Solar Synthesis

Since the return of the Solar Rishi and the Gold Sun DNA activation at the end of 2020, the planetary grid network has been rapidly shifting levels of polarity via the acceleration of tri-wave solar plasma light currents which are inspiriting matter through an ongoing process of Solar Synthesis. The Solar Dragon Kings are the Christos tri-tone luminaries from the God Worlds that are the master architects and authentic grid engineers of the organic God consciousness technology that makes up the luminary body of the entire planetary matrix. They have returned to fulfill the Paliadorian Covenant which is essentially the reclamation of the Christos solar consciousness upon the Earth through a plasma luminary body, which has been recently announced through the Rise of King Arthur in the Albion.

I am the Sacred Sun ( art by Sequoia)

The Solar Rishi and Solar Dragon Kings are braiding themselves throughout the crystalline grids which hold the holographic celestial map of many Sun-Stars and constellations that are transmitting organic liquid plasma consciousness technology that catalyzes Solar Synthesis. This is a solar symbiosis process which blends physical matter with solar fire plasma codes throughout the Planetary Grid Network, which further energizes the Sophianic plasma shields and Solar Rainbow Dragon elemental shields which are animating crystal vapors into the fluids and waters in creation. These liquid plasma shields are designed to further re-encrypt elementals and purify the corrupted astral waters, fluids and vapors that are within the planetary crystalline matrix and the human body’s water management system. This is re-organizing the fascia crystalline matrix whereby solar codes are igniting plasma crystals in the extensive webbing of our neurological matrix, upgrading the cellular matrix in our bone, blood, skin and tissues to receive liquid plasma codes.

The increased solarization of the planetary grid network is occurring rapidly in the stellar grid areas where the Sun-Stars are being reconnected into multiple layers of crystalline grids and diamond diagonal grid networks that power up the master controller grids in the Albion. As there is a reconnection of the Sun-Star Stellar maps into sections of the crystalline grids on the Earth, this is beginning to build higher liquid plasmic ray frequencies to the level that the planetary magnetic field is exponentially weakening. The magnetic field is shifting to the extent that the gravitational pull is lessening which causes the collapse of alien frequency fences and assorted controller machinery, which begins the transfiguration of the raw substances in physical matter and mental body matrices. As changes in the magnetic field occur, this can impact the electromagnetic balance between the left hand and right hand positioning in the body. The lightbody adjusts itself to the organic alignment of correct left and right positioning towards the true north star leading into the future timeline.

The transfiguration of physical matter during phases of Solar Synthesis means activations that are inspiriting the angelic human body and building the lightbody forms to receive Plasma Codes, which build into a Plasma Luminary Body which is positioned in now eternal time. To embody the liquid plasma light, we each must remove the false, artificial and obsolete while strengthening and merging the inner dwelling with our authentic monadic identity, which in its final stages births the Inner Christos from liquid plasma. The authentic spiritual self is the monadic identity which seats itself in the core or midsection of the physical body, and the core spiritual self is the center anchor of the plasma luminary body which exists in now eternal time.

Solar Synthesis transfers physical energy into the soul and monadic consciousness layers of the auric field in order to give birth to the eternal spiritual self through the newly energized lightbody receiving plasma light. The current magnetic shift combined with the ongoing solarization of the planetary grid is vaporizing dead energy miasma, alien machinery, artificial technologies and mutated inorganic substances that require an extremely low frequency and low vibrational density to continue to exist.

As the elemental forces in matter are being filled with the light seed fire codes of monadic spiritual flows, this Solar Synthesis is causing the transfiguration of lunar forces and shadow creatures along with the obliteration of many demonic hierarchies that were the armies of the Anti-Christ. The master stargates and ancient interdimensional portal systems activating through the Albion are pouring out solar coding with upgraded RNA-DNA instruction sets which introduce new rainbow plasma ray spectrums into the ley lines, which are causing further ripples of plasma activations. The planetary plasma activation brings on the organic evolution in an actively ascending lightbody of an angelic human through the bio-spiritual growth that transforms the lightbody substance into an embodied spiritualized physical matter substance. The current lightbody activation from planetary plasma transmissions are especially prevalent for those that are approximately age 33 and older, which may come on suddenly and be surprising for those who did not have a spiritually focused personality.

As we enter the emancipation cycle of planetary Solar Synthesis and the return of the Christos, the NAA and Controllers that are instructed from the Anti-Christ forces are desperate to continue their Archontic Deception Strategies in order to enslave the earth population. Whatever areas in the controller pillars of society that they cannot maintain their control over for Anti-Christ purposes and global consciousness enslavement, they seek to completely destroy through multiple methods of targeted Psychological Warfare and by carrying out genocidal bio-spiritual warfare. We need to be aware of these dark tactics being used for spiritual warfare, yet at the same time develop the spirit of patience and diligence to not give our power or consent away to these deceptive controller agendas.[1]

Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Instruction Sets

Thus, the recent plasma activations streaming throughout our Solar System include the recalibration of the merkaba spirals into a base 12 krystal matrix which reconnected all eleven planets with the Sun to form into a massive Emerald Crystal Body Matrix. This newly harmonized unified field formed into new krystal instruction sets for the dimensional particle-antiparticle blending into the harmonic universes being reconnected with the Cosmic Monad and Aurora Dragon Ray system, in the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star. This appears to have returned the Emerald Order instruction sets for setting magnetic sound tones, along with chromatic plasma spiral patterns designed for chromosomal repairs by running these morphogenetic patterns throughout the twelve bodies in the Solar System. These are related to the Sophianic plasma shields that build flowering liquid plasma fields that emanate the higher heart tones of crystal flowers to birth an assortment of Solar Dragon coding. These are very high plasma frequency tones of the Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Instruction Sets that are rapidly increasing the fundamental pulsation rhythms of the elements that compose matter on Earth.[2]

Reclaiming Dark Matter Template

As the result of the Planetary Emancipation Cycle, reclaiming the dark matter matrix and the ongoing Solar Synthesis, another harmonic universe emerged, the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. This newly reconfigured domain is considered to be the sixth harmonic universe, or HU6. The sixth harmonic universe has restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother dark matter template and has further laid the instruction set for the emergence of the Solar Feminine Christ or Sophianic consciousness embodiment upon the Earth. It is the new harmonic universe that supports the new plasma body activations which are seeded in our personal dark matter template, in which light seeds are germinated into quantum light and that energy is transferred from the subatomic layers to build our lightbody layers.

Thus, the current planetary Ascension Cycle that is underway is at the lightbody birthing stage into organic timelines, which is transfiguring matter into less density whereby elements, matter and spirit merge together. It is this stage of transfiguration of matter or the spiritualization of matter which generates the new elementals in organic creation and this corrects the alignment into organic timelines within the planetary lightbody.

When the planetary lightbody became stationed in the localized position of the organic timelines of the planetary soul matrix, which is the aligned position of the Taran soul body matrix, the light body seed atom with the instruction set from the pre fall Taran crystal body became ignited and active on the Earth. This greatly expanded the Earth field to encompass many dormant layers of her future crystalline instruction set, including the Gaian Matrix, which further opened the dimensional gateways for Aurora Earth to manifest here. This instruction set holds the blueprint for governing the quantum energy in the planetary lightbody whereby these instructions become encoded in the Diamond Sun genetic template recorded in the DNA and RNA of the angelic human genetic overlay.

The recent activations and planetary emancipation gridwork occurring within the Albion master controller in the planetary grid network, is revealing the Aurora Earth template of Ascension. These are the Rainbow Dragon Edenic codes of Avalon transmitting from this position of the organic timelines on the Earth as the rise of Arthurian Christos Consciousness reveals itself to us, through the Aurora Earth crystalline fields of Ascension.

Essentially, this began a rapid ignition of energetic flows to begin the birth of the spiritual lightbody layer to seat in the consciousness body, in which encryptions for restoring the atomic base 12 elementals and DNA-RNA communication are activated to receive plasma light. This process of the planetary ascension begins rapid liquid plasma flows from the planetary light seed atom that begin to penetrate and interface with the human lightbody, which transfigures the Negative Ego Mind Control construct into a plasma light conscious mind center. When the conscious mind center transfigures into a plasma light orb, the monadic mind station of identity can begin to integrate directly with that individual, upgrading their mental body to monadic functions. This further begins the process whereby the monadic spirit fully seats in the power center of the mental body, and the spirit source of the monadic family begins to embed in the atomic layers of the body. This is the true spiritual authentic mind identity which seats in the power center of the conscious mind which anchors the eternal now plasma body which fully dissolves false identity structures.

When the Monadic identity is able to seat itself fully in the conscious mind matrix functions, this begins the next stages of plasma body activation which corrects and upgrades the central nervous system, in which flowering matrices begin to sprout on the inner vertical channel to prepare for increasing plasma light transduction. The plasma body activation prepares the auric field to reconfigure itself into a spherical plasma body or fundamental plasma orb body, which takes on the shape of the angelic human ascension vehicle into the Four God World Domains. As the macrocosmic blueprint shifts to reflect the four domains of the God Worlds, the human lightbody reflects the exact same five-5 orb pattern within a larger plasma orb body, appearing similar to the Krystal Cathedral.[3]

White Sun Plasmas, Tantriahura Activation

The Solar Synthesis cycle of Tantriahura brought the white diamond sun plasma transmissions from dual emerald krystal spiral currents outside of time, that were preparing our time matrix for many of Cosmic Mother’s spirit body principles to become manifested, within the Elaysian architecture that can hold the organic embodiments of the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. The 1st God World creations of Emerald Order are hosting the Elaysa Sun architecture for Elaysian Fields linking into the Cosmic Hall of Records, which are being built throughout the planetary matrix in a series of organic light-sound-spirit holographic Crystal Cathedral Activations. These multidimensional grid activations in Gothic Cathedrals are reconnecting the Albion Lightbody to the many Sun Star networks, and include ongoing evictions of Black Dragon Queens and their hierarchies of lunar force demons used by the NAA to hijack and enslave the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. See Elaysa Code. [4]

Solar Rishi, Cosmic Trinity

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

The Solar Rishi are the first triad of light manifestations that make the Universal Trinity, that are projected from the Emerald Order and Blue Flame, Gold Order and Gold Flame, and Amethyst Order and Violet Flame from the God Source field, the Threefold Founder Flame or Cosmic Trinity.

Planetary Khemalohatea Activations

As the planet accelerates its solar frequency with several tantric activations causing rapid magnetic shifting with the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea, this Universal activation is neutralizing many of the clockshield distortions in the lunar matrix zodiacal imprints, and holographically repatterning the Hypothalamus metabolic functions and proper spiritualized blood codes when aligning the inner male and inner female energies into the masculine Krist pattern and the feminine Krystallah pattern.[5]

Birth of Khemalohatea

Temple of Khemalohatea, Gender Twin Matrix (art by Sequoia)

The Emerald Guardians' recent reclamations of the Tiamat Logos generated the Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shields for Universal Gender Principle Corrections; a 13:13 Cosmic Twinned Monad Emerald Masculine Star Templar and Blue Feminine Star Templar for realigning the authentic universal male-female star couplings in the original Sun-Star Networks with Ascended Master Capstone Codes. The retrieval of authentic Capstone Codes opened the Cosmic Mother Elaysan Cathedral for playing Elohei-Lyran Harp musical tones from several Tantriahura Mother Stream and Father Stream fields merging with Blue Rainbow Arc, White Rainbow Arc and Violet Rainbow Arc plasma lotus flowering instruction sets for bridging the Emerald Timekeeper Quadrata for the Primary Gender Twin Flames in the Diamond Sun hierogamic union templates. These are required for Cosmic Dragon Starhuman embodiment sequences opening into the Universal Temple of Khemalohatea, which further gives birth to the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea, for the purpose of the reclamation of Universal Twin Flames Transmigration into the God Worlds, while igniting the Camelot portal architecture throughout the Planetary Grid Network.


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