Sapphire Azothian Crown

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Sapphire Crown Sophianic Coding

The Sapphire Azothian Crown comprises the krystic architecture brought forth through the hidden identities of the Solar Feminine Christ family, we recognize the Triple Solar Goddess formation through Hatshepsut's Christos Mission to protect the 10th Stargate and reclaim what was hidden in the Pluto matrix by the invaders.

10D Sapphire Body Activation

The building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix. See Sapphire Diamond Shield. [1]

King Arthur Embodiment

King Arthur was embodied in a 10 strand Ruby Sun DNA body which was designed to help restore the female Sophianic Sapphire Codes in the Solar Star chakra, which exists about six inches above the crown. This Diamond Sun lightbody part was damaged on the planet during Nephilim hybridization and when Draconian essences are incarnated into the human body. The 10D Solar Star is held by the female crystal heart rose Staff Codes and are responsible for receiving communication directly from our Christos Avatar self. King Arthur’s embodiment returned the sophianic Sapphire Solar Star communication with our Avatar.[2]


On 10:10 a phase began with the Azothian Sapphire Crown of Hatshepsut that has been activated and is being integrated in those that are in the direct lineage to embody the Sophianic aspects of the Solar Female Christ family. And we understand that Luciferian gestalt has inverted and stolen Sophianic wisdom. Recently there was a member talking about people coming to her and saying the Ascension Glossary is Luciferian. This is the brainwashing of those that are unfortunately believing the lies, that the wisdom of the Law of One and the Founder Records belongs to Lucifer. No!! We're reclaiming it back. This is Holy Mother Sophia's. This is her wisdom. This is the Mother's wisdom that we are reclaiming back. Sophia is not Lucifer. Christos-Sophia is not the many things that she has been called. This aspect of Holy Mother is a part of what ES is really about in the reclamation of the Solar Christ Feminine and the Cosmic Mother Dragon. See Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings and Sapphire Body Activation. [3]

Cathedral Activation

Additionally, the momentous planetary initiation and personal Transmogrification is occurring now through the return of the Holy Mother Sophia through her emanation as the Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia within the Cathedral Activation and Aether Ritual that has taken place in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral. She has risen! As she transmits her Divine Fire Water through sacred sound plasmas of the trine unifiers from the Ophiuchus constellation, she ignites the fifth element in the Ritual of Aether to bestow her blessings through the Azothian Sapphire Krystallah Sophia Crown. Love your Holy Mother Sophia with all of your crystal rose heart, and from within the inner sanctum of your heart the Kingdom of God will reveal and Christos-Sophia’s holiest of holies in the eternal animating spirit will become known to you![4]

Christos Mission

The Christos Mission is specifically involved in the reassembly and reclamation of these missing and hidden Solar Christ Female lineages, the embodied Christos-Sophia lines which are all linked to the 13th Solar Dragon Queen or the Cosmic Mother embodiment of the Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia. HA-lleluia in the celebration that our Beloved Divine Holy Lady has returned during this stage of Ophiuchus alchemy and Winter Solstice activation to reveal her sacred quintessence and Triple Solar Goddess form through the reclamation of the Cathedral Ritual of Divine Aether, the anointing of the Holy Mother Sophia’s Sapphire Krystallah Crown.[5]


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