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Rose Grail ( art by Sequoia)

The Rosetta is the beautiful living light current of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father united as one holy spirit breath which takes the form of blooming roses, in which the Universal Diamond Rose template for all angelic human beings is imbued within these refined divine fire water and ice genetic codes from the core of the Cosmic Hall of Records that saturate the human bio-neurology and breath with many plasma flowering roses. This is the Universal Rose Breath pattern where roses may appear in every section of the breath channel, inner vertical channel, sacral center, and in the inhalation and exhalation of the holy rose infused breath, which circulates the Rosetta pattern in the sacred crystal heart of Diamond Sun in the Christos embodied males and females.[1]

Universal Christ Bloodline

Guardian Akhenaton allowed us to view his Ruby Sun and Sapphire Sun lightbody configuration at the time of his incarnation onto the planet, in order to carry out a specific covert mission to rebuild the Ruby Order Clockshield for running Rainbow Rounds for the Solar Dragon Red Kings, in which the Ruby Rainbow Arc System would circulate Rosetta currents to build out Universal Red Rose lines in the planetary ouroboros dragon rings to protect the Ruby Maji grail line and support the ongoing sophianic flowerings of the Universal Christ Bloodline, the Red Rose. These Ruby Order Templar body parts are crucial for the Red King Quadrata body parts to be anchored into the ruby diamond heart center of Khemalohatea, generating the 48D Ruby Order Red King body for the seating of Cosmic Father’s King Arthur with Triple Ruby Rods and Ruby Sovereign Orb in Camelot.[2]

Rosetta or Dragon breath

Transcript: Take a nice deep inhaling breath, then imagine through your exhaling breath that you are sending these rosette spirals of aqua blue lotus, white lotus and pink lotus plasma flowering energies from your inner rose breath channel sending them throughout the diagonal lines of your personal diamond grid, from the heart center point of your inner vertical channel, breathing deeply as you sense the inner breath of rosette plasma circuitry moving through your Microcosmic Orbit, follow the movement from the Tailbone moving up your spine and then down the front channel of your body, completing the tri-wave circuit with the Breath of Roses for three movements, and then through deep exhale pushing the rose breath outward at 45 degree angles like spokes on a wheel to strengthen the horizontal triad body layers or hova body. Nice deep inhales and exhales as you are pushing your inner Rosetta breath from your higher heart center at 45 degrees outward like spokes on a wheel sending the Rosetta breath to fill up the entire perimeter of your horizontal spherical shields and throughout your consciousness layers and Lightbody.

Universal Diamond Pillars

Universal Diamond Pillar and Reisha Worlds (art by Tomás)

Each of the four Universal Diamond Pillars contain the Emerald Order records for the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template at every developmental stage and its progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix; Ruby pillar is for Ruby Sun DNA and Rosetta, Sapphire pillar is for the family of Indigo’s Diamond Sun DNA and Mahara Reisha, Emerald pillar is for the founders Emerald Sun DNA for Cosmic Starhuman Dragons, and the Diamond pillar is for the Double Diamond Sun DNA template for Oraphim and other lineages requiring genetic rehabilitation. The Oraphim have helped bring through the expansions into the Cosmic Founder God Source Domains that expanded all the way throughout dimensions, 16D to 24D, in which they would eventually shift timelines in order to evolve into the Emerald Sun DNA.[3]

Universal Mother Principle

To even begin to understand this vast history, we must first awaken to remember that the authentic Cosmic and Universal Mother principle was missing in this reality until very recently, when the first stage of her return was secured through the 13th Pillar of Mother Arc and the tri-waves of Aqualine Suns that were woven into the crystal cores of Earth-Tara-Gaia. Holy Mother Sophia and the Solar Christ Marys are not sourced from the Lunar Consciousness of the Dark Mother, that which functions as the spiritual imposter of the organic female principle. Solar Christ Marys are the pure sophianic diamond heart principle of Solar Dragon wisdom along with the sacred purity of the Universal Rosetta Breath, as the Sophianic Eye of the Godhead’s loving flows of the consecrated rose breath and living holy spirits that connect the eternal Cosmic Spirit Suns into our time matrix.[4]

Cosmic Energy Cycle, 22D,23D and 24D

Transcript: So as the planet integrated, the further dimensional expansions into completed anti-particle merge, which includes the 22nd, 23rd and 24th dimension, this functions as the Emerald Founder capstone in the 24th dimension required for anchoring the cosmic energy matrix to the Universal Emerald Rod and the necessary Emerald Order architecture for reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Albion. Thus along with these recent events, the Universal Diamond Pillar merged into another expression of twinned hierogamic templating, in which the Ruby Pillar and Diamond Pillar merged, the Sapphire and the Emerald Pillar merged and this rotated the clock shield template that is currently generating new positions in the Universal Staff of Elaysa, connecting to the Hara-Krysta Staff, connecting to the Cosmic Hall of Records that synchronizes with the Cosmic Clock in all of the Reuche Pillars.

Now when the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned and synchronized with the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reishic matrices, the hierogamic merge occurred between the Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond and Ruby and shifted the Universal Diamond Gateway, where the Emerald Pillar is now in the 12 o’ clock North position in the Cosmic Clock. This leads to the Emerald Founders at the 24th dimensional level and the extensive circuitry … It’s, it’s a six layered or sixt … Six layers of a Cosmic Emerald Krystal Heart running purified 24th dimensional Emerald Ray and from the synchronization of these three matrices, the center Hara-Krysta begins transmitting the Universal Rose spiral breath pattern, which began to pour through the central Azura Heart of all three matrices, further linking them together, creating a template which is called the Rosetta Pattern and also the Universal Breath of Roses.

Now the Rosetta sends spirit light emanation. They have rose cluster cells that begin to activate sequences of the same light cell in the human light body. It is transmitting the macrocosmic instruction to build or activate the corresponding cell in the human tailbone and bone matrix. Figure 8 spirals of Rosetta light cells and krystal spiral energies will start to flow between Lotus Points and major energy centers in the light body. The figure 8 spirals link up the blended sandwich of the Lightbody layers, connecting the inner layers with the outer layers, with the Rasha body layers, all blended through a figure 8 energy pattern and this energy pattern seems to be catalysed by the Universal Rose Breath or the Rosetta Currents.

From what we can tell at this time it seems the Rosetta has 9 sequences and these 9 sequences seem to be counterpart to the existing Kundalini currents. And the Rosetta itself with its upgrade, is what forms the Hara-Krysta vertical lines, and there’s 12 of them. And those 12 vertical lines, this is again it’s like, we had the normal axiatonal lines, this is another extension beyond from the Universal Staff to cosmic or other layers, this is the Hara-Krysta vertical lines that take us from the Universal level into the Cosmic Energy Matrix.

Now the Rosetta is a beautiful living light current of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father united as one holy spiritual breath, which takes the form of blooming roses in many different colors, even though the universal diamond rose template is a sort of ruby, um, I would say ruby red, kind of template and that ruby red rose is the template for all angelic human beings. So the red ruby rose of the Rosetta is imbued with refined divine firewater and ice … It’s called like water ice or, it’s like a fire ice genetic code from the core of the Cosmic Hall of Records. This saturates the human bio-neurology and the breath with many plasma flowering roses.

Now from what I can tell, this protects us from AI. This feels like it’s the anti-dote to those technologies. So this is the Universal Rose Breath Pattern, where roses may appear in every section of the breath channel, inner vertical channel, sacral center and in the inhalation and exhalation of your breath which will evolve into a holy rose infused breath, which circulates the Rosetta Pattern in the Sacred Crystal Heart of the diamond sun in the Christos embodied males and females.[5]


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