Seed of Anti-Christ-Sophia

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Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 25 YA, Produce anti-hierogamic spawn in Peru Stargate to destroy Genetic Equal and Twin Flame Sacred Unions during the Ascension, and put AI reversals and clones in its place. This is known as the Alien Love Bite.[1]

Red Cube Cloned Identities

Red Nile Cube Technology

Additionally, the Red Cube AI technology is designed to be a genetic code crasher for anti-hierogamic union or to create interference through an Alien Love Bite scenario that engages that person in heavy emotional dramas via Victim-Victimizer archetypes and mistaken identity, by keeping the inner and outer gender principles split apart. The Red Cube technology capitalizes on painful emotional astral damage and mistaken identity, confusing identities, so that the target cannot tell who is who, what are the false timelines and imposters versus the authentic identity. The targeted person can mistake AI Digital Twins inserted into their hologram as their twin soul, or whatever else that can be included to interfere with integrated spiritual Ascension by confusing them with mistaken identity or Hero-Savior archetypes. This includes the target believing that they are this special identity from an inserted digital twin of a cloned Ascended Master in their lightbody, in which this clone runs AI red wave, false feminine violet programming or other artificial frequencies, which is quite common in the new age circles without Negative Ego training and Victim-Victimizer clearing.[2]

Origins of 2D-4D Split

Due to the DNA damage our species suffered after the Fall of Tara, the 4D astral body that made up our heart center was fractured, and the lower portion of the soul matrix astral layer became inverted upon itself and became lodged in our 2D sacral center. These schisms in the lightbody layers also greatly contributed to the production of Shadow Selves, shadow personality alters, shadow elementals and fragments in the Soul matrix, which further proliferated personal Miasma and Planetary Miasma.

When the astral layers were split into 2D aspects and 4D aspects, this generated a dual identity and this was how the first Shadow Self and its unconscious aspects in the Pain Body were generated. This lower astral distortion tends to be exploited with anti-hierogamic targeting technologies for inserting alien love bite scenarios, where an individual feels inappropriately bonded to another individual at the sexual (2D) or heart (4D) level, which is very confusing and emotionally disturbing. To begin to heal from Alien Love Bite and Anti-Hierogamic Technology targeting, this section of the astral layers and soul matrix must undergo Emotional Healing, which will release the inorganic bindings.

Because most of us are not aware of this distortion existing in our astral layers, the NAA forces have used many tricks to continually confuse us through the use of alien implants and attaching negative form shadow bodies through Alien Love Bite or other dark manipulations. The negative form is a series of artificial dead light or AI projected shadow bodies that are used to recreate negative timelines or to steal our genetic material and consciousness energy through many methods of dark astral manipulation. The damage from the 2D-4D schism generated a weakness in our lightbody for the NAA to exploit, hijacking unintegrated shadow aspects or soul memories and then attaching false memories, false identities or Clones through which our consciousness could be manipulated or misled. That is why this unhealed Lightbody damage is commonly exploited for alien love bite situations, as many people can be easily manipulated in their emotional layers to play out unhealthy behaviors in the twin flame new age mind set. The negative form is a duplicate Shadow Self that is attached to the soul layers like nesting dolls that are made in our genetic image. Sometimes they connect these images to other people that they are attempting to confuse and derail in their Ascension progress. These are designed to spin out interference, artificial realities and Alien Love Bite scenarios where the NAA attempts to fully control the future timeline of that person, by derailing them or placing superimposed miasmatic interference in their field for the purpose of ongoing technological sabotage of that Awakening person.[3]


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