Cygnus Constellation Stargate

The Cygnus constellation is a Solar Rishi Stargate connected to the ray systems in Ursa Major that were being exploited by the NAA, which had a grave impact on the Family of Michael. The holographic geography of the Cygnus constellation star map is overlaid on top of the United Kingdom landmass, which has been undergoing repair and rehabilitation within the master control for the Albion Lightbody since the Rise of Arthur. The NAA forces generated a custom Beast Machine configuration of Osiris penis embedded in this star constellation pattern for the purpose of inverting 11:11 gateways, hijacking the Templar Cross light codes in order to reverse the Michael Mary ley lines to instead be directed into the 11D Daath system of Typhon Tunnels. The inversion of the Templar Cross was an active curse against Essene Christos Templars, putting the 11D code technology into the hands of Luciferian Templars, with many of these lineages performing satanic rituals in the Controller pyramid.

Cygnus appeared to be a beast foundation for propagating anti-Christ wealth and power accumulation in the London financial center that is fully based on black sex magic being focused on the 2D layers connected to Michael’s Taurean Dragon Line, which generates rapid sexual deviance in those receiving the wealth from satanic rituals in the financial systems. It appeared that the Cygnus anti-Christ architecture was running globally to enforce blood sacrifice tied to currency and was the source of much of the black magic money and Egyptian timeline curses used by Orion Group to repel accumulating wealth away from the Christos people. This Cygnus alien architecture was powering the Typhon Tunnels by blocking the Taurus line connected between Aldebaran and Avebury Henge, which was directing the energy or power source required for building and maintaining the Anti-Christ Eastern Pillar. These anti-Christ machines twisted Cygnus star patterns to transmit beast marks and a host of lightbody distortions through Michael(6D)-Mary(7D) splitters, holographic cloning and amplified Sexual Misery programming connected to self-violence, sexual fetishes and sodomy. Typhon Tunnels are generated through sexual black magic ritual that are abusing sexual energies in children and adults, and this is a multidimensional strategy being used by the Anti-Christ entities to conquer the planet. By targeting the Michael family holding 2D Grail codes with amplified sexual misery connected to bindings with Typhon Tunnels, those with agreements to protect the 11:11 Gateway from invading black hole entities in the parallel would remain inert through targeted sexual abuse issues.

As Cygnus Beast Machine configurations have been removed, Cygnus constellation is able to resume organic functioning as a Rishi Stargate which sends solar plasma transmissions of the 11D Templar Cross, Golden City codes of Avalon, which are now in the secure hands of King Arthur and Solar Dragon Christ Michael. We pray that these developments greatly support the ongoing sexual healing of Michael’s everywhere, and that the human race begins to be freed from the horrific impacts of demonic attachments manipulating sexual addiction and sexual abuse to harvest Loosh for these NAA entities.[1]


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