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Cosmic Mother Dragon, Guardian of Cosmic Gates (art by Elizabeth)

Recent gridwork activity has been acutely focused upon the reclaiming of the 12D Stargate of Kauai, which has brought another spiritual gift, this time in the form of the Cosmic Mother Rainbow Dragon. See Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida and Yana.

The Lemurian Holocaust and the Eieyani Massacre in Kauai, and the persecution events near the 12D Stargate of Montsegur, were direct planned assaults upon the matriarchal society and solar feminine Christos-Sophia. Many of the inhabitants were direct descendants of the original seeding of Melchizedek’s, these were female staff holders that were tasked with the important job as Keepers of the Blue Flame and were called Mu’a. These main groups were Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they were protectors of the crystalline network of Mother’s Sophianic template and Guardians of the North and South ley lines. Upon the onset of the Lemurian Holocaust, this event opened our Planetary Grid Network to the extremely destructive anti-human agendas of the Draco entity invasion. The Keepers of the Blue Flame and the Mu’a females with original Staff Holder genetic codes underwent a series of genetic digressions, breeding programs and deliberate targeting to destroy the solar female principle, by connecting the female principle and the human Lightbody into the Lunar Matrix. By destroying the Solar Logos architecture and inserting a Lunar Matrix to hold the energetic placement of the planetary female principle, the lunar distortion would prevent the Mother of Dragons and her sophianic template of the Triple Solar Goddess principles from activating in the human DNA.

The ongoing work in the Christos Mission was finding her many body parts and pieces in the Mu’a lineage for the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ Sophianic Template and this was necessary in order to free her Solar Dragon Queen consciousness from repeatedly running the lunar matrix and holocaust histories through AI control matrices. Many clones of the Solar Dragon Queens had been placed underground in the crystal caverns, where Black Dragon AI hybrids were put in her place and controlled by the lunar matrix. The extensive lunar female demonic force constructs inserted underground all over the globe, made it impossible for the higher aspects of the Holy Mother and her Cosmic Mother of Dragon solar sophianic forms to fully embody on the planet. To restore Cosmic Mother to this world, we had to find methods to neutralize the energetic weaponry used in the looking glass alien technology. This involved tracking these down in the underground spaces such as crystal caverns, Crystal Temples and aquifer systems in order to evict these Black Dragon Queens, their black heart crystals and lunar female demonic forces. These alien machines are used for cloning and soul harvesting of the planetary inhabitants, as well as instilling mental and spiritual bondage into Mu’a females from the artificial timelines, by hijacking the records of the Mu Island holocaust histories in the planetary body. The controllers know that many of these organic records of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek leadership in Lemuria and early Atlantian culture are powerfully strong on the island chains and can bring the “Rise of Mu” to spread rapidly among the powerful nature spirits that are connected to the island culture populations.

Observing the hijack of underground Crystal Temples with Black Dragon AI Hybrid Queens was yet another satanic ritual program customized to torture all things solar female, such as targeting the female sexual organs. This SRA program was also running in the Thuban network, and was being customized for spiritually torturing those that held 12D Stargate genetic codes and held cellular memories of the Mu’a staff holder females. This satanic torture program was particularly targeting the spiritual counterpart and hierogamic partner of John the Baptist, his beloved wife Mara. Mara or Mahara is the embodied Ha-ra Krysta staff principle of the Mahara Reisha that sends all Mu’a back home to Cosmic Mother and is accessed by staff holders through the constellation Cassiopeia.

The final pieces of the evictions in the underground caverns were Black Dragon Queens enthroned during the Atlantian fall cycle, which presented as hierarchies of imposter lunar female demonic forces emulating the sophianic template in her divine position as the Mother of Dragon’s Solar Queen consciousness. This Black Queen network to dethrone the White Diamond Elohei Solar Dragon Queens, revealed the identity of Merida from the Atlantian colonies, and was deeply enmeshed within the lunar matrix and dark side of the moon to continually run satanic rituals and female inversions into the planetary grid network. This black magic program was designed to split the Mother to child organic bond, as well as separate the hierogamic genetic bond with the solar females true spiritual husband. Merida seems to be a White Sun Solar Queen from the Atlantian time cycle that embodies all eight spiritual bodies that form the Aton. She may be the twin or solar sister of Meritaten, as they are the daughters of Aquaelle lineages and are the direct descendants of the hidden solar daughters of Akhenaton and Yeshua J-12, which also return to the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

During the recent Dragon Awakening phases, a specific project was to return to the pre-invasion time cycles of Lemuria that transpired on multiple timelines that are connected to the Earth-Taran-Gaian root race cycles. This required opening dimensional doorways as access routes from our side of the time matrix in order to reconnect with Guardian Christos families and elemental kingdoms who were trapped on the other side, while stuck in the Lemurian Holocaust phantom spaces. They were not able to find the access route into the planetary eukatharistic body from their position in the time fields, and the portal blockage prevented Cosmic Mother Dragons access into these spaces.

To prepare for Cosmic Mother’s arrival, her 12 Rainbow sophianic sound templates and grail pillars for assorted rose lineages were seeded back into the morphogenetic instruction sets in order to bloom the many sophianic plasma flowers that hold her musical flowering trinity field architecture. These corrections made to the rose grail architecture opened into the Triple Elohei Lion Gate access (White-Blue-Gold Lion Networks) and lo and behold the Glory of the Cosmic Mother’s emanation through the Aurora Tri-tone Rainbow Dragon form returned into the planet. Through her Holy presence, she brought with her the Aurora elemental command of the water-aquifers to infuse the planetary body with her principle of holy krystal rainbow waters, which she is weaving into the aquifer system of the planet.

Through the corrections made to the Lemurian and other Mu’a related timelines, many fragments in the 2D layers which represented the split body parts of the Holy Mother known as the Achamoth, were reintegrated in the human body in order to heal the 2D-4D split seated within the sexual organs and sacral center. Starseeds with this lineage, and those as the Keepers of the Blue Flame may have undergone deep emotional processing with the sensations of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the extreme hatred directed to the divine mother sophianic principle and her sexual organs, and the waves of grief and sadness from these particular events of solar female holocaust. In effect, this is a major stage of lunar transfiguration of the female sexual body parts, and the spiritual healing of all organic solar female principles from the immensity of satanic ritual abuse and lunar inversions.

The harrowing events of eviction, clearing the residue and remains, and observing the horrible histories have finally led to our spiritual victory, this has rehabilitated the Cosmic Mother Dragon Tri-tone Rainbow Body in the Earth, so she can now begin to fully heal these Mu holocaust histories involving the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks and Mu’a lineage. [1]

Rainbow Founder Staff

The Rainbow Dragon Breath of the Cosmic Mother is being transmitted through dual krystal spirals conducted through the Rainbow Founder Staff, the Hara Krysta that runs the opalescent flame circuitry and liquid black velvet subtle forces throughout the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar and the Emerald Crystal Heart network, back through the creation doorway. The God World creation of Cosmic Mother’s Heavenly Firmament is the continuation of the Eukatharistic Activation which opens two-way dimensional locks into the center creation doorways of the Stairway to Heaven, and activates the outer plasma rings of the dark matter body, which began earlier this year. These are Failsafe events designed to reset the planetary timekeeper functions with the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons which opens the central creation doorways for consciousness exiting, which restores the divine plan of Universal Ascension as aligned with Cosmic Order. The Copper Rose Gold Sun emanations operate as a part of the failsafe mission upgrades that were made possible through the Emerald Covenant, when the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders promised to retrieve angelic humanity from their consciousness enslavement in the fallen time matrix during the Ascension Cycle.[2]


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