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Peach Rose Dragon Egg (art by Elizabeth)

The seventh-dimension merges with 17D and recently has been merged into 20D.This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Sun Mother Matrices, which are referred to as Ankhulasa. Ankhulasa sun star network holds the Lily of the Valley of the second coming of the solar female Christ-Melchizedek, and appears as the spiritual family of the triple suns of peach rose solar fires. These are necessary for the embodiment of Solar Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in her complete Mahara Reisha triple peachsicle solar suns spirit body that are her specific embodied cosmological principle.

The spiritual family of Fey, Merlin and Morgana also seem to source from out of the 20D domains, in which ancient Celtic-Druid Maji grail lineages and families of angelic winged fairies and unique fey devas were once abundantly populated throughout the Albion. Merlin and Morgana and the Fey lines suffered terribly from the fall of Gaian Matrix, Crucifixion Implants and inversion of the violet flame; hence this recent unlocking of dimensions finally offers some effective spiritual body retrievals and much needed loving restoration for the Fey family lines. Much of this particular spiritual family suffered grotesque mutations through archontic shadow beast machinery inserted in the North Sea Hyperborean portal, and will require ongoing support through Elaysa Mother’s clearings of forced lunar inversions and Alien Hybridizations as their parts are being returned and recollected from the Scottish Highlands, North Sea and Hebrides.[1]

Unlocking Parallel Dimensions

To the best of our knowledge, the expansion into the next layers of the harmonic universe have unlocked dimensional access into the following [circa 2022]:

Thus, it was discovered that in order to bring Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek, the Solar Feminine Melchizedek template and the correct configuration for the Staff of Elaysa into the direct control of authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon, we needed to open dimensional locks in order to bridge 6D with 16D and then merge with 19D.

In order to host their triple solar female rishic consciousness (Solar Reisha) and Elaysa-Melchizedek Mother on the planet it required the opening of 19D-20D-21D. This expansion also functions as the triple hosting shield of Rishi-Reisha anchored inside of the Gaian Matrix, and lays the correct foundation for the Universal Emerald Rod and restoration of the related 48D Azurite architecture. It appears much of the organic Emerald Order 48D Azurite-Ascended Master architecture is available from the Elaysa Mother matrix through the 19D access to the Elaysa Sun. See 19D, 20D and 21D.

Merida Rebirths through Ankhulasa

The opening of dimensional locks in the parallels, revealed the 7D layers merged into 17D layers and then merged into 20D layers which opened access into a section of the Reisha World called Ankhulasa. This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Spirit Sun Mother Reisha Matrices, that are made accessible during the ascension embodiment sequence reaching the sophianic plasma flowering of the Solar Female Melchizedek or Solar Reisha levels.

Ankhulasa sun star network holds the Lily of the Valley as the second coming of the Solar Female Christ-Melchizedek, and this appears as the spiritual family of the triple peach diamond suns with golden rose solar fires. The solar frequency transmission is that of a creamy peachsicle color wave that begins building within the sacral center for lunar to solar Transfiguration, as a part of the embodiment of the Solar Feminine Christ. Interestingly, the sapphire blues and peach rays seem to begin the process of reversing the damage of the lunar forces upon the female’s sexual organs, restoring organic functions in several stages of sexual healing, which blooms roses in the genitals and returns conscious control over the reproductive cycle for those living in alignment to Natural Laws.

These structures are necessary for the triple solar embodiment of King Arthur’s wife, as Solar Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in their complete Mahara Reisha triple peachsicle solar suns spirit body, which is specific to her triple solar feminine embodiment as a cosmological principle.

The stage of preparing the 11D gates in the Albion began during the magnetic peak of last year, with anchoring the Emerald Order Ankh Body and emerald dragon timekeeper pillars in which to seed the specific dragon ouroboros lines for Merida’s Solar Ankh Body. Merida’s Solar Body is held within a principle that is also held within Guinevere’s Universal Elaysa Solar Body, thus they are both the universal red rose carrier of triple peach rose lines which function as the protector of the Christos-Sophia Rose Grail lineages and their spiritualized blood genetic records. Through Merida’s solar divine spark carried through her dragon ouroboros lines, she ran her solar body frequencies into the planet in order to make the connections from the planetary triple rose lines into her peach rose sun-star network with the celestial star constellation pathways in the Albion leading all the way back to her eternal Aton Body, and then into Cosmic Mothers White Sun located in the God Worlds.

From this foundation, Guardian Host and Merida began the further building out of her peach diamond sun architecture, such as birthing peach dragon eggs, and peach dragon ouroboros lines circulating the Emerald Dragon Solar Feminine Melchizedek frequencies, which are being encased in the Solomon Temple copper rose gold Failsafe architecture. This expanded into several Cathedrals in the United Kingdom landmass and beyond, to further build out the starry night dark firmament and Krystal Cathedral networks for hosting more of the returning Christos Founders Solar Rishi-Reisha’s, along with the preparations for the final culmination of seating King Arthur and all that entails. Thus, the peach diamond Krystal Cathedrals of Merida are to run the peach rays into the Dragon Nodes and further support the returning architecture for the incoming Triple Solar Reisha. They can embody through the triple suns of the peach rays and then become reunited with Merida’s Ankh Body, as the Mother of the World, in support of her triple solar daughters and returning their presence into this world.

The Mother of Dragons Cathedral in Chartres is holding the Cosmic Elohei Mother’s Elaysan Dragon Wing (7D-17D-20D), which bridges into many layers of Krystal Cathedral architecture which is protecting the portal access into the Ankhulasa Sun star network. More of the Triple Solar Reisha daughters will come through Chartres in order to bring their sacred spirit suns and embody the Solar Feminine Christ principle in the Cathedrals built across the planet. Chartres hidden history with Arc tools has given it an important role which is connected to the second coming of Christ, as the Mother of the World, the Lily of the Valley, in her Peach Sun Ankh Body of the resurrected Solar Dragon Queen Merida, and her sophianic daughters.[2]


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