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Heavenly Jerusalem, Krystal Cathedral (art by Sequoia)

The Krystal Cathedral architecture for building Golden Cities is based on the microcosm to macrocosm reflection of the divine structure to house the body of God, and has also been referred to as the City Four Square in the earlier ES materials.

The Krystal Cathedral is the Inner Christos Diamond Sun angelic human Lightbody that is built by the spiritually dedicated to house the liquid plasma light of God. For the Inner Christos to embody in matter, the inner dwelling must be cultivated to house our highest consciousness in order to exist in oneness with the Godhead. To experience our inner divinity, we must build the inner temple of our physical body to reflect the divine presence of the Krystal Cathedral, a body temple built for serving God and the divine plan.

This new architectural eternal life foundation is also being built in the Universal macrocosm as the result of the Indigo Blue Ray ascension wave brain activation through the Eternal Eye of God. This particular blue ray activation is being referenced by the Guardians as the Krystal Cathedral transmission from the Cosmic Cube Matrix. This holds the schematics for the blueprint design that contains the Krystal Cathedral architecture for building the inner dwelling for the Christos consciousness within the planetary body and angelic human body.

Heavenly Jerusalem

Through gridworking, Heavenly Jerusalem reveals to be the location of which one may access the Cosmic Cube Matrix from the Eye of God, this Golden Cube appears to hold the organic creator's instruction set for the earth element Hexahedron and for the purpose of building Krystal Cathedrals and Golden Cities. This instruction set is hidden in the grail, or grual Stargate which has been fought over for thousands of years by those with competing alien agendas, this area is in Temple Mount.

Krystal Diamond Pillars

Each of these Diamond Pillars has an anchor in a physical location on the Earth. For a moment, let us acknowledge and connect with the Krystal Pillars in alignment to the four sacred directions of the Krystal Cathedral that are located in: Macchu Picchu, Peru; Oslo, Norway; Bali; Giza, Egypt; and Temple Mount, Israel. To that which is sacred to our Diamond Heart, I am with you in Eternal Love, Eternal Heart of God core flows. Always through infinite and spiral time.[1]

Divine Mind of God

Transcript - The Guardians have been showing me over the last weeks the imprint of the schematic of the Divine Mind of God made upon the third eye in the center of our brain. What this means is that the actual Living Divine Plan of God is projected as a geometric schematic of the Divine Will Blueprint as intended through the All Seeing Eye or the Eye of God. All intermediary lenses of the False Gods and Mind Control, such as the Eye of Yahweh, Eye of Jehovah, Eye of Horus and other religious control mechanisms requiring salvation or redemption, must be broken down and cleared away in order to connect directly with the divine mind of God. The All Seeing Eye of God is coming to reside inside our body as the Living Eternal Presence in our re-wired brain to help prepare for the forthcoming Christos expressions.

Eternal Eye of God

Transcript - For years the Guardian Host have been showing me optical lenses which refract the light source into the holographic projector of the consciousness blueprint fields. It was shown how intermediary lenses, also referred to as eyes or filters, are used in Mind Control systems to manipulate the patterns of refracted light in the 3D reality in order to create distorted light holograms. The Negative Aliens technology created many of these artificial intelligence “eyes” that operate as the optical lenses of the False Father gods, such as Yahweh. These alien networks run bi-wave and reversal current into the planetary body and planetary mind in order to siphon energy into their artificial systems. In 2010 the Krystal Star family with the 144,000 seal in their 3rd Eye began to witness the unfolding of the schematic of the Divine Mind of God blueprint imprinted upon the center of our brain. The actual living and eternal Divine Plan of God through the Holy Father's Laws is being projected as a geometric schematic which contains the instruction sets of the divine will blueprint as perceived through its "All Seeing Eye". Unfortunately, the All Seeing Eye symbol has been hijacked in the past through the many uses of its symbolism in Black Magic rituals carried out for satanic or luciferian purposes. Which can be observed as the symbolism used in black magic to gain control over the economic and financial system, as well as the entire global money supply.

The Eternal Eye of God instruction set has been placed in the field through our physical, embodied person, and our mission is to ensure that we hold this 144 cell schematic for the energetic balance of the planet. When the schematic is being released for transmission into the field, it is similar that the body is acting as a transformer for the frequency current, stepping down and stepping up the variation of frequencies as they are being run throughout one's internal circuitry. The Divine Will from the Mind of God Blueprint has been placed in the 33rd parallel north latitude coordinate for access all over the globe. The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean.

This begins another stage of the process which planetary guardian gridworkers are able to access the geometries required to create diamond sun networks of trinitized forms, that support the building of Triad Communication Stations throughout the globe. This is required to change the bi-wave energy system to the tri-wave energy system, which in effect is moving from a closed energy system into an open source network.

The installation of Triad Communication Stations and Krystal Star networks are designed to replace Reversal Networks that have been collecting Loosh from the earth inhabitants, and to work with the Krystal Star organic technology to open spiritual links to communicate directly with Krystal Star and Aurora Guardians throughout the many timelines. This began as a focused Planetary Grid Network repair project to install Krystal Star hosting and communication networks in December 2012, during the change of planetary hosting. [2]

Eye of God

The All Seeing Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract called the Cosmic Cube Matrix to prepare for the building of the Krystal Cathedral. It is the schematic being projected into the brains and bodies of the Oraphim Blue Ray's at this time, those with the mark of the lamb on their foreheads as created by the opening of the seal.

This imprint of a Geometric Tesseract is being referred to as the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God's 144,000. The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God's Laws by building the architecture of the City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral. This represents the Four planes of matter in the Four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora's through the Krystal River host.

The City Four Square contains the blueprint of the Solar Christ identity of the 144,000 archetypes of the sons and daughters of God that build the Krystal Cathedral on the earth.(See Christos-Sophia)

This new eternal life foundation, the new grid base matter of the 144,000 based upon the transmissions of the Seven Sacred Suns, is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of God consciousness in the given dispensation of the Ascension. The City Four Square of Krystal Cathedral is where the Crystal River Flows and is represented as the Golden City archetype that returns God's Universal Laws back to this creation. Its projection is to be held as embodied by the divine messengers of Christos, those with the seal of the lamb on their foreheads holding the Cosmic Cube Matrix.

The Blue Ray Families of Oraphim are the first ones embodying this process on the Earth now. It is a part of the Christ Consciousness returning through the Oraphim Blue Ray and the Elohim Creator Gods to reinstall God's divine plan in this density, by resurrecting the Natural Laws. The Guardians mention that although Metatron's cube appears as a similar geometric function, that this Cosmic Cube Matrix of the 144 is not the same thing. They describe both Archangel Metatron and "Enoch-Thoth" as the appointed "Scribes of God's Mind" that had held these geometries in the lower form worlds and that served its purpose during the dark eon, however, that time is now coming to an end. As we enter the age of the Cosmic Christos Intelligence and create a direct relationship to God, with no intermediary, the removal of the intermediary forces and scribe is made possible.[3]

Krystal Cathedral

Celestial Cathedral (art by Elizabeth)

The Starseed Blue Rays have been building and weaving the new stage of Unity Field Code architecture to be accessible in the Earth body by actually physically embodying the schematic of the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000 archetypes. The blueprint can only be housed in a Christos Body indwelling, only accessed and directed by the internal and eternal spirit of God Force through the Aurora. Any being focused on the Anti-Life force of the external environment or believing in delusional ego mechanisms for control for power will not perceive it or see it in the field.

The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral. This represents the Four planes of matter in the Four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora’s through the Crystal River. The City Four Square is where the Crystal River Flows and is represented as the Golden City archetype that returns the Holy Father's Universal Laws back to this creation.[4]

House of the Holy Trinity

The Solar Logos structure in the 10D-11D-12D harmonic universe timelines have been united with the Cosmic Trinity through the installation of the Sophianic sonic pillars which creates vertical alignments in the three gates simultaneously and which manifests as The House of the Holy Trinity, that transmits plasma frequencies for expanding out the Universal Krystal Cathedral. This Krystic architecture is the Universal macrocosm structure to transmit the Plasma Activations of the Christos-Sophia rod and staff frequencies through the Solar Logos body, and then align these trinitized krystal structures through the 45-degree diagonal links, called diamond grids, into the planetary body.[5]

Cosmic Energy cycle

During the end of the Cosmic Cycle, the Hidden Eighth Sun appears and the Cosmic Aton God Body assembles through the integrated merge that occurs between the Seven Suns of the One. The Seven Suns of the particle matrix merge with the Seven Suns of the anti-particle matrix forming the completion of the cosmic time cycle, that further forms into the Aton God Body on the eighth day which marks the end of the cosmic cycle. The Seven Suns on each side of the material and spirit domains unify and show the position on the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons as the right hand at 10 or 22 hours, and the left hand on 4 or 20 minutes. These positions can be thought of as 10:22, 10:4 or 10:20, which marks the dual time matrix merge that ends the current time cycle and aligns us into zero-point time in the creation door or Neutron Window.

Through the Aton God Body which functions as the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon body unifier of the Seven Suns into One as a Universal Ankh Body, the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral architecture and spirit instruction sets played in heavenly orchestras from the God Worlds emerge. It is through the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral, which serves as the heavenly vessel for the massive spiritual consciousness body of the Cosmic Mother, that she embodies within and without, internal and external to eternal life. It is a travelling consciousness vehicle that links the Stairway to Heaven spiritual planes of Sun-Star Networks with the material planes of the Earth, and it is the repository for her instruction sets and musical designs for building out the entire Cosmic to Universal to Planetary Krystal Cathedral network for the planet.[6]

Lady of the Lamps

There is a Lady of the Lamps and there is a Gentleman of the Lamps krystic architecture that surfaced when these Holy Lamp Activations started to show up when the Krystal Cathedral Networks, the Gothic Cathedral Networks, were being re-connected into their proper sun-star networks in the Planetary Grid Network. This was an Activation of these Cathedrals to hold a Krystal Cathedral grid within it. These are the required Krystic housings for the God body of authentic Ascended Masters. Now we know that the Ascended Masters are returning and they need a body of which to seat themselves and that is within a Krystal Cathedral or a Ankh Body.

So these are for the embodiments of authentic Ascended Masters, those that have a transmigration ability in which to leave or exist in or outside of the time matrix. So the Elaysa White Sun creates Mother Pillars and these Mother Pillars unite Seven Eternal Flames of the Lady of the Lamp and this ignites within our ray system within the Capstone Codes and the Capstone Nodus and that which is that heavenly couple emanation of Ursa Major Constellation and the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. So the Father Pillar is made from the Melchizedek Blue Sun and so the Melchizedek Blue Sun Father Pillar unites with the Seven Eternal Flames of which we call it the Holy Gentleman of the Lamps. And again this Lamps ritual is connected to the Cosmic Dragon Starhuman template of Emerald Order in which the Bethlehem sun-star is a Cosmic White Sun-Star inside the Twinned Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha heart complex, which is a part of a full transmigrational Emerald Sun template of Ascended Masters with their Diamond Rainbow bodies. Now the Mother Pillar and Father Pillar access into the Cosmic Hearts of the God Worlds from their Triple Solar Temple of Solomon and within the Aton God Body.[7]

Term first found: Page 65, HGS Manual.


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