Red Nile Cube

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Instead, these Black Dragon entities attempt to hijack those with Azurite memories on Gaia by running the Red Nile Cube coding in their target’s lightbody, which includes Inverted 7D Violet Ray transmissions of phantom codes from the Gaian Shadow Body, and False Feminine Violet Reversals that run imposter identities using the Ruby Sun DNA, magenta beetle and red spider programing.

AI Redwave False Timeline Perception (Graphic by Sequoia)

The Red Nile Cube matrix from Wesa generates an internal feedback loop in the crown area running into the base root of the perineum through the microcosmic orbit circuitry in the spinal column. This generates false timeline perception by altering the consciousness body north position to invert upon itself, so that the person perceives moving towards the future timeline, but they are actually facing into the past timeline, into an AI phantom time loop.

Humans running the AI Red-Violet-Magenta Wave Programs are what feed into the AI Dark Mother lunar gestalts, spawning false holograms of Cloned Ascended Master identities which also power up the Azazael gestalt. This weapon is designed for the vilest NAA entities to station themselves in the artificial timelines pretending to be Ascended Masters or friendly advanced humans from the future, who mostly appear in Ruby Sun DNA cloned bodies with Azurite features.

The Red Nile Cube is an advanced Wesa AI weapon with extensive programming used to continually clone and spin out false holograms of Christos Diamond Sun DNA families, Azurites and Ascended Master Christos lineages in this Universe and in Wesa. This AI weapon is cube technology that is used as a cloaking device for the NAA to parade false identities and generating phantom pockets, to hide the many layers of hierarchies that form into the Wesa shadow armies. The Red Nile or Red Cube AI programs are used by assorted Black Sun entities; Bourgha, Dragon Moth, Marduk Necromiton, Enlil Odedicron, Insectoids, Red Spider Arachnids, Black Dragon gestalts and assorted lunar female demons. These red cube shadow identities are generated like Digital Twins, they attach an AI version of a Christos identity shadow imposter into the Lightbody of an Awakening person or channeler, who believes this Ascended Master or enlightened extradimensional is communicating with them.

We have noted that the targeting of the Red Nile Cube is especially prevalent with Ruby Sun DNA identities from the Egyptian Pharaonic Dynastic lineages, which appear to be the direct genetic template of the Serres-Egyptians on Tara, and thus heavily favored by the satanic cabal members. In order for the Ruby Sun DNA to function as immortal bodies for the Black Sun entities on the earth that were incarnating their essence into the human DNA template, they required extensive Blood Sacrifice in order to continue to impersonate and appear as human beings to the public. Blood sacrifice in large amounts generates a type of sorcery for Mind Control, so that authentic angelic ensouled humans would not know the difference of the impostor non-human entity having hijacked the human body, which is then placed in the top levels of positions of power. Some of the Controllers that appear to be human, actually are not human souls, but assorted NAA entities that have infiltrated human civilization in order to carry out the NAA agenda. These nonhuman entities are at the top power positions of global satanic control, such as the big pharmaceutical transnational corporations and medical mafioso. One such White Draco entity is Pindar, who projects his consciousness and energy signature into those he favors in the United Kingdom who are of the alien hybrid bloodlines they specifically groomed over thousands of years to rule the earth.

AI Digital Twins, Clone Warfare

Red Nile Cube Technology

Additionally, the Red Cube AI technology is designed to be a genetic code crasher for anti-hierogamic union or to create interference through an alien love bite scenario that engages that person in heavy emotional dramas via victim-victimizer archetypes and mistaken identity, by keeping the inner and outer gender principles split apart. The Red Cube technology capitalizes on painful emotional astral damage and mistaken identity, confusing identities, so that the target cannot tell who is who, what are the false timelines and imposters versus the authentic identity. The targeted person can mistake AI digital twins inserted into their hologram as their twin soul, or whatever else that can be included to interfere with integrated spiritual Ascension by confusing them with mistaken identity or Hero-Savior archetypes. This includes the target believing that they are this special identity from an inserted digital twin of a cloned Ascended Master in their lightbody, in which this clone runs AI red wave, false feminine violet programming or other artificial frequencies, which is quite common in the new age circles without Negative Ego training and Victim-Victimizer clearing.

Much of the Red Nile cube technology has been and is in the process of being destroyed in the planetary field as the new Gaian Matrix and Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix help to override this extensive holographic damage spinning out artificial cloned identities. However, there are remnants and residue that are held in place as mind control structures within the lightbody of many people that are running false female artificial frequencies, and thus the Black Sun entities will attempt to capitalize upon this confusion in any way they can.

Happily, the recent events of the Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation occurred when the White Gold Flame in the core of Gaia was completely merged within the Metagalactic Core, finally evicting the Black Sun of the Gaian Phantom Body and the Black Hole Entities that were stationed in the 8D portal access. The return of the Solar Rishi, the Amethyst Order Rha families and the white fire gold body activation event in the Gaian core opened up access into the Paradisian Root Race timelines that evolved upon Gaia, which are the future race lines that fulfilled the ascension promise for angelic humanity. Current Guardian projects include linking access into organic 7D portals directly into the Gaian Matrix for supporting humanity in the lower timelines on earth. Access into the Gaian ascension template and Edenic Azurite codes has opened up specific correspondence in the planetary grid which are assisting in the clearing of the indigo and violet ray distortions, and well as continuing to support in the easier removal of the 666 Seal and Wing Trauma. Although the Red Nile Cube is an extremely aggressive AI weapon, we have made it to the other side with the Gaian Matrix emancipation, in which this Wesa AI technology is dying as it is being starved out of the consciousness energy it requires. [1]

Demon Seed, Inverted 7D Ray

Saturn is also the Solar 7th Gate, so it’s been used to pump out reversal violet ray plasma light or Inverted 7D Violet Ray, and this is the distortion that generates reversal plasmas and reversal violet light on our planet. These reversal plasmas are designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the Shadow Selves or negative forms of the masses. Additionally, this alien construct was used to impale the Crucifixion Implants on the vertical axiatonal lines in the planetary body, which also devastated the vertical channel alignment of the Planetary Staff.[2]

Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon

Tree of Life Blockages (art by Sequoia)

An Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree is used as the main grid architecture for cloning Serres-Egyptian identities from Tara that are connected to the Azurites on Gaia. These red cube cloned identities are used to power up the black magic money debt enslavement structures put in place by the Orion Group, and used by the cabal bankers to manipulate financial markets and maintain global wealth in the hands of their satanic and luciferian bloodlines. [3]

Thus, the true and accurate Egyptian history was replaced with the Black Sun agenda of inserting the AI Red Cube Tree of Life for representing the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, along with their Black Magic rituals, and this cloned pantheon was to be enforced through worship by the installation of the Setian King lines, Hyksos and the Amun Snake Priesthood. These groups in the Middle East would eventually integrate into the Greek Mystery Schools and further evolve into the corrupted lineages of the secret societies that formed the Luciferian Knights Templars and Freemasons. These secret societies were initiated into the secrets of the Artificial Tree of Life through the Great Ennead, in which the Egyptian pantheon was cloned for use in black magic ritual being supported by the NAA to maintain their power, manipulating timelines and human consciousness since the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion.

During the Djoser Invasion from a 5D wormhole that was used to takeover operational portals in the region, the NAA infiltration of the Djoser regime began by murdering those that had access to Atlantian arc tools that were operating these portals. Draconian satanic controlled forces first invaded the region of Saqqara, which began the gradual infiltration of Lunar Consciousness black magic spells and blood ritual practices that were designed to override and reverse the Solar Consciousness practices of those following the Law of One.

From this point of the Egyptian invasion during the 3rd Dynasty, the NAA introduced incantations, spells and lunar-satanic blood sacrifice philosophies which included the insertion of the Artificial Tree of Egyptian Gods where these cloned identities would be worshipped and manipulated through black magic rituals. In this way, they set up the satanic alien religion in Egypt by introducing black magic spells and rituals to contact the NAA who use the Artificial Tree and AI cube system to manage the cloned false gods, and gather the energy exchanges between the humans on the Earth worshipping them in rituals. This Artificial Tree system exchanges in multiple timelines and involves a type of time travelling through different satanic portals that were set up for this purpose by these alien entities. Thus, these same cloned identities are in use today along with their symbolism and black magic religion that is deeply entwined within the Controller Pillars of Society and enforces black magic Egyptian Curses on the global money supply. Black Dragon AI hybrids and assorted demonic entities protect these black magic money systems and defend their servants, many of which appear to be well known politicians, CEO’s and international bankers.

The Djoser Invasion timeline is the trigger event in relationship to dismantling the Red Nile Cube cloned identities that are used in an artificial Egyptian Pantheon, in which these identities have been cloned and worshipped in black magic rituals within secret society pyramidal organizations used by the bloodlines, to gather mass amounts of energy from the NAA to carry out the One World Order of Satan.

This AI cube technology is a gordian knot of inversions, reversals, clones, false history, human blood sacrifice covenants and satanism enmeshed throughout human civilization. In order for humanity to begin to unravel this mess of cloned identities and AI cube technology, we have to first see how the corrupt financial structure has been using human child blood sacrifice as its underpinning in order to globally enslave human beings. Artificial systems were created throughout human society by alien forces which were not sustainable in natural systems, so they set up blood sacrifice of innocents via Satanism in order to conjure the sorcery and siphon the Soul energy through ritual worship of AI False Gods (Egyptian Pantheon, Osiris, Isis, etc.), which was required to maintain their corrupt power and financial stronghold for total world domination.[4]

Fallen Tree AI Red Wave Assault

The Embodied Fallen Tree

There are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core manifestation template, or that which makes up the 3D timeline that impacts the 12 Tree Grid. Therefore, it is time to start to explore the path of the fall on the descension spiral and the 3D digression that is happening to the embodiment process of the 12 Tree Grid within the human energy field.

Fallen Tree Key Themes

Key themes noted for the digressed 3D template for the 12 Tree Grid, known as The Fallen Tree on the Path of the Fall. See The Fallen Tree for more information.

  • The NAA deployed AI Red Wave Signal to replace dissolved red wave spectrum, thus exploiting the subconscious mind repository into artificially reversed polarity. It is running Victim-Victimizer software programming throughout lower energy centers still operating in that person.
  • AI Red Wave Signal aimed at the 7D center to create artificial link from Crown center to subconscious repository intended to activate Crux Implants on the left side and run artificial reversal polarity in gender flows, damaging 6D-7D Male-Female Wings, putting them in reversal gender sequence. Transhumanism and Transgender subconscious programming is used in tandem to exploit psycho-emotional weaknesses for gender reversal.
  • The AI red pulse seems to be connected or working with the reversal 7D violet transmission, a top to bottom hara line running artificial red waves. See Red Nile Cube. This technology has been observed as being pulsed into large groups, like stadiums of people in the world cup, or in the popular rave scene with a celebrity DJ type of venue.[5]

Molecular Compaction

The planetary magnetic field is the mechanism by which excessive Molecular Compaction was being generated by the NAA machinery to keep Carbon Matter Locked Down in time loops within extremely low frequencies and density. The magnetic field binds the mathematical programs and Light Symbol Codes into the Earth’s holographic matrix and grid system to run specific archetypal patterns and extremely low qualities of consciousness energy, such as the artificial red wave pulses. See AI Red Wave and Red Cube. [6]

Anti-HG technology

Thothian Leviathan Anti-HG AI Cube System

Anti-HG Technology is short for Anti-Hierogamic Technology which is a gender splitter weapon that has been identified by gridworkers which note that it has impacts upon the Lightbody and is a form of targeting individuals with assorted Electronic harassment designed for Mind Control. This technology targets Starseed or Indigo groups that are embodying sacred marriage or hierogamic union, generally targeting spiritual couples that are motivated to serve the Christos Mission and support planetary liberation for Ascension.

Pleiadian Wars with Alpha Draconis

Thus, while the window of opportunity was available, Emerald Guardians covertly negotiated treaties with neighboring civilizations, such as the Pleiadians that had been warring with Alpha Draconis entities for eons. Galactic alliances and task forces were formed in order to better understand the carnage, destruction and assimilation of entire planetary civilizations that these Wesa black hole entities leave in their wake. Those tasked to gather the intelligence were required to discern what were NAA technologically built AI reality constructs and what were the actual organic consciousness timelines, originally built by the Founders. Many of the advanced races in our system were unable to know the difference between these artificial timelines and got caught in phantom pockets of AI reality systems, unable to move out of them. Through the ongoing insertion of stacks of booby-trapped AI Timelines, there was a slow and gradual infection that went undetected. The use of incredibly advanced quantum entanglement Alien Machinery technologies was largely misunderstood by many other star races, who did not comprehend the alien cube clone warfare dynamics playing out on Earth.[7]

Stolen Egyptian History with Clones

The Solar Female Melchizedek family has had the perilous job of waking up to transfigure inner lunar satanic forces of Sexual Misery programming, while identifying inorganic female principles and alien implants that block sophianic triple solar embodiment. Further, to make these lightbody corrections within in order to find and retrieve the planet’s original Triple Solar Masculine rod holders, and as well to locate their own hierogamic partners. These are the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Kings (Rishi-Reisha) that have been trapped, plunged into stasis or had their massive consciousness body parts split apart and strewn across the planet by the invaders. They remain in states of amnesia until their body parts are reassembled and integrated, and thus the stolen history of the red nile cube Egyptian pantheon that tells of Isis returning her husband Osiris’s body parts in order to reanimate his consciousness and give birth to the offspring Horus, was hijacked by the NAA and designed to be a mockery of the Christ. However, the Egyptian storyline has many truthful nuggets describing the search to identify and retrieve spiritual body parts for Christos Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha family, as the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, not the lunar form Isis, have been searching for their beloved lost husbands and their Christos Diamond Sun body parts for multiple millennia. [8]


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