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Themes Seeing brain changes in pineal, bridging hemispheres together, circadian rhythms effected, seeing 3D Mind Locks, Bi-Polar, and false umbilicus connected to recycling through astral, Dragon Races ability to Span Multiple Dimensions and vantage points, dragons and architects are the ones cleaning up and rehabilitating)

Opening: As we memorialize our session in the here and now, Beloved God again we create our sacred container and space to be fully consecrated to the eternal living light and the cosmic Christ principle. We ask our guides our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation and our Guardian families that serve the one. Beloveds we ask that our template be updated both individual and collective to be forever perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. We ask for gatekeeping now to hold our alchemical container to be consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God, as well as the highest capacity of exchange of what serves God actualization and full embodiment at all levels, as God would have it be between us here today. We request our handshake fortifying our communication and spiritual links, as well as our direct cognition upgrades to fully align into the cosmic triad of God, into the Mother herself. And with deep reverence beloved Mother, we ask please breath the living light and its code into our form and into all created form. We state our intention now to be remembered to that which we are fully, completely and totally. As we state our mutual purpose as one, we ask for resurrection of all inorganic pattern to the organic living light of God now. And to that we say beloveds, thank you thank you thank you.

Again as we ask our Guardian teams and guidance teams, of which there seem to be many assembling here at this moment. I feel like there is a learning process and something that is being presented now. Which is interesting, it's like a file sharing is going on. So beloveds, in the first level of what is coming through is I feel something in the primal currents of the DNA template of the body are being changed, in some level of association through the body. So show me what that is. Okay, so a core polarity change. There is an electrical orientation and a core polarity change in the basis of the body. In all levels of the ionic and particulate ray currents that come in through the Axiatonal Lines, please prepare for Axiatonal Alignment and that which is fully oriented into the core polarity structure of union. Bringing base electrical matter and all levels of matter into the proper angle, and into the dual spin direction that serves the body's highest expression, God expression in bringing the body into balance. Again as we bring that into the field here and now, we ask that any and all information in regards to the sinus and the areas around the cranium and head, to be brought into awareness, of the balance and alignment. Please assist in that correction.

Planet Quadrants and Cranium

It is not an implant. We were talking about the mother embodiment and the frequencies and the genetic coding that you hold, that feel really aligned to the Mother Arc and the embodiment of correct Mother frequencies. A part of our group and collective project this year is making changes to help repair the planetary brain. So the part of the female principle brain, the part of the female head that has been taken from the planet is now being re-birthed. The planetary brain and Planetary Logos is being rebirthed through us in the physical realm. When I look at your head, I need to look at it like the planet, it is reflecting to me the planetary body. And in looking at the axiatonal lines and the grid matrix around your head, I'm looking at it as the quadrants of the planet earth. Understanding that there is a macro to micro relationship and considering your cranium schematic reflects as connected to a part of the planets head, which is the Planetary Logos.

It's understanding that this is a part of the collective matrix of the Crown, that is being rebirthed at this time. There is something about this coming online now. There is something going on with this new crown arrangement that is a part of not only your personal embodiment process, but is part of what's happening on the planet at this time. As you know you are a steward of that divine plan, as a part of the logo's consciousness. I'm going to ask beloveds, first of all if this is not an implant, if there is any entity, being or architecture which needs to be revealed into the surface of our awareness, so that we may re-encrypt, rehabilitate or release any obsolete structure that needs to be either disassembled or disassociated from its connection and influence with this beloved being, in fully achieving the highest expression of her heroic probability of God actualization.

Okay, in the center of the brain, this is so interesting. I'm looking at a change and even though this sounds like it's macro, it is apparently something that's being held or relating to this feeling that you are having in your head. So the thing is that they are telling me this is not an implant, but the circadian rhythm of the hemispheres of what is spinning. So our human brain is controlled by a certain brain chemistry and we're applying this to planet Earth's brain as well. What we consider on planet Earth as natural, meaning our time and Schumann Resonance and certain levels of the movement of the resonance of the planet, is actually not organic. We understand that the Reversal 55 Grid base and the Metatronic Reversal machinery that have been done through the NAA, create the Fibonacci spirals, that they think are the nautilus shell, but are actually off in terms of its alignment to the third frequency, or Tri-wave Consciousness that we're attempting to bring into merge down here.

So your cranium, your head and the blueprint of your bodies, spirit light bodies of your God self... there is a change that is happening in the circadian rhythm of your own body and the circadian rhythm of the actual planet Earth. There's some kind of relay or interface that's happening as a transmission. That is about codes that you're carrying, because it's like a calibration issue. And that's why the EMF calibration helped it, because it's a calibration issue between your energy body and physical body. The planet's body is going through all of its changes, then additionally we have interference patterns that come in from others, and it knocks us off that alignment structure. So what I'm seeing is that this sensation is stemming from a calibration issue.

So this wasn't an implant, but there was interference around us connecting here today. Because this is something that is a part of your embodiment, meaning it's something you're doing as a part of your mission. This is a part of what you're holding in your blueprint. Oh I see, when you and I get together because we're a part of the same family of architects, what it does is it amplifies our frequencies. So what I'm getting here today, is what we are doing is like sharing files in download. Everything I have you get, everything you've learned, we share the information. We are like long-lost colleagues that are reconnecting in the physical for the first time after eons, but we have an appointment. What we're understanding is this is our appointment to share information about what we've been carrying. What we are exchanging is a part of our individual and mutual work that has to do with the False Navel structures and the 3D mental body structures, and how those structures have been used to change and to alter human biochemistry, such as the whirring of the meridians around the brain, which impacts brain frequency.

So the brain works like a receiver that is supposed to receive impulses from higher frequencies, like our higher self and spirit. But because of the Mind Control constructs that are controlling the frequencies, especially for most people that are in 3D that are locked down in that parameter, their brain then becomes locked in a certain frequency parameter. The brain or the active neurological structure is only impulsing or receiving a certain low broadband of frequency, that correlates to very low frequency thought forms.

Circadian Rhythm in Brain Chemistry

What I'm understanding is that there is a prototyping happening that we are sharing today, that has to do with the change of the circadian rhythm, or the whirring of the chemistry of the brain in the hemispheres. I am looking at the gray matter and the instruction set of the gray matter. Understanding that how the right hemisphere and left hemisphere communicate with each other, and that the Pineal Gland in the center bridges them together. I'm seeing this is about the nervous system functioning and it's about Brain relationship. Understanding our vagus nerve is that center system that has something to do with part of what unites certain brain patterns into a cohesive alignment of brain pattern coherence.

Most people's brains on this planet are not having cohesive communication with each other. There is a small part of the brain that is registering language and communication, but it's not registering many other parts that it should be. This is how we get this really dysfunctional bipolar pattern on earth, that's a part of that Golden Eagle Grid dysfunction as well, and it's created this Bi-Polar brain dysfunction in humans. So it looks like we're assisting with the imprinting, which at this point looks like it has a lot of complexity to it. One level is about the changing and update of the planetary logos, which is a part of our project this year and we're working on that at various levels. And the changing of planetary brain means it's the change of macro-micro relationships of the brain pattern, meaning whatever happens with the planet, happens with individuals as well.

False Umbilicus and Recycling

So a part of that instruction set, is we're bridging the difference between the third dimensional mental body and higher mental body. Meaning we know the Conscious Mind matrix comes out of the third dimensional body, and it is what makes up most people's sense of ego identity or self. Those identities are coming from our third dimensional view, of what we think we are and most people are locked into that belief system. So I'm seeing that there is some bridge or pathway templating, beyond the 3rd dimensional layers of the mental body. Because that's where that unnatural naval is that is sending people into recycling? It's an umbilicus, it's a false umbilicus. So I'm seeing that the false umbilicus has a relationship to controlling the lower mental bodies. It's a part of the alien architecture and the false structure, that also is changing the way people process information, it alters their brain patterns and all of that.

We are working on a bridge template from the third dimensional mental body instruction set, and a resetting of mental body patterns. I mean code. It's interesting I'm seeing the whirring, it's like seeing one field of the brain spinning in one direction and the other field of the brain spinning in the other direction. I'm seeing that when they spin correctly the center of the brain gets activated. Which is your whole pineal and this Corpus Callosum nerve bundle function. Because our brain is supposed to be functioning as one unified brain, meaning that it should all work together. So there is some type of templating the brain structure, which is also connected to the planetary brain upgrade. Which is also a part of learning through you as an individual being, where I am seeing your head, but understanding it's a part of the planets interface in exchanging corrected code architecture.

There's an instruction set that we are working on, in shifting the planetary brain and neurological patterns, that are being manipulated into the Mind Locks scenarios with alien mind control programs. I am seeing the mind lock scenarios of this Mind Control, are also heavily weighted with this false umbilicus structure in the planetary body. Mind control keeps the recycling program going. It's a part of using people as recycling through this repeated reincarnation, and what they are doing with that in the astral layers. So in understanding this... I'm going to ask for any interference monitoring, or that which is not purely of the Guardian consciousness, 100% devoted to the Law of One and the light of the eternal God supply. We ask that any tracking, remote viewing, holes or openings in the aura through which this is being viewed or monitored to be sealed. I ask for assistance in anchoring the Guardian support through our Andromedan Councils, as well as our Aurora families.

Divine Cube Schematic of Krystal Cathedral

Okay. Apparently you have been a part of our family that is holding the divine cube schematic, in the center of the brain and in the third eye. Remember last year, they were talking about those with the Seal of the Lamb on their forehead. It was interesting that was coming through as a biblical term. Because there are parts of that which are in reference to our light body, which are encoded in there. There is a schematic and a blueprint of what they call the Divine Cube of God's 144,000 archetypes. This is a part of the archetypes of the 144,000 and it's coming in through our third eye. This is a part of our group, or those of us that have that activation. It's a part of the krystic group, Oraphim that are rebuilding the planetary brain, meaning this whole project to rehabilitate the logos.

So there is either an attunement to this structure or a calibration to this structure that's needed for it to function correctly. But a couple of days ago before our session we had some interference. Because once we combine our energies and understand our task at hand and become clear in what we are working within the architecture of the fields, it empowers us at an even larger level. I'm feeling this has more clarity in our mutual purpose. This is a part of what we are creating with the planetary field, meaning the support to the planetary brain, planetary logos is being rebuilt or rebirthed, through those of us that have received the divine cube schematic, archetype of 144,000. Which is like saying the blueprint for the House of God, meaning we are carrying inside our bodies the schematics of the God field, and it's being projected as a blueprint from out of our third eye.

So in understanding this, is there anything that needs to be addressed or healed through any interference, or anything that needs to be brought into rehabilitation, or release. Okay I'm just looking at something, I don't know what I'm looking at here. So clear and remove any 11th dimensional reversals in the structure connecting to the center of that sphere. Okay, any mutation in the template crating distortion, no. Okay, I'm getting check, check. I'm not getting implant, I'm not getting interference, I'm getting process. I'm getting some nuisance interference, but as soon as we connected I saw that it was over.

You have something trying to obscure the vision of the clarity of what it is, that's the kind of interference. Like do not see this, so that you will not participate with the understanding of what you carry. Because what I'm understanding more and more, is that what is critical for us that do this work, and what is being asked of us more and more now, is that we have a participation with the human part of us. Meaning our human parts see this, and we can participate with it consciously. As soon as we become aware of it, it's here in the physical. Like we brought it, we dropped it down here. Because so many of these higher self processes are unfathomable to the human mind. I mean as a human being you cannot fathom this. So what I saw obstructing, was obstructing my view, not like an implant preventing it from happening. Because they can't, this cannot be prevented. This is a process with a time sequence, meaning there's a timeline where this code activates. Because it activates at a very specific time in the time field, and that's what it's about. It's not actually preventing it, it's about alignment to the timeline.

So understanding that we have seen the template and we understand what it is now. Because in seeing this through you, I know it's a part of my work too. I know that those of us that hold this piece are a part of this as a group project. So now I'm seeing how that is being done, which is not something I understood before now. I was not clear that the false umbilicus structure is being manipulated through the mind control. Meaning when somebody starts working with their 12D Shield and working with a higher harmonic frequencies that take them out of their mental body reliance, that whole ego machination of stuff, the regurgitation goes through the mind. Once you learn how to source higher sensory, it's a very different feeling than the mental body. It's hard to explain that, but I think you may understand what I mean. I know a lot of people that connect to me may think that what I am saying is coming from the mental body, but this experience is not a 3D thing. It's at a deep sensory level that information comes in, I'm not using the ego mind to access any of this. Therefore it's an experience reading energies. You and I are having an experience, that I'm actually seeing the shape of that I can read, although it is not words, its energy. It's not coming through the mental body formulating some conceptual idea.

So it's really interesting because that seems to be what I call the big burrito of getting our jobs done here. Which is that we can only make this possible if we make it possible for our humanness. Meaning we are actually the embodiments, bringing it into physical human embodiment is how we keep it here, is how we get the higher code here. If we don't connect to it we don't know it's there. Therefore it can be hidden, obscured and messed with by those that oppose us being on the earth.

So what I was seeing there was an attempt to obscure, so that you and I don't see the divine cube schematic and its purpose. Because once we do see it and understand, now we are in the process of working on rebirthing planetary logos, by changing our planetary brain, and therefore that micro macro relationship between human brain patterns. It's the exact same model as the human brain. The planetary brain is a reflection of our human brain and vice versa. So as we see this, I'm seeing that the circadian rhythms that are controlled by the pineal gland in our brain, there is something about the circadian rhythm that is what gives us certain metabolic processes. Like how our waking and sleeping patterns or certain metabolic processes, are related to how our brain is being controlled on earth.

Bi-Polar, Bi-wave Consciousness

I'm seeing that this divine cube schematic is changing that. It has to do with changes to the circadian rhythm. I'm seing the circadian rhythm and I'm seeing the two whirring patterns in the brain hemispheres. I'm seeing that the current circadian rhythm keeps the human brain operating in a bipolar pattern. Meaning that you shift back and forth in this polarity consciousness, it's yes-no, black-white, guilty not guilty. That person can't see anything else. And when people process at that level they cannot connect to what we're speaking of in the higher consciousness realms. They're just locked down in the bipolar processing of data.

So there's something about the circadian rhythm of planet, which is controlled through the pineal gland access. It has something to do with the merging of brain pattern, meaning overcoming that bipolar pattern, so that the brain can merge itself or communicate with itself better. It doesn't go into left hemisphere or right hemisphere, meaning it's a more unified pattern through which the brain can span a movement of some certain impulse of information coming through as frequency transmission. I'm seeing there's something coming in with that, and it's got all this Indigo signature around it, which feels like it has something to do with Mother, Blue Ray.

Because this is one of the things that came through a year and a half ago, and I didn't understand it at the time and this is giving me another piece of the puzzle. They had me working with the aquamarine Mother frequency in the pineal gland. Because one of the things they were saying was, in 2008 they were expecting more Indigos to ignite, to have awakenings and they didn't. They did not awaken and there was an understanding that there was a static field around the mental bodies, that was also distorting the third eye. Meaning that the third eye is another mental body, if we look at 3-6-9, these are all on the right side and they are all male principle energies. So they were being corrupted by the Archangel Michael matrix and these frequencies that were coming down and fragmenting. So what I was seeing when I was going through the Michael matrix, was that the Michael matrix is 9th dimensional collective masculine principle consciousness, being controlled at the 10 dimensional level. But it was on the ninth dimension and it was bleeding through the sixth and the third. It was like seeing the mental bodies go all the way down. This is something that is an antidote to that. I'm seeing that it has something to do primarily with the six dimensional mental body's correction. I don't see the platinum or silver, I see the big aquamarine flame or Aqua Ray in the center of your brain.

So it's interesting, I'm asking do I hold and run that, you already are, it's actually in your brain already. Meaning that up around your head I'm seeing that aquamarine energy. About a year and a half ago they said don't put this in the public yet, they said this is a prototype. They had a couple of us in the group at the time, working with our indigo children. Because what they were concerned about was how this bipolar split with the mind control crap, was happening with the kids. Meaning all of the Indigos and the crystals and the little ones that are down here. Because they're the ones, their neurological systems are very sensitive and they were the ones feeling it the most. So they were trying to create an assistance and support for that group and I understood we were prototyping and experimenting to support and neutralize this problem.

Nobody really knew how this was going to be accomplished, it was like they understood there was a distortion and a problem in the third eye of Indigo Kids. And they wanted to address it. They said from now on use the Mother Arc to recode the six dimensional frequency to support the Indigo population. (question...)

Exactly. We cannot, because again anything audio or visual can be inserted. That is the misconception of what people think I'm doing, because I don't have clairvoyance and clairaudience. I see and receive information from energy almost like in a sonar, I don't know how else to describe it. It's not a vision with your eyes. I don't have visuals, I did in the beginning though. In the middle of this process it stopped and I was like did I do something wrong? Why did I lose that? Because I actually saw them, I had contact with them and saw them and then that went away. When I committed to this Christ piece fully, it went away. Which probably was a part of when I got introduced to the severe attacking. And that's why I was so upset, now I don't have my clairvoyance and clairaudience. I can't see where I'm getting smashed, but I can feel them as I am getting pummeled. Now I'm so grateful, because now I understand why. What they were doing is saying, you cannot become reliant on anything that is an external perception of yourself, everything must be sourced from inside. You will learn to read energy like a barcode scanner. Meaning you are barcode scanner now, this is what direct cognition is, your body will feel it like a barcode reader. Don't rely on a picture, don't rely on an audio or visual type of sense, because that can be inserted and manipulated by dark forces. (question...)

What I have come to understand is there are parts of us that carry pieces of the guardian consciousness, which is understanding the founder races. These are types of embodiment of that information, which seems to be a part of keeping the memory alive for the earth. Because what we're also here to do, is it's like we had beautiful family members that exploded themselves into bits, and we are keeping the holographic record alive so we can re-create them. It's like saying, I'm not going to leave you in there, as a fraction of yourself. Because also what happened down here is a lot of these God beings, that were a part of the Melchizedek families, got exploded.

Reclaiming and Recollecting the Pieces

So we're carrying those prototypes and the template and the holographic memory of these original creations and records. We are not going to forget you, we're not going to let you be forgotten in there, through the in-breath cycle. Because the whole thing is, we return to God but are we going to return as sentient or fragmented into bits. There were a lot of us in the Blue Ray families that got exploded to bits in previous or parallel timelines. A lot of what we're doing when we go through these underworld areas and observe the astral type of creations, is that we are also picking up those body fragments and doing retrievals.

When I went to Egypt last year, hearing the story about Isis and Osiris I thought oh my God that's what were doing down here. Because in that myth, Isis and Osiris are actually married, but he gets chopped into bits and she has to go collect the pieces and put them back together again. And she does it by making Horus the Christ child. I thought that's exactly what we're doing on this earth to reclaim the Christ Consciousness.

We're going on recon mission and collecting those pieces however we want to say this, of ourselves, of family members and pieces of these levels of higher consciousness. These have been, for whatever reasons of which there are many, used, distorted and trapped in these phantom spaces and then it is our job to bring them back together. But we have to do it with the memory of the holographic architecture. Which is so interesting because at the same time what's occurred, is reptilian forces are smart enough to read code, like a website HTML page. They look at the code but I think what they didn't understand, is that it's a dead when they create it inorganically or artificially, from the way they project the realities using technology. They know how to replicate code, but it's a replication that basically siphons, it is parasitic. The only way it can exist is by parasitizing another living thing that has light source. It is truly understanding that in our matrix the big conflict is the war over God. Meaning these beings believe they are God beings, because they can create realities using technology. But they are really not, because they have to consume others in order to exist. It's very weird the whole thought process is so strange. The only thing that truly connects to the God supply again is the organic architecture of God, which cannot be replicated. It is so amazing that they tried to replicate it. Like something trying to replicate consciousness and it can't. Such an interesting dilemma we have down here. (question...)

It's challenging for me because I do feel like there is an orientation shift, that is going to shift who shows up on your doorstep in that regard. It feels like our mission and what we are doing is being upgraded, like a change in our work level. Because I feel this is not coming from any type of judgment, but I'm aware that our role is to activate those that are a part of our family of consciousness, that have the coding to connect to this consciousness. Because we are, we're the parents to the Indigos. And the Indigos don't know who they are, many are very lost on the earth. I really feel that you have a very similar role to me, like the cosmic mommy, the cosmic mother to the Indigos. And it's not about a value difference, it's saying that they need to be loved and polished up and then they need direction for their mission.

It's time to get clearer and get on the path here, chop chop it's time to get going. And that's what our role is, is getting them briefed, getting them clear and getting them functioning. Because a lot of them are not. Because God knows nobody got their mommy down here, nobody got any spiritual support. I feel you will probably have some of that too, I don't know if that feels right to you. They are saying look, your energy and your consciousness is not as effective trying to bridge to a 3D person who is still mired in incredible pain. You know the person that just keeps looping in their mind, they just can't activate to this level quickly. (question...) You just can't get them out of the lock. I feel like there's going to be in an influx, I feel like they're going to start sending you more of those Indigos that are just ready to pop. But need a grounding stabilizing influence to really say, okay, look let's get clear before you get going.

Self Responsibility and Indigo Mission

Because one thing that I have noted, that you may resonate with in your approach which is not necessarily popular, is that we have to be very clear about discipline. And that's not a popular thing going on in the new age. It's not that you can't have fun and enjoy life, but you've got to discipline your mental body, you've got to discipline your emotional body. It's non-negotiable in that you have to commit, no more fence sitting. And that's what I notice has not made me the most popular one in the bunch over the years. Because it's self-responsibility all the way, stop your whining, get off the floor and start joining the group and getting to work.

I get the feeling that there is a little adjustment in focus, and I don't know what it is. Like who or what is going to be brought into our periphery now, or into our immediate focus. Meaning the types of individuals that we work with to support. Because I'm really feeling that's a part of the focus now, we're getting down to the wire and it feels like we need to assist as many Indigos in activating their potential. At least coming into an awareness of who they are, so they can empower themselves. Because most of them do have that Starseed blueprint of orphan, they tend to believe something is wrong with them, something is weird. And truly it's not until they really understand who they are, that they can empower themselves and really allow the conduit of who they are to be expressed without all that reptoid complex. I've seen it's really amazing how simple it is, just giving them a context to work with. All of the sudden they're like oh my God it makes so much sense, my whole life is coming together.

In the beginning if a person was not acclimated to my work, it was so hard to do the galactic thing, because you have to go so far out and away from 3D thinking. But I can't tell you, time and time again, how much people have completely transformed just from that contextual understanding of who they are. And how everything just starts to make sense for them, and click in, and they do a 180 degree turn. I feel like it might be a little bit more in that directionm, I don't know if that feels right for you. (question...) When I feel you, you're totally monitored and plugged in. You are on the logos program like I am, meaning your body your life is in service to this planet. You don't have a 3D life, like I don't have a 3D life. Our lives are different than most all people, we don't live in the human order, we don't have that anymore. There isn't any burning desire to do 3D activities, like a bucket list to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We just work with what shows up in our world and your consciousness is completely in control of what's going on, and you just show up. (question...)

When the core integrity of our spiritual house is fully aligned, less and less of this interference gets in. And it feels really good to finally reach that point. One thing that has been abundantly clear to me, is that we have to create a handshake. I was taken through the octaves myself. So in understanding that at the time, you're dealing with ascended masters and certain levels, and you don't know at the time that it is distorted. But at the same time, I understood that it was the vantage point of that particular dimension, and it was relative to that dimension.

So the whole thing with distortions is also a difficult paradox to describe. Meaning there are some of us, which I share with you, which are a part of this dragon family. We're able to span multiple dimensions at once and see the various vantage points in the universal time space field. So what happens is a person who's working in the fifth dimensional group, sees you there and you appear like an enemy to them, because they can't see what you're doing on the other 10 dimensions. It's a really strange thing. I'm working on multiple dimensions I'm all over the place. So what we do as Dragons is we're portal jumpers and we span multiple dimensions at once, and we work at multiple dimensions at once for the overall picture. And that doesn't always look nice and pretty and tide in a bow, at certain levels.

Because as we know, there is a lot all of pain, distortions, miscreants, you name it. The worst horrors you can imagine that have been created there. Well somebody's got to clean it up. Who do you think is doing it? And that's really what it boils down to, is that's what we do. We restore the integrity to the time space field. And this is a part of the celestial management structure, which is another thing I am amazed that certain people haven't figured out yet. Who do you think is doing this?

Closing: Well it has been such a pleasure to speak and connect with you. Thank you so much for everything and I hope this has provided a context that is been helpful overall. Thank you my dear. Thank you, I'm so glad. Again it's always lovely and brings that comforting feeling knowing that there is another one of us out there. Much love to you sweetheart, thank you. Have a beautiful evening take care, bye-bye.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions March 2008]

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