Phoenix Grid

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Phoenix Grid

The Phoenix wormhole was created in 10,500 BC in the time wall by the Pleiadian-Niburian Anunnaki. It was anchored into Earth, the NDC, and the NET, through stargate 4 at Giza, Egypt, and links to phantom Nibiru (in the Phantom Matrix). This would cause 'fallen' portions of Earth to form an inhabitable moon around planet phantom Nibiru. The Phoenix APIN runs East on a line through Giza and Iran Gate. The Draconians and Zeta Rigelians then copied the Phoenix with their Falcon wormhole, intending to take over the Phoenix as the full Falcon APIN was installed. The Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 expanded this wormhole port interface system, which runs on reverse D10 current and connects Earth to Phantom Earth. The NAA aims to use it to take over the Dragon Grid APIN during the end of the Ascension Cycle. The Dove Grid APIN was linked to the NDC and connected to the Phoenix Grid.[1]

Phoenix and Falcon Wormholes

Two wormholes, located in the Bermuda Triangle, the Phoenix and Falcon were created (10,500 BC), forming the basis of the Phoenix APIN by the Nibiruian Anunnaki, and the Falcon Grid by the Zeta Rigelians, respectively. These holes were punched into the Guardian's frequency time wall between our matrix and the Phantom Matrix. In 1951 the Jehovian-Anunnaki collective made a deal with the Andronmie-Annunaki to combine the Jehovian Grids to open the Phoenix Grid wormhole and take over the Falcon Grid wormhole, but they failed. However, in 1972 it was achieved by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki group that controlled Phoenix and the Serpent Grid. [2]

Peruvian Stargate Invasion

During the 7D Gaian invasion an entire planetary shadow body was formed through the use of advanced Black Hole Technology in which an AI replication of the Gaian Matrix was captured. This Gaian Shadow Body distortion was generating reversal plasmas and reversal violet light throughout the planetary grid network. These reversal plasmas were designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the Shadow Selves or negative forms of humanity, which the recent bioweapon injection was designed to fully empower. See Inverted 7D Violet Ray.

With the Earth’s field weakened by inverted 7D violet current, the Black Sun Omicron Draconian races from Alpha Draconis generated an artificial wormhole on the 7D axiatonal line that connected with the 7D stargate in Lake Titicaca, Peru. This timeline trigger event occurred shortly after the Luciferian Covenant in order to compete with the Belial Groups planetary takeover agenda. This alien wormhole system, also known as the Phoenix and Falcon Wormholes, connected to Phantom Arcturus and was intended to link Omicron-Draconian-Rigelian genetic bonds with the planetary grid network by ripping black holes in the space-time fabric and siphoning the planetary life force to be re-directed into Thuban. This was an extensive system of alien AI machinery that was constructed as a Phantom Matrix for use by the Alpha Draconis-Orion Group network linked with Wesa.[3]

Phoenix Gridwork

Transcript: I will share the recent traveling to a Phoenix Matrix Spike site in Egypt and how this has a T-bar structure in the center of the Golden Eagle Grid connecting to and through the center of Giza (4D) and Iran Gate (10D). Our ES trip to Egypt (June Solstice 2010) monitored and measured the spike site that opens a wormhole through this area that was being waited on for access to activate the Armageddon Software by the Alpha-Omega agenda. Needless to say they were not pleased with finding their access was denied by creating a " bypass" of the wormhole located in Hatshepsut Temple and Iran Gate from this side of the matrix.

Phoenix Grid runs east west on 4th and 7th intersection Violet Ray planet grid Ley Lines – so the main part is controlled in the Astral Plane Giza underground by Thothian Grid networks and its link into Iran Gate 10D. [4]

Because the Armageddon Software 911 Agenda is aggressive and playing out in the unaware people around us, the Guardians have requested we revisit one or more of these timeline meditations and clear it through the Guardian re-encrypted AOA Alpha Omega clearing. We are overriding the distorted signature with Aurora Guardian re-encrypted code of our group container called the AOA. (See Aurora Re-encryptions)

Phoenix Historical Timeline

This history revolves around Atlantis and Egypt, and these two are entwined and entangled deeply of which is being “played” upon and “preyed” upon by those Thothian Annunaki and variety of agendas trying to push this out now as the bifurcation and its amplification occurs.

Key Theme: Phoenix Grid and seed implants put in planet to broadcast (ping) off Niburian forces (off planet) to block or dissipate Guardians and Guardian Plasma ship transmissions in certain demographics.

Agenda: to ping broadcasts off planet via seed implants called “ spikes” (or Atlántian spikes) put there around 9500BC with the Luciferian rebellion and Thothian loyalists. This is to a. interrupt the plasma transmissions b. accelerate the descending areas to capture beings there for excessive mind control (act out their agenda through controlling their dna) c. rip many small tears in the space time fabric.

As we know, these forces have had control over this gate since 25,000 years ago and have manipulated the Sun and Moon relationships as well as the Sun and Earth relationships from the Egypt gateways. (trajectory and orbits). It appears due to recent changes with the Solar Rays, this was an attempt to distort those changes to the rays being transmitted to the earth. Also as per the usual agenda, the 911 Timelines were being targeted heavily through pulsing made to the Phoenix Grid spikes around the middle east area, more specifically.

Phoenix runs east west on 4th and 7th intersection planet grids – so the main part is controlled in Giza underground by Thothian networks and its link into Iran Gate the 10D Stargate. Its networks are piggy backed upon by the Jehovian Grids who primarily use reversal Violet Ray 7D current to impale the planet with Crucifixion Implants.

Guardian Grid Repair

Transcript: …what is transpiring now, [is] a demolition of grid structures that hold distortion, damage and waste product debris (miasma). This is a process to correct DNA mutational damage on the earth, from these specific currents of life force and their Ley Lines being hijacked and siphoned. This project was referred to last February [2012], as the Doradic Heart Shield that runs a specific combined current throughout the planetary gridwork. This reversal current is being reconstituted through logos rehabilitation and other grid rehab projects which resulted in changes that created conflicts and access problems in other networks. Dove Grid, Phoenix Grid, GEG Eagle Grid and Shield of Solomon are to name a few networks on the radar of internal systems conflict crisis. There are conflicts in other dimensions around the placement in time and space where its interface is impacting other networks. This is mostly stemming from veils of illusion, beings trapped in dimensional perception where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, nor for what purpose. From every dimensional level of perception, there is a vantage point unique to that time and space location until existing in the center point of Oneness. Therefore there are Celestial beings at many higher dimensions (partial ascensions) that are also undergoing a process of God realization and transformation of existence, throughout the Universal Ascension Cycle.[5]

Hidden ET and Fallen Angelic History

Now during the Atlantian Cataclysm and what is known as the Luciferian Rebellion about 26,000-30,000 years ago, this is when the planetary star gates, the planetary grids Ley Lines became controlled by the NAA Controlling races such as the Reptilians, the Annunaki , the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group Draconians. And this Golden Eagle Grid grid became, during this time, under the control of these beings who used these collective consciousness grids for reversed purposes of malintent designed for the NAA and the False Gods which was the opposite from their original purpose.So, in the last 26,000 years, the Golden Eagle Grid became controlled and was primarily used as a Mind Control broadcast station, literally, that would send out false information or manipulated information to the mass human population to instill violence and terrorism through the Armageddon Software. One purpose in the Iran Gate is to send out False King of Tyranny patriarchal domination mind control through the Archangel Michael Matrix collective to instigate war, terrorism or cataclysm. It sends out violent and destructive thought-forms that was the Psycho-Spiritual Warfare program that the NAA uses to continue to plummet humanity into false Timelines of which is one of darkness, enslavement and separation using software called the Armageddon Software, Metatronic Reversal and Victim-Victimizer. This is enforced through the increased militarization agenda on the planet, through installation of Alien Machinery and Military Grey Alien Technology. Collectively this is called the Archontic Deception Strategy which is enforced by the Controllers and False King of Tyranny manipulated by the NAA off planet. The Golden Eagle Grid became a mind control weapon because that is what they have been using it for - Psycho-Spiritual Warfare through militarizing the planet as a war machine. The GEG has pieces in the process of being reclaimed in terms of the Guardian Founder Races who are working to rehabilitate the places of the fallen consciousness grids Fallen Angelic mind matrix to help override the patriarchal Mind Control. A Guardian project ongoing is the Krystal Star architecture being built through the Solomon Shield and activation of the Mother Arc Hubs throughout the planetary body.


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