Reviving Emerald Crystal Heart

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Return of Emerald Order (By Sequoia)

During the Dark Aeon after the Luciferian Rebellion, the eternal living light sentience of the Earth’s Emerald Crystal Heart and core heart tone resonance was turned off in the Crystal Core when the Alien Machinery was embedded throughout the planetary grid system. This further blocked the organic portal systems connected to the constellations and local star holographic maps, so that the planet could not receive organic star system transmissions that linked the star consciousness intelligence streams into the planetary grid, and into many sacred sites, solar temples and other geomantic features. These AI systems of sophisticated alien machinery were set up as energy harvesting devices that transmitted reversal current and metatronic codes to genetically modify the planet to be hospitable to the invading non-human species, while using the conquered territory as a consciousness prison. Most all of the planetary surface Holographic Geography, architectural features, ley line systems and existing pyramids and temples were installed with inorganic alien machinery that was forcing the grid network to connect directly into the Orion (Constellation) star system, which was the original home of the NAA invaders.

The planet’s evolutionary journey is comparable to a celestial being that went into stasis while moving through the darkest astrological age which brought the matter realm into the most extreme levels of density, the furthest we had been away from the Godhead. During this Darkest Age, the organic base pulse rhythm and axis of rotation were disfigured, and the heart beat and core song of the planetary consciousness flatlined. The core diamond heart essence of the planet is Emerald, and thus within the higher heart center of every angelic human being incarnated there exists the exact same Emerald Crystal Heart. Although every human incarnating had an inner Emerald, the planetary Emerald was not transmitting the Holy Mother’s organic heart song to humanity making it much harder to activate this inner heart frequency of divine spiritual love.

Thus, the return of the Emerald Order restores the Emerald Ray which carries the energetic catalyst that is similar to a lightning strike that delivers a blast of massive plasma current directly into the inner chambers of the Emerald Crystal Heart center in the planetary body. This event causes an electromagnetic reset in the planetary grid network or Albion Lightbody, which will flip the magnetic positions. The magnetic pole flip will not result in a destructive pole shift, it is a correction to the anti-life reversals that have been used in alien machinery and metatronic spiral that invert the direction of the planetary current moving through the ley lines. It has been made very clear that our planet will not suffer surface cataclysm with a pole shift, however there will be a magnetic reset that greatly weakens the gravitational pull, and we are living through that magnetic shift now.

Looking at Mother Earth from space, the overview was to note the equator band was problematic due to the flow of telluric currents moving with the Sun being harvested in alien machinery that generates an extreme bulge of unnatural formations and toxic energy waste encircling the globe. The northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere have functioned as distinct polar opposites and when the Emerald Heart of the Earth is revived into her organic heart song, that is the moment when the north and south poles will merge together instantaneously, unifying the ley line grids into Zero Point, and then switching magnetic positions.

The Cosmic Christos Solar Rainbow Dragons have unified and are braiding themselves into the crystalline grid which generates a northern position and southern position of massive Solar-Sun Rainbow Plasma Shields. There are two enormous Rainbow Plasma Shields, one located in the middle of the northern hemisphere the other in the middle of the southern hemisphere. These plasma shields are acting similarly to the electrical paddles that are used in a defibrillator and at the exact moment in divine organic alignment, these paddles are directing a massive amount of plasmic current into the Emerald Crystal Heart to reestablish the core heart song of Earth.

Through the synchronization of the north plasma paddle transmission with the south plasma paddle, this triggers an electromagnetic reset with the massive transmission of solar rainbow plasma current. The plasma current will be directed straight into the crystal core to turn on and activate the entire Emerald Crystal Heart network along with all of its multidimensional layers of communication links, activating chalice configurations or grail cup formations in the horizontal and vertical lines that reconnect with the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart matrix in the God Worlds.

The Emerald Order crystal links form a liquid crystal plasma webbing that is connected into all the main Grual points and Mother Arc gateways, in which the Avebury Henge holographic structure is made extremely important in its function. The Emerald Ray of King Arthur is running throughout Avebury’s Cosmic Clock function to prepare for hierogamic templating as Solar Michael’s Dragon Line in Taurus is fully brought online, with his recent awakening in matter. This area holds the hierogamic tones of the Christos-Sophia music of the spheres into all grid lines, which is emanating out of Avebury complex into the spiral of the 15 main Dragon Lines.[1]


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