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Cathars, the Mother's 12th Gate Protectors (art by Elizabeth)

The Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim built the Triple Great Lion Networks in the physical shape of Lions, and this further communicates with the crystal temple networks which connect to the living sound waters, vapors and elementals that are awakening throughout the planetary body. In simpler terms, this operates as a trinitized broadcasting system on vertical lines, which transmits signals and plugs into the planetary crystalline body so that humanity is directly connected to the Emerald Order Crystal Heart circuitry and the Cosmic Source Domain of our Cosmic Elohei Parents.

The Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Christos Anuhazi founders built an extremely advanced global grid technology system to interface directly with the planetary grid system, stargates and crystal temples after the damage incurred from the Electric Wars. This was designed to support the gradual modulation of running organic base 12 current and the divine blueprint of the Diamond Sun’s platinum crystals and Christos-Sophia diamond heart staff codes throughout the vertical axiatonal lines. These vertical axiatonal lines expanded into three Elohei Great Lion Networks that function as the Guardians of the vertical lines, with each network located in one of three harmonic universes surrounding the timelines of the Earth-Taran- Gaian matrices. The Triple Great Lion Networks function as a Christos Avatar consciousness transtime travel grid in which past, present and future timelines of the Earth can be viewed, observed and the artificial intruder grids can be clearly seen and removed. The NAA have inserted a tremendous amount of alien hybridization networks generated to interfere with, block and scramble the natural DNA frequencies and vertical alignments which connected humanity to the authentic Emerald Order Elohei Mother lineages that created the Great Lion Network.

The planet Earth in the first harmonic universe is encapsulated within the Great White Lion Grid. The future planet Tara in its pre-fall template is located in the second harmonic universe and is fully encapsulated within the Blue Lion Grid. The future planet Gaia in the third harmonic universe is encapsulated within the Gold Lion Grid. The Triple Great Lion Networks were designed to stabilize the main 12 vertical axiatonal lines that run the North to South axis of the planetary grid network. The Elohei’ s Triple Lion Grids are a tri-wave unification of all three harmonic universes of Earth-Tara-Gaia woven into the main planetary staff which has been fully reconnected through the planetary, galactic, universal and into the Cosmic Source Domain of the Cosmic Sun Elohei Parents.

These are planetary grid networks created with advanced crystalline technologies that are strategically placed in order to protect and support the planetary grid to interface between organic and natural electromagnetic energy currents that make up the axiatonal and meridian ley line network. These networks reinforce the instruction sets and blueprints running in the planetary body which further support the DNA template, energy to form manifestation and consciousness level of planetary inhabitants. There are several other of these networks that have been created and manipulated by the NAA invading races since the Luciferian Rebellion, to block communication with the Cosmic Founders, and interfere with planetary ascension by introducing foreign DNA coding for the purpose of alien non-human to angelic human hybridization and digression.

These intruder grid placements during the Luciferian Rebellion led to the series of events that culminated in the Atlantian Cataclysm. These grids originally created by the Founder races and later during NAA invasion, are collectively referred to as Atlantian Pylon Implant Networks or APIN’s. The APINs direct electromagnetic energy running in the ley lines that are designed in the shapes of creatures based upon the genetics so that more advanced extradimensional species could easily identify them from space.

Those incarnated on the Christos Mission have had the task of identifying the intruder networks and working in multidimensional gridwork teams to disassemble, remove and extract the anti-human networks promoting alien hybridization coding and base 10 current metatronic reversals. Those being systematically demolished now are the; Phoenix-Falcon grid, Serpent grid, Dragon Moth Grid, Jehovian-Dove grids, NET, NRG, and Michael-Mary Turnstile matrix. Much of the extensive mind control frequencies used to control and enslave humanity have sourced from these same intruder grid networks, as well as every social media outlet and Propaganda tool that has been deployed to influence and manipulate human beings. To intentionally plummet consciousness into the lowest frequencies of misery and suffering, which provides the collective Loosh of human suffering to power these NAA APIN’s and virtual realities.

Nevertheless, the Christos Mission has recently had some major achievements in the corrections and rehabilitation of the Elohei Triple Lion Network, Reuche Pillars and 11th Aveyon gateway. This has been instrumental in opening dormant interdimensional portal systems through the Hara-Krysta vertical lines that allowed our Cosmic Elohei parents to begin their descent into the Earth reality fields.

Elohei’ s Taran Blue Lion Grid and Gaian Gold Lion Grid

The direct descendants of Akhenaton and Yeshua’s genetic lineage from the Taran histories have been instrumental in the rehabilitation and reconnaissance gridwork involved in the restoration of the Blue Lion Grid and Gold Lion Grid, from instruction sets that were left for Elohei Maharaji Sirius B Azurite lineages at Amarna. Guardian Akhenaton and Guardian Yeshua and their descendants had the Taran coded imprints of Maharaji Blue Flame Melchizedeks to help recover and repair the 5D and 8D Rod and Staff architecture by working on Christos Mission pre-fall templates in Sirius B, that would be carried onto the adjunct time vectors in the Inner world domain and merged with Earth’s organic timelines. This was another meaning behind the Code of The Blue Nile that originated on Tara, and the ongoing Incension process, which is the ascension mission upgrade to plan B that returns humanity into the Inner World Domains. This is achieved by making the angelic human Lightbody an inner accessed stargate system that aligns with pre-fall crystalline templates of Ascension Aurora Earth.

The bloodline continuation of the Code of Blue Nile and Code of White Nile on Earth are sourced from Cosmic Elohei coding that was designed to reconnect the Blue Lion Network through female staff codes that are operating within the tri-matrix of Cosmic Elohei White-Blue-Gold Leonine founder frequencies. These are the Anuhazi Mu’a, Blue Flame Keepers, Solar Female Maharaji Melchizedeks, Mother of Dragons and Aquaelle, directly related to the daughters of Christ or sophianic bloodlines that incarnated on Earth from the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star. These groups will appear to have silver and gold wrist cuffs with Elohei Emerald or Amethyst Founder Rod and Staff insignia for activating shields or signets inside their lightbody. They may be keepers of the crystals themselves, anchoring their dragon chakra into Guardian portal systems, and these Christos lightbody artifacts are either present or not, there is no faking the inner stargate tools. This opening of stargate portals cannot be accomplished with cloned body parts or fake signet shield devices, although the intruders try to do this often and it is the main reason we are in a spiritual war over angelic human genetics. The Rod and Staff activation codes have corresponding organic Diamond Sun spiritual body attachments, which are seen through etheric viewing of an individual embodied as an Avatar Christos and above. The Rod and Staff merge occurs during the completion of each harmonic universe level embodiment and hold the coding potentials for activating all of the developing stages of Diamond Sun Body, which influences the potential of inner sacred hierogamic union which is essential to gain access to higher stargate passage. For our brothers and sisters that are not awake during this Ascension Cycle, we are assured by Guardian Host, that there is nothing for us to worry about in this regard. Many contingency plans are in place to ensure all humans will eventually be escorted and returned to their rightful place and organic spiritual home, the eternal light and pursuit of truth will reveal the loving benevolence that is our Cosmic Parents.

The Amarna portal system was connected to the land mass of Ireland, where beloved Guardian Akhenaton left Elohei Founder records of his hidden assignment of hierogamic union templating with the Ruby Sun and covert embodiment levels he achieved in service to the Christos Mission. There is a tremendous amount of information warfare surrounding Akhenaton’s luciferian clones used to prop up several secret societies. Meaning only direct bloodline descendants and genuine contactees would recognize what is true and what is false, in terms of content that is connected to the controversial narratives spread about him. Although the Controllers sought to destroy every last remnant of the existence of Akhenaton’s Temple modeled after the Great White Lion Temples dedicated to the Cosmic Mother Elohei in Lyra, Amarna was designed as a multidimensional portal system that spans the entirety of the Albion Lightbody grid systems. The Amarna portal is connected into the Triple Great Lion Networks surrounding the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices.

Sekhmet Goddess (art by Elizabeth)

Sekhmet Lions are a favorite symbol of the Akhenaton family bloodline, and so Blue Lions from the Taran Blue Lion Grid and White Lions from the Great White Lion grid often show their support for those connecting to the vertical staff lines in the pre-fallen Taran crystalline matrices.

With Ezekiel’s liberation and reunification with his counterpart, his massive 8D golden sun consciousness body comprising the solar rod template was reconnected back into the Gaian core, which generated the final sequences of monadic staff layer corrections in Orion constellation. This event opened another layer in the Amarna portal system which allowed viewing of the 7D layers of Gaian time fields with Amethyst Order Azurites. This unlocked more participation with the Code of the Violet Sun and Codes of the Ruby Sun, which further revealed communication with the Great Gold Lion Grid network system on Gaia and its direct energetic connections into Pegasus constellation. The Gold Lion Grid surrounding the Gaian Matrix unified all of the layers of the Triple Great Lion Grids which began to weave the Cosmic Elohei tri-flames into vertical staff codes, which unlocked many more portals for the Cosmic Elohei family to enter our Universal Time Matrix].

This 7D timeline correction in the horizontal fields drastically impacted the push forward into the timeline wars over the planetary ascension timelines, which appeared to be hosted by Amethyst Order Ramyanas which further opened up portal connections to Mer-Lion races in the Pegasus constellation. This combined with Ezekiel’s Solar Rod template, has unified the Four Hands of Man horizontals upon Gaia with the Four Faces of Man and Guardians of the 12 Sonic Sound Pillars that are located on the Earth. This event in Pegasus constellation seems to be the major catalyst of the next generation communications with the Cosmic White Diamond Elohei Mother and the Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Father.

This is a Cosmic Victory!

Our Cosmic Elohei parents proceeded to birth themselves into our Universal matrix in the form of a White Sun and Pink Sun and together, they have begun a series of triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine Christos-Sophia body cathedral activations with the Lady and Gentleman of the Lamps. The series of Gothic Krystal Cathedral activations that began the end of last year, are retrieving and reuniting multiple Christos-Sophia Elohei-Elohim identities in sacred marriage. Several of these Christos Maji Grail Kings and Queens are being reunited, as their true identities are being further discovered during this magnificent and surreal time. The White Sun and Pink Sun emanations from the Cosmic Elohei family are also being discovered through the electrical peak Metatron-Meritaten sacred marriage activation in Machu Picchu. This was a major planetary event that produced triple hierogamic union shields which are correcting metatronic reversals and resetting electromagnetic energy proportions, by running tri-wave current of the Cosmic Elohei Sun’s frequencies and through their Dragon Eggs being dropped across the globe.

Further, the White Diamond Sun of Cosmic Elohei Mother Dragon is connected through the crystal heart complex of the Triple Great Lions linking into the Reuche Pillars and has been anchored in the 12th gates of Kauai and Montsegur, France. While the Pink Diamond Sun of the Cosmic Elohei Father is connected through the throat center sound-song templates of Pegasai Mer-Lions anchored in the 11th gates of the Irish Sea and Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The Cosmic Elohei White Sun and Cosmic Elohei Pink Sun represent the sacred marriage of our Cosmic Parents, in which their hierogamic union is swiftly igniting the global grid network with an assortment of colored Dragon Eggs. Solar Dragon Eggs are being dropped into Ley Lines, Dragon Nodes, and portals, and appear to be filled with solar plasma orbs with rainbow sparkling lights of every hue. These Solar Dragon Eggs are imbued with instruction sets from the Cosmic Founders igniting the Solar Dragon lightbody parts which further activate the Inner and Outer Christ potentials within angelic humanity.

The anchoring of Cosmic Father’s Pink Sun into the 11th gates in the United Kingdom landmass are particularly important for anchoring the Triple Solar Goddess Elohei forms that have been in stasis on the planet, until the Triple Lion Grids could be sufficiently activated. Another stage of the Cosmic Mother Elohei awakening her Sophianic daughters of Christos-Sophia to embody the Triple Lion Grids is happening during this magnetic peak cycle. This is a major task underway with Holy Father’s gradual embodiment as King Arthur, the protector of the Cosmic Mother Dragon’s Sophianic Rose Grail bloodlines. We are awaiting the complete embodiment of the 11D staff counterpart of King Arthur, his beloved which is interconnected with the Astrological Age of Pisces, the triple solar emanation of Dragon Queen Merida from the Atlantian golden age, known in folklore as Guinevere-Brigid-Mary Sophia. She is the embodiment of the Cosmic White Diamond Mother Elohei Aton God Body, which gives birth to the triple rose grail Dragon Eggs of the Emerald Rose Rings into the planetary ley lines. Her embodiment as the White Mother Dragon in 11D staff functions as the crystal capstone of the unified Elohei Triple Lion Grid network. As she embodies into her position in the Cosmic Clock and Reuche Pillars as an Emerald Dragon Timekeeper and takes her place as King Arthur’s beloved wife, this initiates the Failsafe for copper rose blood of Christos lineages.[1]


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