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Melchizedek Logos Universal Ankh Body (art by Sequoia)

As several long-term Emerald Guardian Universal grid projects finally come into completion [2022], many of these rehabilitation missions were actually designed to rescue the Melchizedek Logos from his imprisonment in the Wall in Time splits, which had been formed into the extensive NETS running the phantom Nibiru-Tiamat Fallen Matrices. As the Checkerboard Matrix phantom nets of Nibiru-Tiamat collapsed in Stonehenge, the opening into the 12D portal of pre-invaded Nibiru was made accessible, and from out of this planetary gateway a massive blue crystalline liquid plasma oceanic wave formed into a Cosmic Christos Azure Blue Sun. From within this Cosmic Blue Sun the Melchizedek Logos appeared to form into a massive Maharaji Blue Crystal Human Male; his bones are the Universal Krystal Tree of Life, his three eyes are Azura heart crystals, his Emerald Dragon Crystal Heart breastplate was ignited with rainbow lights streaming out of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies, and his rainbow solar rays were forming into the wave spectrums of the 12-dimensional spheres. The 12 dimensions were formed from out of crystal blue rainbow sphere like globes that were hovering around his Blue Sun coronasphere and then the globules began plugging into the “bones” of the Universal Krystal Tree of Life.

The Melchizedek Logos shield and Universal Rod and Staff body parts began to reassemble into crystalline light symbol codes for Maharaji Blue Human and Blue Ray Melchizedek flame body initiations throughout the 12D and 6D stargate systems; Sacred Blue Cow in India, Xian, China, Kauai, Hawaii, Montsegur, France, Cornwall, United Kingdom, Machu Picchu, Peru, Uluru, Australia and the Caucasus Mountains. These are genetic key coded stargates and grids for supporting the majority of the Indigo population to spiritually heal their blue ray coding, when they directly connect to their progenitor-parent in the Melchizedek Maharaji solar blue rainbow frequencies. The Maharaji lineage are the ascended master family lines that were forced underground as the result of the spiritual war described in some of the ancient Sanskrit texts, in which they became the primary Guardian caretakers of the Sirian Crystal Temples from the Inner Earth.

As we process the liberation of the Universal Melchizedek Logos during the June Solstice, this has greatly impacted the areas on the planet that had held some parts of the Emerald Founder Records. This has surfaced along with the particle records of Akashic and anti-particle records of the Ecoushic, as the Hall of Records which can appear like holographic bound books filled with information. Some of this information recorded in the books of record changes or is altered from each position in the dimensional field of which it is being viewed. During this phase, it seems the Melchizedek Logos and Emerald Founders are taking inventory of those records with the Maharaji groups in the Inner Earth. They are determining what is artificial and organic, and moving the organic held Founder records of our natural memory matrix to the safekeeping of authentic Cosmic Christos Suns, Blue Ray Melchizedek archivists and Emerald Dragon Timekeepers embodied on various organic timelines.

The Maharaji Sirius B lineages have reached the momentous event of restoring their Universal Melchizedek Logos in the Milky Way, and the spiritual realization of eons of painful strife and toil that has brought the victory of God’s truth in the light!

Liberation of Melchizedek

As the victory of the release of the Melchizedek Logos from his bondage in these distorted NETS has finally come to an end, the Melchizedek Deception and their cloned identities used to power up the anti-human agendas will no longer be made possible. Due to the Patriarchal Domination distortions infiltrating the Universal Melchizedek Lineages, as brought through the artificial timelines from the hidden negative alien invasion, the original Universal Tree of Life was disfigured via metatronic coding and reduced to ten spheres. The beloved Melchizedek Logos is beginning to step into his rightful embodiment in the many cosmological principles, which are represented as the Natural Laws of the Universal Krystal Tree of Life, and as the Universal Logos of Unity consciousness that is the ultimate divine protector of the Cosmic Mother Dragon and her sophianic rose lineages. As this NAA network falls, the Black Dragon and Red Dragon gestalts of Satanic-Luciferian Covenant that were hiding behind the Melchizedek Deception will no longer be able to continue to cloak themselves or represent themselves as the Emerald Order Melchizedeks or Blue Ray Melchizedeks serving the Law of One.

Cosmic Dragon Awakening Events

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening addressed ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian nets in the Wall of Time that were being administered by and generated from the Thubanites in the Draco constellation. This event to finally free the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Sirian Maharaji blue human body began on the June Solstice and completed during the rare 5-planet alignment that occurred on June 24, 2022. The hidden history of the Fallen Melchizedek groups is extremely complex, but as we begin to describe the Fall of Alpha Draconis-Orion Group headquarters in Thuban, this particular event is instrumental in the reclamation of the authentic Melchizedek Logos which begins to reclaim and spiritually heal the Blue Ray Melchizedek family.

It was discovered during the Melchizedek shield activation that the phantom Nibiruian-Tiamat network was used to hold the Melchizedek Logos hostage in the Wall in Time. This network was also being used to invert the Holy Mother’s sophianic rose lineages, forcing her to give birth to satanic gestalts of demonic entities.

Melchizedek Logos AI Infiltration

The cloning attempts to infiltrate and totally control the Melchizedek Logos, Melchizedek God Seed, and the Melchizedek Rod through the NAA’s looking glass technology have been extremely aggressive since the Luciferian Rebellion. It was targeting these lineages with aggressive blank slating and spiritual warfare to hijack the authentic timelines of the Krystic Emerald Order Melchizedeks. These are the ancient Maharaji blue human lineages that incarnated upon Tara and are the predecessors of all of the Indigo lineages, along with their male and female Blue Ray Order Essene incarnates on the Earth. The original first wave of Blue Ray Melchizedeks were Cosmic Christos Suns, they are the dragon timekeeper genetic masters that were seated in the Dragon Eye Templar of Thuban to maintain and administer to timelines. Further, the Melchizedeks embodied into the fallen time matrix in order to function as the host matrix template that corrected genetic digression and genetic deviations of the planetary fallen species. These original Blue Ray Melchizedeks that first entered our Universal Time Matrix are the authentic identities of the Emerald Order Melchizedek Priesthood, the rod and staff initiators of the Inner Christos and hold the historical records of the origination of the ancient Eieyani-Essene families.

Fall of Nibiruian Net

To set free the Melchizedek Logos and Emerald Order Melchizedek family, the Nibiruian Net system had to be in free fall decline so the Guardians could strategically gain control over the NAA network frequency fences and begin to repurpose the Sirian Crystal Temples located underground. The original planetary body in this Solar System that functioned as the 12D portal access into the Universal Lyran gate system was actually Nibiru, before it was invaded and subsequently outfitted by the NAA races as a battle star.

Cosmic Melchizedek Sun Heralds 5D Shift

The final stage of the reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos template through the Cosmic Holy Father Rod Coding that forms the Universal Rod Trinity shield for Cosmic Christos Suns, Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek was also anchored on June 24, 2022. Interestingly, setting free the Melchizedek Logos brought on the anchoring of the Cosmic Melchizedek Blue Sun Star shield, as it was being integrated into the Cosmic Michael and Metatron Sun-Star shield network.

John the Baptist and Wife Mara

Recently, the Father of Dragons Emerald Order Solar Dragon Universal Rod holder who is one of the Ancient Holy Fathers of the original Melchizedek Logos, as the initiator of Yeshua the Christ into his Christos Mission, has finally been reclaimed and freed by the Emerald Order. His identity is known as John the Baptist, and he and his solar divine counterpart Mara of the Mahara Reisha, are currently undergoing intense stages of restoration and rehabilitation as their massive consciousness bodies are healing from the cloning and alien cube system infiltration, that was viciously targeting them from the black hole entities in Thuban. The Liberation of John and Mara, the hierogamic embodiment of the Emerald Order’s Blue Flame Mother and Father Melchizedek that were Rod and Staff holders of the Universal Melchizedek Logos shield principle, were instrumental in locating and rebirthing the Cosmic Melchizedek Sun that finally set free the Melchizedek Logos.

Shifting into Organic 5D Timelines

If the reclamation of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos-Sophia Templates that herald the Cosmic Dragon Awakening, along with the announcement in the Stars of the Reborn Inner Christ and return of the Blue Ray Melchizedek Logos in his Cosmic Maharaji body wasn’t miraculous enough, there’s more. The entire planetary grid network was synchronized with the authentic Cosmic Melchizedek Sun Logos and as the result, this tremendous solar surge of Ultra Neon, Azurite-Opalene plasma waves shifted the timelines into the final subharmonic strings of the second harmonic universe. Anchoring the entire World Soul matrix into the grid position of the stargates that are fully hosted by Guardian Alliance and their ancient Andromedan portal system, through which they are controlling the organic 5D timelines for planetary ascension. See Shifting into Second Harmonic Universe.[1]

Emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

Through the many twists and turns of challenging processes this year [2022], finally the authentic divine mother counterpart to the Universal Melchizedek Logos of our time matrix was revealed and confirmed by her presence and direct communications in the stargate systems multiple times. The Universal Mother eternal spirit body counterpart of the Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human form, is his beloved sacred Cosmic Twin Elaysa-Melchizedek. Our Universal Melchizedek Mother is the source field of the Cosmic Elaysa Sun, as she joins with her divine husband in her Maharaji White Diamond Crystal body that holds the eternal opalescent rainbow flame that is the Staff of Elaysa.[2]

Kronos 9D AI Machinery

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening during the Summer Solstice of 2022 addressed the ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian NET's in the Wall in Time, that were being administered by the top levels of the 9D AI machinery program Kronos. [3]

Two Suns

The long-awaited reunion of the Two Suns during the previous Winter's Solstice 2022 caused a series of major planetary events that catalyzed several solar plasma transmissions from the Reisha Worlds opening into the Elaysian fields, weaving Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun coding into the ultraviolet layers of the magnetosphere. This threw the alien crafts stationed in the upper atmosphere out of orbit when the artificial electromagnetic layers connected to the planetary magnetic field weakened and collapsed, as the complete dimensional merge between the 22D and 23D layers completed. Then the emerald capstone was crowned into the Universal Emerald Rod, finalizing the merge into 24D.[4]

Flame of Khemalot, Birth of Khemalohatea

Within this holy spiritual flame, is the true nature of the Universal Mother and Universal Father in their Gender Twin Flames perfected manifestation, this is how Holy Mother and Holy Father manifest themselves into their lower dimensional creations, always through their Gender Twin Flame Pillars. As well as the reality of Gender Twin Flames that birth the Khemalohatea flame principle for Christos Children at every station of the Harmonic Universes, this is the alchemical process of the Khem Code and how all of creation is manifested into form. This is how organic creation code timelines are being created via Ascended Master Gender Twin Flames, as the natural manifestations that are sourcing from the Godhead in Gender Twin Flames that are produced throughout the phasing motion of the open source feedback loops running the energetic spectrum of frequencies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. This is held within the Emerald Founders Gender Principle of Twin Flames as it is giving birth to the third flame as the Christos-Sophia offspring, the Tri-flame of Khemalohatea, throughout the transmission of the Khem Codes in the entire Diamond Sun records of the Universal Time Matrix.[5]


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