing out miasmatic impacts, ancestral records and corrupted timelines with red wave or other infiltrations.

This event also brings rapid solar initiation in which those ascending groups connected to the adept lineages of these Tibetan Masters, are detoxifying miasmatic loads of artificial red wave spectrums and other artificial frequencies that carried false ascension or new age overlays. For intense onset of spiritual activations, it may require fasting, detoxification and purification methods along with sudden changes in sleep patterns and metabolism.

The particular timeline trigger surfacing is connected to London high society regarding the contacts made to H.P. Blavatsky via the Mahatma Tibetan Master Brotherhood lineages of Chohans, as was represented in the works transmitted directly from Morya and Kuthumi into several books. Morya and Kuthumi were attempting to appeal to the science meets spiritual reality, as an immutable truth that could be proven through direct gnostic experiences through the esoteric Buddhism lens, planting light seeds in the minds of those who may desire to seek true enlightenment and reject organized religious dogmas of worshipping false gods, along with an intention of uniting the “brotherhood of humanity”.

This body of work transmitted to Blavatsky and her colleagues is from the original Sanskrit written parchments of hidden ancient wisdom connected to esoteric Buddhism sources originally from Padmasambhava’s cosmic consciousness records stored in Mount Kailash-Mount Meru. This ancient knowledge is and was being embodied and protected by this Tibetan brotherhood of warrior monks, which are the foundational works that first inspired the formation of the Theosophical Society in the United Kingdom. These hidden works include many of the architectural secrets of math’s found in the symbolism used by freemasons and the kabbalists, and were connected to the building of ancient monoliths and the earliest advanced architecture from lost civilizations found across the globe. Those particular creator codes that originally source from the Padmasambhava Universal Melchizedek family, registers in the previous astrological precession of nearly 52,000 years ago, as well as Zarathustra and Yogananda who are also revealed to be directly connected to this same spiritual family, as they share the same creator codes reflected in their lifestreams as the ancient builders of human civilizations in the past.

During the past one hundred fifty years, this ancient wisdom was hijacked by military intelligence agencies forming the Black Sun black magician secret societies and sub groups used for arming directed attacks, in order to derail the world humanitarian messengers of these Ascended Masters and to stop this knowledge from getting into the public sphere. This is the timeline of NAA organization to infiltrate military intelligence where they planned both world wars, and began the next stage of permeation of human civilization through compartmentalization within multiple layers of secret societies, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O., Order of the Temple of the East or Order of Oriental Templars). The O.T.O. role in the pyramid of hierarchical power was designed to modulate the infiltration of the world’s governments, political leaders and the extremely wealthy and powerful, through both esoteric and exoteric organizations backed with the hidden luciferian-satanic religion of Blood Sacrifice, being run at the top by NAA-Wesan group.

These particular hierarchies are connected to the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon (Isis-Osiris-Horus as the Antichrist trinity), with tentacles in all of this alien backed pyramidal structure, as it is the same architecture they have used to form their secret societies, along with breakaway civilizations that extend off planet that enforce their NAA rule on the earth surface.

Thus, the planet received the initiatory force of 777 for bringing on ancestral clearing of Ascended Masters, and this has surfaced many of the imposter or alien forces that hijacked the original Ascended Master teachings, connected to the NAA retaliation that occurred to hijack the New Age movement. Thus, this particular stage of clearing may be pertinent if you had previous immersion in any of the new age groups which are fundamentally using the Ascended Master materials, which were being manipulated by an assortment of fallen entities for control in the Astral Plane.

During this turbulent phase and ongoing, the direct assault against the human heart is becoming more aggressive in order to attempt to annihilate it completely. For all of us that are dedicated and aware to serve our spiritual source, we know that this is a component of our sacred crystal heart undergoing Spiritual Warfare. Under no circumstance will we allow anything to harm our sacred heart or take away our humanness, which is the love, the kindness, the Compassion and the empathy that we have for each other, for this Earth and for the creatures of this planet. Thus, we must do whatever we can to protect our sacred crystal heart from the onslaught of external dark exposures and unethical people that incite all forms of betrayal, especially spiritual betrayal and heart break. You are not alone; we are doing this together.[1]

The Return of Authentic Ascended Masters

There have been Guardian projects directing golden-silver eggs and golden-silver energetic current through the main Twinned Dragon Ouroboros Lines that run from Avebury and through Xi’an City and Mount Kailash’s architecture. There are Starry Night Dark Firmament connector points from the Rasha Body linking into constellations of stars that form into a Cosmic Christos Sun-Star Network in Canopus and Sirius for unifying the Solar Rishi-Reisha template.

The primary focus is building the Holy Mountain architecture for seating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. A type of Cosmic Christ Consciousness distribution center in which different star patterns that are connected to the Ascended Master Rishi-Reisha identities, can heal their light body and reunite with their spiritual sun-star home and divine counterparts.

This is the architectural preparation for integration of Paliadorian identities throughout the twelve evolutionary rounds, which collapses the Paliadorian Cell of Personal Christ identities in order to generate the Cosmic Starhuman-Starborn expression of authentic Ascended Master Templates.


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