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The Triple Solar Masculine rod coding aligned with Ezekiel’s Solar Rod is flooding dragon breath Triskelion spirals in the form of pale Emerald Rays and lilac purplish colors that are running into the planetary rod instruction sets within the Albion Lightbody.

The Amethyst Order Holy Father light purplish tones appear to form into lilac-lavender rays from the crystals of Aquareion, which are designed to run corrected sextant matrix coding and appear to be reconfiguring the planetary clock shield templates in the Sextant Matrix network through the recently introduced Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper architecture.

Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Triple Shield

Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Shield (art by Elizabeth)

The Easter Pearl Activation began the first of three events for Cosmic Dragon Awakening which included the birthing of a White Diamond Elohei Lyran Sun into 11D Aveyon and the reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos template through the Cosmic Holy Father Rod Code, which forms the Universal Rod Trinity shield for Cosmic Christ Suns, Cosmic Christ Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek. The Solar Logos White Elohei Sun is the emanation of the Cosmic Mother Dragon of the 1st Emerald Sun, in which all of the feminine and masculine counterparts of Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Solar Dragon family that were cloned or enslaved through the Alpha Draconis network are being recovered and reunited with their hierogamic partner via the Cosmic Emerald Order Ankh Body.[1][2]

KA-TA-RA, Kantarian Dragons

KA-TA-RA sun-stars are unified tri-wave embodiments by Kantarian Solar Ouroboros Dragons that seem to be connected to the original emanation of Founder Amethyst Dragon King Ezekiel and his father-son Triple Solar Masculine Christos consciousness body sourcing from the Rha God World Creation.

Solar Rod Template

The Christos masculine solar rod architecture of the Triple Solar Christ spanned into all of the horizontal rods that connected into Earth, Taran and Gaian historical timelines and their planetary instruction set matrices. Founder Amethyst Order Dragon King Ezekiel from the Rha God Worlds embodied the entire planetary rod function from the Krystic sextant matrix Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper architecture, in which he formed his Golden Monadic Body into a 36D template as the prototype form for the Triple Solar Masculine Christ Deity, that further was seated within the 8D Galactic Core and the Gaian Matrix.

Return of Solar Rishi

With the return of the Solar Rishi, the Solar Rod Template in the planetary grid network could finally be seen and accessed within the Albion architecture at entirely new levels, which made Ezekiel’s embodiment as the Triple Solar Masculine Christ prototype in the 8D Galactic Core perceptible to those on the Christos Mission.[3]

Dismantling Orion Matrix AI

With the newly available Cosmic Melchizedek Blue Sun Triple Solar Masculine hosting shield, along with Elaysa and access into the Elaysian fields, the restoration of authentic Melchizedek blueprint records brought deeper comprehension of the Orion Groups alien machinery called Orion Matrix AI, and its many wormholes connected in Orion's Belt. [4]


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