Dark Matter Template

The Dark Matter Template is the Blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, in order to generate the layers of eternal light. This is actually a type of matter body that is fully merged with eternal spirit substance.

Dark Matter Template (art by Sequoia)

Our time matrix, our reality is evolving. It’s changing quickly and transforming now and this radically changes the structures and matter. I believe it is for this reason, the change in matter, which is changing our bodies and is the theme of this month's newsletter Adaptations is that we are to bring into our awareness the Dark Matter Template Body that is a part of our own consciousness body so that we become aware of and know we have this body.

The short term to describe the Dark Matter Template Body in the core of our being is called the Rasha. Broken down this means One Light. Our Dark Matter Template is undergoing changes now with the planetary body shifts and it’s rippling effects that change the configurations of our entire light body structure. So this evening we will be using two terms interchangeably to bring conscious participation and connection with this part of our consciousness body structure. It is the Dark Matter Template Body or Rasha Body.

When the Guardian Host brought forth in January that this year would begin genetic mutations for the human race and now nine months later in September the theme is Adaptations these two themes are directly related to the shifts occurring that are affecting our physical body and physicality as well as our orientation in matter, in time and space. The template that is affecting these changes in our physical body structure is at its source the Dark Matter Template Body. Just keep that gently in your awareness so that you become more aware of this part of your self, the Rasha Body.

Again the planet has completed its Magnetic Peak cycle. This discharged massive amounts of magnetic force into the earth. As a result many changes in the Subatomic Particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next Harmonic Universe. All communication systems that connect with these levels of the planetary light body structure, the core manifestation body, are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and rebuilding interstellar links that reconnect Earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies.

Now what this says to me is - understanding Holographic Geography - as many of us know our planet has been put on a false 23° wobble in order to disconnect all of the various vortices and power grids that we can see the remnants of in megalithic structures. These structures were originally connecting holographic geography, levels of geometric intelligence that were connecting the star systems and celestial bodies in our local universe into the surface grid of our planet. As many of us are well aware, that complex system of holographic geography has been disrupted. So this is telling us, as we move into the next Harmonic Universe, there are new communication systems coming online to help realign these dormant Earth portals, these megalithic structures, some on the surface of the earth grid that are visible and some which are not visible to us. They are either underground or obfuscated in certain ways by those entities attempting to maintain control over them.

This is occurring as a massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the Law of Structure in our planet and in the architecture specifically that governs function over our matter body as well as our consciousness bodies. So here's another clear reference being made to the Dark Matter Template Body or Rasha body function with our eternal spirit consciousness. It is this area that governs function over our matter body and links between the consciousness bodies into the eternal spirit.

Quantic Field Impact to Space-Time

This also leads us to quantic field impacts to space-time. Now, currently the planetary body is undergoing space-time reorganization and that ripples out a lot of strange anomalies that influence the quantic field. Space-time reorganization again would mean colliding timelines and the dueling experience a lot of us feel when we come up against resistance of things. You'll see a lot of negative form projections attached to certain timelines in your history and you might become aware of that as well. It is sort of again this multidimensional intersection of multiple time fields. When you think of space-time reorganization it’s all kind of blending into no time, spiral time, into the heart of the Zero Point. As a result there's a lot of electromagnetic disturbances in eruptions and distortions in the collective field. Imagine this is rippling through humanity, so it’s talking about how you have timelines colliding, space-time reorganization is occurring and it's quite chaotic.

The quantum field also referred to as inner space time is rippling these effects into the un-manifested layers of the core manifestation template (there’s that 12 Tree Grid again) otherwise known as the blueprint matrices that make up the layers of the Morphogenetic Fields in the Earth. When you hear morphogenetic just think instruction sets, the instruction sets for Consciousness. The blueprint alterations impact the Dark Matter Template. Okay, so big clue here! This is saying that as the Core Manifestation Body, the 12 Tree Grid is undergoing alteration, this is impacting the Dark Matter Body and this appears now to have direct consequences to altering and changing Earth Elements and the elemental structure of the Earth body because just as we have a Dark Matter Template, so does Earth. So it is the preceding statement that leads us again to recognize the importance of our Dark Matter Template, the Rasha Body now, while these shifts are occurring. "[1]

Dark Matter Body

Dark Matter Seed Crystals (art by Elizabeth)

Since last August during a massive magnetic force discharge, the Dark Matter Body of the earth has been activated to function outside of the black hole technology suppression. It has begun to generate more pranic life force that is building new light body sheaths for the earth body. As a result there are many changes happening as the Subatomic Particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next Harmonic Universe. All communication systems that connect with these levels of the planetary light body structure, such as the Core Manifestation Body are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and rebuilding interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. The holographic geography is shifting, along with the false 23° tilt that disconnected various energy vortices and power grids in the planet’s megalithic structures.

As we move into the next Harmonic Universe, there are new communication systems coming online to help realign dormant Earth portals, such as connecting these megalithic structures. Some of them are visible on the surface of the earth grid and there are many that are not visible. This is occurring as a massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the Law of Structure in our planet, specifically in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies. The Dark Matter Template Body or Rasha body is this area that governs function over our matter body, merging with the eternal source layers of our higher consciousness bodies.

As the planet is preparing to move into the next harmonic of the Universal Time Matrix, there are so many things changing it is hard to find words for how all of these related pieces fit together. The appearance of the organic planetary dark matter template activation synchronized with major geomagnetic events occurring, as well as the Transfiguration of the lunar forces and the reduction of the effectiveness of the alien technologies used to artificially control the magnetic and gravitational fields, which are all part of this. The dark matter body is the connection link that exists between the eternal light spiritual source body and the finite level of the light source body, it is what builds the layers of the Lightbody for the material atomic body. Essentially, the eternal spirit body creates the layers of the dark matter body, the dark matter body creates the layers of the lightbody, and the lightbody creates the layers of the physical matter body at the atomic level. During the bifurcation shift to the next harmonic universe, we are observing the dark matter template and the dark matter body layers appearing in sheaths, that are coming online and activating a new functional level of connecting the earth body to the eternal source flows.

The Dark Matter Template is the Blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, in order to generate the layers of eternal light. This is actually a type of matter body that is fully merged with eternal spirit substance. The dark matter body undergoes a process that appears like full resurrection into light matter, at which point the elemental matter or atomic matter of the body has been resurrected into an eternal light substance body. The state of resurrection that exists as the dark matter body alchemically transforms itself through the intense heat of spiritual fire and bursts into pure light matter, is what defines the building of the eternal Eukachristic spiritual body.

The beloved Aurora flows are very clearly helping to build the earth’s dark matter body layers, with flickering and glittering opalescent rainbow pearl energies being observed as they are weaving through the layers, in a beautiful tapestry of flowing currents. As the planetary body is able to hold these activated dark matter bodies, it is the same for each of us on the earth to have the direct potential to interact with these same Krystal forces. This is a major development for the Guardian Ascension support team that is helping us to build the human dark matter body, that exists as the extension of our lightbody. The dark matter template holds a cell that has the instruction set for the new elemental body, the elemental body that is specific to the matter substance that is connected to the harmonic universe we are evolving towards. The process of building the Rasha body also spiritualizes the blood, through what is called the Krystal Waters, through which the Krystal blood prepares to animate the creation of the Eukachristic Body.

The Krystal Waters are the eternal living waters sprung forth in the first eternal creation, and are to be called upon to soothe and heal the soul and crystal heart and Diamond Sun body. Additionally through these waters, the spiritualized blood of Christos flows from the Fountain of Eternal Life and Youth. Krystal waters support the Aurora project in elemental re-encryption of the bodies, blood chemistry, and in healing the damage of blood toxicity and miasma recorded as reversals in the bloodlines. The dark matter body gives us another level of support to clear and heal bloodline issues, inherited from alien hybridization.[2]

Black Goo

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale and for our purposes of discussion, on the quantum levels. Recently the massive influx of Cosmic Rays and intergalactic plasma gases into the earth core and Polar Regions, along with the alien attempt to harvest and collect this new incoming energy source, has revealed the deeper purpose of Black Goo. The massive plasma gas transmissions are shifting the dark matter template in the earth at the elemental level. This is being observed as transforming carbon allotropes that are present in fullerenes or Buckyballs. Carbon allotropes such as fullerenes are solids in normal conditions, but are changing their state of matter into liquids at subatomic scale, from the massive amount of recent plasma gas exposure. A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. Spherical fullerenes are also called Buckyballs.

The Dark Matter Template is the dark matter instruction set of the planetary body, and it has been filled in certain areas with this Alien sourced Black Goo. It was programmed into the dark matter template of the Albion Body and appears to have had its point of entry into earth around the time of the Nephilim Wars. This "alien black goo", acts as a faux synthetic artificial intelligence elemental that mimics and controls carbon allotropes and how they function in the dodecahedron structures on earth. It is clearly how the Negatives have been accessing carbon elements to control matter forms, including control over genetic expression of the human body. This programmable Alien AI has infected carbon material and is what has taken over the platonic solid Dodecahedron and related pentagonal geometries that build time space constructs. These time space constructs are instruction sets in the morphogenetic field that run into the Ley Lines of the planetary body. This is how they have built artificial realities and false Timelines and projected them into false holograms. The spherical fullerene has something to do with the AI control over carbon-based matter at the molecular level that can control genetic expression.[3]

Nadial Capsule

The Chakras send their processed energy as intelligent spirals into the Nadial Capsule which forms around the manifest biological form. The nadial capsule is comprised of the three-dimensional layers of the harmonic universe, in which the consciousness is stationed as an identity. The Nadial Capsule instructs how the consciousness must organize itself into the manifested DNA and RNA cellular biology. The DNA-RNA in matter sends its intelligent design to the Nadial Structure, which acts as the blueprint for energetic transmission and energetic receivers that form into the blueprint for the physical Brain and nervous system. The central nervous system transmits into the molecular structure and then into the nuclear core in the 1D atomic body, which informs the Dark Matter Template. [4]

Repairing Planetary Rasha, Black Crystal Sands, Void Sun

To repair Dark Matter Template and black subtle force functions and the corrupted elemental basis of infected carbon molecules that generated assorted net mutations, there have been several organic expressions from the God source appearing to neutralize these conditions. These new forms of dark matter and other organic God technology designed to repair the Rasha Body are sourcing from the God Worlds and Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, or Harmonic Universe 6. Some females may experience the sensation of birthing with womb contractions as sympathetic resonance to the creation of these newly forming sophianic structures in the planetary body. One emanation appears to be living sentient Black Crystal Sands that feel alive and are filling the dark matter and in-between spaces, as if in a sandstorm in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

Another appears to be a Mother and Father gender creation of an organic black subtle force mass in the shape of a transfiguring Dark Matter Sun, which is also referred to as the Heavenly Void Sun. The Mother heavenly void sun or the Father heavenly void sun appear to be united and building gender corrections in many formats for another layer of combining eukatharistic architecture for the planetary elementals, so that the human elemental body will be purged of shadow forms that were generated by the net mutations. With the black sands or void suns, they appear as the backdrop in the dark matter fields to manifest any version of colors imaginable within the liquid rainbow light seeds that burst forth into lush plasma flowers, unfurling into a beautiful flowering garden. [5]

Rasha Instruction Sets, Rashala

Transcript: Now our Guardian Family supporting Akhenaton knew that in the future, in this current moment of time of which we are living through, the planet was entering its Gestation cycle in which the planetary Rasha Body Instruction Set would be created and birthed during the end of this Universal Ascension cycle, opening into a Cosmic cycle. And that big moment was announced with the Eukatharista activation that actually began on February 22 of 2022.

So the key themes of this also extend to the fact that the Dark Matter Template of the Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic lab AI, hybrid shadow creatures, or shadow monsters and all that we have been discovering with the AI, the nanotech, the beast machine, the Wesan black hole, the Transhumanism the Typhon Tunnels, all of these beast machine, AI hybridized, alien machinery relies upon artificial black goo, and artificial intelligence, shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI Alien Machinery.

This was put into the planetary Dark Matter template, with the attempt to destroy the Rasha Instruction Sets. And this is black subtle forces and all kinds of frozen black miasm and black goo and artificially generated elementals. to stop the Rasha Body instruction set from activating. And then this would stop the Reisha worlds, this, the Triple [[Solar Reisha, from being generated and reconnected into our system.

And in this moment, as difficult as this time is for all of us that are awake to this agenda, we do know that the negative alien Wesan agenda to stop the Rasha Body generation to destroy its instruction set and to destroy the possibility of the Aton Body connecting to this earth, has failed. We know this because we have the Rasha and the Aton connected.

Rashala is the antidote to AI assimilation of our planet and human bodies. And again, I'll say this again, the Aton body is the antidote to the AI assimilation of our planet and human consciousness bodies. Yet right now, we're in this strange section of the timeline. We're still at the stage where we can observe and see, this agenda very clearly, is active in the outer world. Now once the Aton is activated, it changes and shifts the Akashic Records in our blood and in our body. And although this can happen at individual levels of bio-ascension stages, this was extremely rare in the past. [6]


[Dark Matter] Dark Matter is a layer of matter in which is a part of the building blocks of creational matter, in which the planetary body Dark Matter template began to be restored by the guardian host families in or around 2014 through the Mother's Sophianic Body Corrections. The Dark Matter body of the Planet is the layer from the unmanifest morphogenetic blueprint and of which the Cosmic Parents flows of Cosmic Rays materialise through the Planetary or Human Atomic Body Regulator, in elemental forms through the platonic solids of the elements of creation. [7]


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