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The Solar Rishic Dragons are the celestial form representatives of the Cosmic Christos Suns from the God Worlds when they enter the time matrix and become dimensionalized, meaning they take a more physicalized form to become embodied within that time and space. The Solar Dragon Christos Races are the actual Ancient Builder Races and Guardians of the creation of this matter realm. Thus, many are specifically intertwined within the planetary landscapes, as remnants of their dragon body parts can be found in many wondrous geographic features of majestic mountains, canyons and seas. The dragon bodies, dragon lines, Dragon Nodes and Dragon Eggs are spiritual features that have been relatively dormant until recent solar activations radically shifted the magnetic field and the planetary eukatharistic initiation began.[1]

Golden Dragon Egg or Solar Egg

Rainbow Dragons

There are 13 Dragon Beings that are enveloped in the Earth crust, that have been here for eons of time as Guardians of the Ley Lines, ready to awaken and protect the Christ Child once the Golden Dragon Egg cracks open. They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these stasis beings. [2]

Cosmic Egg Pearl Activation

The Sirius and Canopus relationship with Avebury Henge are the DNA spiraled transmissions of the gold and silver braided energy of the unified masculine and feminine, which are designed to run this braided silver-gold current into the Michael-Mary lines, in order to birth the Cosmic Egg which hatches the solar initiation into the Pearl Activation.[3]

Copper Rose Gold Dragon Egg

The liquid copper frequency blooms protective plasma flowering shields in the astral-sacral energies of the human lightbody, and braids within the inner vertical channel into the heart chambers which generates a unification of male-female heart twinning within the copper rose gold circuitry. When the Copper Rose Gold Sun emanated its Dragon Egg into the Albion Lightbody, it hatched into a Rose Gold Dragon Ouroboros Line which appears to be the protector of the House of the Holy Rose Trinity bloodline lineages. Many appear to be Solar Female Christos-Sophia identities that were connected to the Cosmic Elohei White Diamond Sun spiritual family, while some were of the original Lyran Temples and Cathars, with direct Red Rose or original Ruby Sun DNA RH solar factors in their bloodstream.[4]


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