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Paliadorian gridwork projects designed to recover the Solar Feminine Christ template have been on turbo speed since the 8D Yeshua Rod and Staff codes began transmission in November, an anniversary celebration to remember when Yeshua and Guardian teams successfully brought back the 12 strand DNA Silicate Matrix to the earth. This stage of Immanuel coding unleashed waves of galactic activations that laid the ground work for several upcoming Stargate and timeline retrieval projects from past destructive events, bringing awareness to the next stage of recovering the Solar Feminine and Cathar templates in the South of France and in Notre Dame, Paris. This involved returning to the timeline of the first wave mass genocidal event on the earth, which is the Lemurian Holocaust.

The Lemurian Holocaust was a direct planned assault on the matriarchal society and Solar feminine, in which many of the inhabitants were direct descendants of the original seeding of the Paliadorian races, and were tasked with the important job as Keepers of the Blue Flame. These main groups were Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they were protectors of the crystalline network of Mother’s Sophianic Template and Guardians of the North and South Ley Lines.

The Armageddon Software has artificially replicated several Lemurian Holocaust timelines that the NAA repeatedly use as a template for wielding cataclysm and destruction of the Mother principle, which is based on these previous historical events of earth’s first genocidal memories. Yahweh collective consider themselves the architects of the Armageddon system as recorded in the Book of Revelations, and this particular virtual reality software for timeline manipulation is considered their pride and joy, from the perspective of their NAA role in conquering the earth territory. Essentially, the main timeline wars have been fought over the manifestation of the Ascension timeline versus the Armageddon timeline, which represents the Christ forces versus the Anti-Christ forces rule on the earth.

Recently, it was made possible to gather and reconnect the Lemurian timelines into a corrected krystal architecture, organic and artificial layers that were linked back into governance of the Emerald Order. Once handed over to Guardian teams, they began to make corrections to the inner gate systems to remove access into these holocaust timelines that were being mainly controlled in the 8D layers of the Yahweh Matrix. This began another purge of artificial timelines used to repeat the traumatic events of the Lemurian Holocaust in the earth, and evict imposter identities through the removal of cloned identities and false holograms, which the imposters were using to cloak themselves and pretend to be record keepers and Guardian representatives in the Hawaiian island chain’s most powerful vortices. Through the correction of the Lemurian timeline, many fragments in the 2D layers which represent the split body parts of the Mother known as the Achamoth, were reintegrated back into the Arc Zone. Starseeds with this lineage as the Keepers of the Blue Flame may have undergone deep emotional processing with the sensations of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the hatred directed to the divine mother principle, and the waves of grief and sadness from this particular event. Through this event, the earth came to know Misogyny and extreme levels of hatred directed towards the divine feminine, as carried out by the NAA invaders. This event brought several karmic timelines into a crashing crescendo that created a lot of unusual and surreal events and reconnections from people in our past that may have been connected to these timelines. Many times, on the Ascension path, we must process the emotional residue of the Fragments and soul fractures that occurred when the Mother’s body was shattered and split into many pieces. Through these healing events, as we find these pieces and reassemble the Mother’s body parts, she is made whole inside of us and we become the emanation of her Sophianic Body on the earth.

A next stage spiritual healing of the divine mother has restored krystal rainbow plasma fields to flood the lands of Mu, which allowed the Lemurian timeline to reconnect into the Cosmic Clock of the Christos-Sophia Aeon. This allowed the retrieval of Paliadorian codes from pre-holocaust Lemuria, the lands of Mu which have sister connections to the future Tara, and these were heart twinned and brought into present time for current access in embodying the diamond Crystal Rose Heart of the Solar Feminine Christ.[1]

Taran Genetic Digression

Over many millions of years, two distinctly opposing seed cultures emerged as infected by the AI programming of the neighboring Bourgha, the Victim-Victimizer software, which was designed to amplify extreme forces of polarity that were particularly effective for harvesting Loosh energy. The Law of Polarity was governed by the Gemini constellation, which down stepped mental body creations that were being generated from the AI mutations forming to reverse polarity signatures. Mutations started to form in which one group of Tarans started to be genetically slanted towards more aggression, domination over others and Service to Self. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Atlantians, a patriarchal dominating culture that was very mentalized and scientific. The other culture was much more passive, spiritual and willing to capitulate through Service to Others. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Lemurians, a matriarchal culture that was very balanced with nature and was following the Law of One.[2]


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