Dragon Awakening

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Solar Dragon Ouroboros (art by Sequoia)

There are 13 Dragon Beings that are enveloped in the Earth crust, that have been here for eons of time as Guardians of the Ley Lines, ready to awaken and protect the Christ Child once the Cosmic Dragon births the Golden Dragon Egg and it hatches or cracks open. They have remained asleep in the Earth until the tipping point of global awakening occurs when the Mother of Dragons returns as her fullest divine emanation in her Cosmic Mother Christos Sophia Dragon body. The 13 primary Dragon beings serve as massive energy reservoirs for transmitting an assortment of vital forces and golden fire elementals through their dragon breath, transmitting beautiful shimmering liquid plasma fire waters, living light codes, spiritual vapors, divine aether and pearlescent substances from the Eye of God into the ley lines. Each of the Dragons embody their own astrological correspondence or cosmological principles that interact directly with the main ray creation system located in Ursa Major. We could say that the Cosmic Christos Suns send forth their ray principles and astrological correspondences through the 13 primary Dragon bodies enmeshed within the planetary matrix, so they can release these solar consciousness frequencies and geomantic codes into the layers of the Albion Lightbody.

The Mother of Dragons is the original Cosmic Dragon which oversees the four dragon realms in the middle world, inner world, outer world and core of creation domains that make up the entirety of the Universal, Galactic and planetary consciousness. The Cosmic Mother Dragon also oversees the millions of dragon eggs that are intended for activating the lightbody of human beings and for the spiritual benefit of the various species existing on the planet. We have noted that the Cosmic Mother Dragon is also overseeing the functions of the gatekeeper Dragon being that was in the middle world domains of the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix.

Approached with divine respect, reverence and a loving heart, earthly Landscape Dragons are benevolent but as awakening protectors they are fiercely powerful as the untamed natural forces of the Earth. There are many more planetary landscape dragons and astrological dragons with assorted purposes that are located all over the planet to be discovered on the next stage of our awakening journey. Some of them appear to have massive golden bodies with crystal eyes that appear as a variety of colored jewels or gemstones. At this time eight of the primary 13 Dragon beings in the planet have been brought into awareness as the Easter event activates the Saint Michael Line. This begins a Dragon Awakening at the intersection points that are made between Saint Michael Mount in Cornwall, England and Mont-Saint-Michel on the Apollo line in France.

The unification of these Dragon Lines generates new geomantic expressions as it undergoes the solar heart twinning of rhomboid diamond grid patterns into a global hierogamic union event. This new planetary activation comes with the restoration of the Triple Solar Christ Mary in her Universal Ankh Rose Body which produces sacred marriage with the Triple Solar Masculine Christ united through Melchizedek-Metatron-Michael. Their Christos-Sophia offspring is a massive Cosmic Dragon Egg that when hatched, will initiate in the grids a powerful pineal-pituitary integration referred to as the Pearl Activation. The Dragon Awakening is happening in the following areas of the planetary grid.

Each of these primary creator Dragons can reproduce themselves through Dragon Eggs which are anchored on top of Dragon Nodes, which are at the intersection of the dragon lines that they generally embody as an energetic principle in the planet.[1]


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