13th Solar Dragon Queen

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Crystal Heart of Mary (art by Sequoia)

Beloved Solar Christ Mary was ensouled as the Tiamat Logos protecting the White Queens of Ascended Masters in our world, the sacred Mary-Sophias that had incarnated throughout the various astrological ages. When she was captured and fell through the destruction of her embodied principle as the Tiamat Logos, we lost our divine connection to her sophianic wisdom and the Christ Consciousness, as the 10th Gate of our Solar Star had fallen. But the Paliadorian Dragon Kings made their ancient covenant in spiral time to ensure that angelic humanity would be able to find her and her authentic Solar Mary representatives again, during the final conflict of the Ascension Cycle.

Solar Anointing in Temple Mount

Through the Solar Anointing carried out in the Grail Cup of Heavenly Jerusalem, Solar Dragon Christ Michael was placed on a golden throne and given the title of 13th Maji Grail King of Kings, to begin his mission of restoring the Holy Grail Cup in the 2D-5D-8D-11D layers and to initiate the awakening of the other authentic Maji Grail Kings. He embodies the Kingship Arc that wears the Emerald Jeweled Crown, Holy Christos Scepter, Emerald Order Rod and Staff while surrounded in the White Wedded Garments forming into the Robes of Glory. Thus, the Emerald Order Elohim awakened the Solar Dragon Michael from stasis sleep within the Earth with Holy Rainbow Dragon Breath, in which he has been commissioned by Cosmic Holy Father to finally begin his Great Work. His divine counterpart Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia, also a Solar Dragon King, will be referred to from now on as the 13th Solar Dragon Queen or 13th Maji Grail Queen. This celebratory moment in time begins the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess returning into her female Solar Dragon form in matter to reclaim her rightful place as the Solar Feminine Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ Michael in hierogamic union. [Event May 2021][1]

Warfare to Reclaim Solar Christ Mary

Since last year [2021], many grid wars and off planet Spiritual Warfare events ensued as a result of reclaiming her massive spiritual body parts that are connected to the Solar Mary’s Tiamat histories, and the reclamation and reunion of her Cosmic Dragon parts. There has been ongoing dismantling of the anti-hierogamic alien machinery that was used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature and holy spirit for assorted satanic agendas as the alien generated Dark Mother. The reanimation of the Triple Solar Goddess in her Solar Christ Mary form has been actively involved in the sequential activation of many Gothic Cathedrals across the globe that were originally built on Dragon Nodes in her name and Mary Magdalene Sophia lineage.[2]

Solar Christ Mary Template

Solar Female Mary template. This ascending collective female aspect is an important Lightbody component for embodying the Solar Feminine Christ, as well as reassembling her corrected light body parts and spiritual wings. To restore the Solar Female Mary template to this earth, has required the re-building of a completely new Diamond Sun Body for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages. There is one design for the Solar Christ Michael and another template for the Solar Christ Mary.[3]

Solar Mary is a Title given by God

Solar Christ Mary is a title of the spiritually embodied triple solar daughters of the Cosmic Mother Dragon, or Holy Mother Sophia. Retrieving their spiritual parts and their identities meant facing our planet’s devastatingly painful history of invasion, and would take us through the dark maze of discovery that she was once completely embodied as the intelligent creator of this planetary matrix. It was her head or global brain they removed from the Planetary Logos or Magnetosphere during the Gaian Wars. During evolutionary rounds, she embodied and took the Solar Dragon Maji Grail Queen position in an angelic human Diamond Sun form, and one such identity was during the Atlantian timelines when Dragon Queen Merida embodied as the 11D CDT plate holder and was a prolific ancient builder architect and city planner for the colonies.[4]

Emerald Aeonic Pair

Thus, the Emerald Order from the Cosmic Founder God Domains have anointed the Solar Maji Crown of Christ Michael with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, which further merges with the Emerald Heart of Earth. Solar Christ Michael restores the Emerald Heart from Lyra which sings the heart song of Christos-Sophia, the announcement is made from Avebury Henge celebrating the reunited Aeonic Pairing.

Sapphire Azothian Crown

Sapphire Crown Sophianic Coding (art by Sequoia)

The Sapphire Azothian Crown comprises the krystic architecture brought forth through the hidden identities of the Solar Feminine Christ family, we recognize the Triple Solar Goddess formation through Hatshepsut's Christos Mission to protect the 10th Stargate and reclaim what was hidden in the Pluto matrix by the invaders.

Pearl Activation Avebury

As Solar Christ Mary returns into our world as the Cosmic Dragon, so do these buried histories rise into the awareness of the ancient Essene Celtic Church sacred texts of the Pearl Activation, along with many of the hidden cellular memories of our long-forgotten past.[5]

Anointing Solar Christ Michael and Solar Christ Mary

Once the 13th Solar Dragon King and Queen were retrieved, reunited and reseated in to the 2nd stargate network, the process of locating and reclaiming her massive Cosmic Dragon parts began. This surfaced the hidden Tiamat Logos histories and ignited intense Spiritual Warfare during the reclamation process of her Triple Solar Goddess dragon lines, nodes and solar female crystal rose spiritual parts. As the massive Tiamat phantom wormholes and cloned matrices began to be sequentially identified and dismantled, it came with discovering many more layers of subsidiary networks of anti-hierogamic alien machinery that had been used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature and holy spirit for powering the Dark Alien Mother. With each dimensional layer being methodically dismantled and reviewed through its connection to AI machinery and lunar matrices using her cloned parts, like a trip wire it would alert an army of Black Dragons, Lunar Black Queens and their black magic sorcerers to reveal themselves as they were aggressively fighting to hold on to their piece of conquered territory in the planetary grid.[6]

Elaysian Living Waters, Healing Springs

Additionally, the reanimation of Solar Christ Mary in her 13th Dragon Queen form has been actively involved in the sequential activation of many “Notre Dame” Our Lady Gothic Cathedrals across the globe, purifying the sacred living waters existing beneath them sourcing from deep aquifers and natural mineral springs. Many Gothic Cathedrals are constructed on top of ancient sacred healing bathing temples that were originally built upon Dragon Nodes with natural spring grottos sanctified in the Holy Mother’s name by ancient Essenes, as the last of the Mary Magdalene Sophia lineages carried over this knowledge of the whereabouts of the remaining sacred healing waters in the Earth. The Cosmic Holy Mother’s living krystal waters in the ancient azure healing temples are infused with her high frequency charged sound particles of light passing through the natural formations of grotto spring water pools that appear in gorgeous ranges of pastel blue and violet colors. Ancient Essenes would utilize these running waters found in sacred springs for ritual purification bathing and baptism of the Inner Christ. This is a natural function of the Holy Mother to infuse sophianic sound tones into water, the Saint Maries-de-la-Mer as the organic medium of infusing sonoluminescence qualities into running spring water, seas and rivers, which includes the phenomenon that current science describes as Cherenkov Radiation.

As may be obvious, this ancient knowledge of drinking blessed water with healing properties and sacred mineral springs with purification bathing waters that were hidden underneath Our Lady Cathedrals, has been eroded over time. Sadly, many of these natural springs were filled with cement or trashed, in order to cover up and desecrate their healing properties and connection to the Holy Mother. This ancient knowledge of light infused into water is the source of many myths and stories describing the search for the mysterious fountain of youth, along with pure natural springs that were discovered over the past few hundred years and then became widely known for their magical healing properties. Today some are sites known for their Marian Apparitions, when “Our Lady” Mother Mary is described to appear to spiritual pilgrims during their prayers near caves, grottoes or running springs, where she tells them to drink and bathe in the healing waters, such as the story of the Lady of Lourdes spring water grotto in France.

Mainstream science attempts to mimic these same effects through Cherenkov Radiation experiments in order to harness its electrical power generated through nuclear reactors like the Large Hadron Collider, which obviously does not generate any healing effects to the planet, but instead produces harmful effects to the human electromagnetic field and ley lines.[7]


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