Universal Diamond Pillar

Leading up to the March Equinox in 2017, the planetary body underwent a massive geomagnetic transformation that was required to support the future emergence of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek aspects, Elaysa, which we are discovering more about through the mysteries of Holy Mother Sophia during this phase. As has been mentioned many times before, the magnetic field and gravitational waves on the planet have been highly controlled and manipulated to suppress human consciousness in a variety of ways. The magnetic control of the consciousness units of the Planetary Logos mind was primarily designed to conquer the Holy Mother Sophia presence and damage her Triple Solar Feminine Christ emanations from merging with the Rasha Body dark matter connections leading into the Reisha Worlds, which is the location of the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis.

Universal Diamond Pillar and Reisha Worlds (art by Tomás)

The magnetic control has been connected to the extensive networks of Mind Control, Gender Reversal and glandular suppression that have been operating on and off planet. This includes the alien built enslavement systems of saturnian-moon matrix and its artificial energy currents that have been pulsed into the planetary grid system, to keep humans asleep and to keep the matter worlds perpetually disconnected from the eternal spirit worlds. When the Planetary Grid Network is rehabilitated and corrected from the many layers of Metatronic Reversal and Alien Machinery running artificial currents controlled by the NAA, this floods the planet with tremendous amounts of spirit source and consciousness energy for global awakening. Humanity is actually living on the planet as this reset is shifting timelines and accelerating the Bifurcation Madness in some of the unaware population, while the correct organic frequencies are returning and resetting the entire planetary grid system so our true spiritual family and Cosmic Parents can return to help humanity liberate this realm.

The Solar Reisha are the direct sophianic embodiments of the dark matter field that birth light seeds which ignites the eternal spirit body source field into the planet, and brings about the correct proportions of electromagnetic properties in the planetary grid system that naturally generates the abundant and free energy source of Zero Point.

About six years ago, Christos Guardian teams began to introduce Krystic Diamond Sun DNA architecture in the form of the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway to reinforce the Aurora re-encryption projects of correcting elementals and carbon matter substances running in Sextant Matrix and biological clock shields. The Universal Diamond Pillars were intended to align us to the correct cardinal directions for planetary Maji Grail Crown and to energetically heal the fallen entity imbalances infecting the primal forces on the planet. The primal forces are governors of the movement of energy and consciousness in our human body and world, all of that etheric-matter substance which is co-created in the minds of Collective Consciousness. The goal was to help restore and circulate the neutral force state in order to more effectively co-create the feedback loops made directly with the zero-point field that connects the planetary body and humanity into the organic timelines of God source.

Universal Diamond Pillar (art by Elizabeth)

Thus, the Christos families began working on the Universal Diamond Pillars to bring about the Diamond Sun corrections required for the planetary Eukatharista Activation, which correspond to the solar symbiosis cycle of personal Eukachristic lightbody activation for creating dark matter light seeds or the Rasha body. At this time during March Equinox 2017, the Universal Diamond Pillars were connecting into the Avatar Christos frequencies within the individual’s central vertical column to build and grow into the Universal Staff function, which was anchored within the personal Christos 12D Maharata pillar. The Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway emerged into a clock shield that was built with the Ruby pillar in the 6’o clock position, Sapphire pillar in the 9’ o clock left hand position, the Emerald pillar in the 3 o’ clock right hand position, with the Diamond pillar placed in the 12’ o clock northern position.

Recently, we learned that this configuration of the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway in 2017 was for the purpose of administering blueprint corrections that supported the reconnection of the planetary staff into the Universal Staff, that which would help unite the matter worlds Maharata with the spirit worlds Maharata or Mahara Reisha. Further linking the Universal Staff into the Hara-Krysta Staff of the Hara-Mahara Reisha world’s that are interconnected as cell clusters of the Cosmic Spirit Body, and which are the location of the Mahara Reisha Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis. Each of the four Universal Diamond Pillars contain the Emerald Order records for the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template at every developmental stage and its progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix; Ruby pillar is for Ruby Sun DNA and Rosetta, Sapphire pillar is for the family of Indigo’s Diamond Sun DNA and Mahara Reisha, Emerald pillar is for the founders Emerald Sun DNA for Cosmic Starhuman Dragons, and the Diamond pillar is for the Double Diamond Sun DNA template for Oraphim and other lineages requiring genetic rehabilitation. The Oraphim have helped bring through the expansions into the Cosmic Founder God Source Domains that expanded all the way throughout dimensions, 16D to 24D, in which they would eventually shift timelines in order to evolve into the Emerald Sun DNA.

As the planet integrated the further dimensional expansions into the completed anti-particle merge which includes 22D, 23D and 24D, this functions as the Emerald Founder Capstone in 24D required for anchoring the Cosmic to Universal Emerald Rod, and the necessary Emerald Order architecture for reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Albion. Thus, along with these recent events, the Universal Diamond Pillar merged into another expression of the twinned hierogamic template in which the Ruby and Diamond Pillar merged together, and the Sapphire and Emerald Pillar merged together. This rotated the clock shield template that is currently generating new positions on the Universal Staff of Elaysa-Melchizedek, and this is connected to the Hara-Krysta Staff which connects into the Cosmic Hall of Records and synchronizes with the Cosmic Clock and Reuche Pillars.

When the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned themselves recently, this synchronized with the Emerald Sun DNA quad template of the Cosmic Starhuman and formed into a tesseract God cube that fully synchronized with the Eye of God between the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reisha matrices. The hierogamic merge that occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, along with Diamond and Ruby Pillars shifted the Universal Diamond Gateway to the Emerald Pillar as the 12 o’clock north position in the Cosmic Clock, that links directly to the Emerald Founders in 24D and the extensive circuitry of the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Heart and purified 24D Emerald Ray. From the synchronization of these three matrices, the center Hara-Krysta began transmitting the Universal Rose Spiral Breath pattern which began to pour through the central Azura heart of all three matrices further linking them together in the Rosetta pattern, also fondly referred to as the Universal Breath of Roses.

Universal Rose Breath

The Rosetta is the beautiful living light current of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father united as one holy spirit breath which takes the form of blooming roses, in which the Universal Diamond Rose template for all angelic human beings is imbued within these refined divine fire water and ice genetic codes from the core of the Cosmic Hall of Records that saturate the human bio-neurology and breath with many plasma flowering roses. This is the Universal Rose Breath pattern where roses may appear in every section of the breath channel, inner vertical channel, sacral center, and in the inhalation and exhalation of the holy rose infused breath, which circulates the Rosetta pattern in the sacred crystal heart of Diamond Sun in the Christos embodied males and females. [1]

Sapphire Diamond Shield

As described in the Cosmic Spirit Body newsletter, when the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned themselves, the hierogamic merge occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, and this shifted the Emerald Pillar into the 12 o’clock north position and the Sapphire Pillar into the 3 o’clock position in the Cosmic Clock. This shift in the Universal timekeeper mechanism generated an explosion of Emerald-Sapphire-Diamond blue wave frequencies, which formed into triple blue rainbow suns in the Sapphire Diamond Shield. This began a full spectrum repair upon all blue wave dimensional frequencies transmitting in the crystalline matrix of Earth, spanning into the collective consciousness fields of the planetary matrix which stepped down into the individual human lightbody. The main focus of corrections is occurring in the layers of the sapphire body which form into the 10D Solar Star six inches above our head. The sapphire body is extremely important in the corrections of all blue based color wave spectrum frequencies; thus, it extends to rehabilitate many corrections throughout the 5D-6D-7D-10D lightbody layers.[2]


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